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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833



(music by The Blues Brothers)😎😎


Comin’ to ya..
From Honest Abe’s abode..

Good governin’..
I got a ship (USNS Comfort) load..

& when you get it (tax relief)..

You got somethin’ (economic growth & Jobs!Jobs!Jobs!)💪..

So don’t worry..
‘Cause it’s again comin’ (post virus shutdown boom! – “I built record economy once, we’ll do it again!)😉

I’m a Bold Man!👍

I’m a Bold Man!😎…

I’m a Bold Man!…

I’m a Bold Man!…

Got what we got (historic growth #’s)..

The hard way (while having to beatdown the Dirty Dems & Fake Newsies)🤤🤤👊🏻

& we make it better (Coronavirus task force)..

Each & ev’ry day (‘invisible enemy on the run & country re-opening)💪😉

So country..
Said don’t ya fret..

‘Cause we ain’t seen..
Nothin’ yet (quickly reach new highs)👍

I’m a Bold Man!…

I’m a Bold Man!😎…

I’m a Bold Man!…

I’m a Bold Man!Emoji

“I LIKE BIG TITS” #Jumpin’JoeWantedToJumpOnThose!🤗😛

“I LIKE BIG TITS” #Jumpin’JoeWantedToJumpOnThose!🤗😛

(music by Joe Walsh)

‘Ho Joe’ to minor Eva Murry at ‘08 political dinner event: “14?! you’re very well endowed for 14!!”🤗😛

(HO JOE 2008):

Uh huh..

I like BIG TITS🤗😛

Uh huh🤤..

Uh huh🤤..

I see ‘em on the DC streets..

Left & right👀

I like Big Tits, that’s right👐

I didn’t even try to look away (even after she said she was 14 yrs old!)😳

‘Cause I can’t resist😏 (& don’t want to)😛

All the time I try to maul, grab quick (at political events),

Here come some tits, uh huh..

That a big 10-4..

Big Tits (or a kiss, or hug, or rub)🤗..

Joe grabs his, uh huh..

Joe likes big tits🥰

Eva’s tits😍

I liked (ogled) her tits at the ‘First State Gridiron Dinner👀😋😏

“BIG FUCKING DEAL” Redux #YeahJumpin’JoeItSureIs!🤤

“BIG FUCKING DEAL” Redux #YeahJumpin’JoeItSureIs!🤤

(music by John Fogerty)

Intro Fogerty GUITAR RiffEmoji

Well a, beat the drum (BELIEVE!🤷🏻‍♀️BELIEVE!🤷🏻‍♀️)..

She’s not alone (#MeToo🙋🏼‍♀️)..

A victim came forth today..

He’s snorin’ again😴 (not addressing),

They’re coverin’ his ass, will not yield (hypocrite Dems & fake News)🤤🤤

Around ’93 heard (Tara Reade’s mother calling into Larry King Live), & told all at home (brother, mother neighbor & friend),
Bout’ this beady-eyed creepy-man😏

Anyone (of his countless female ‘squeezes’🤗😘😛) can understand, the way she feels😩…

(TARA READE – the victim):


He put me in a hold😘

Said, I’m ready to play☝🏻 ok?..

He put me in a hold😘

I didn’t want to play😳 no way!

Assaulted me🤦‍♀️..

This should be🤷🏻‍♀️..

(like Jumpin’ Joe demanded during Kavanaugh witch hunt & whispered to Bacrock about Obamacare),

“A Big Fucking Deal!”…

“GIMME SHELTER In Place” #OrElse!😠

“GIMME SHELTER In Place” #OrElse!😠

(music by The Rolling Stones)




A (peasant) storm is threat’nin…

My very power today…

If I don’t get some shelter (compliance)…

Oh yeah, I’m gonna lock ‘em away💪😠…

Law! (Martial)…

Children! (Subjects)…

It’s just a virus away…

It’s just a crisis away😉….


See the ‘bitter-clingers’ screamin’😫…

Trespassin’ on my streets today…

Spurn, get off State House carpets…

No bull, do my way!…

Rape!.. murder! (of our 1st Amendment)

It’s just a virus away…

It’s just a crisis away😳…


“TOUCH THEE AIDE” #Jumpin’Joe🤗😘

“TOUCH THEE AIDE” #Jumpin’Joe🤗😘

(music by The Doors)


C’mon! c’mon! c’mon! c’mon! I touched thee aide…

Told her freeze (pushed up against wall), darlin’ don’t be afraid😳…

What about that promise that you made🤔 (to keep your mouth shut!)

Why did your mother tell Larry King what I did😠

What happened to that promise that you made

(told your brother, friend, neighbor & colleague!!)…

(JUMPIN’ JOE 1993):

Now I’m, gonna rub you (“he put his hand up my skirt and he put his fingers inside me”),

Just like President Clinton does to his interns & aides🤗😘…

I’m, gonna rub you,

‘Cause I’m a political rockstar🤩 (like Ted Kennedy), and creepy guy, just keep it between you & i🤫…


“guess it’s time to get the ‘Bimbo Eruption Squad’ back together”👊🏻😍

C’mon! c’mon! c’mon! c’mon! I squash these babes👊🏻😠



(music by Aerosmith)


There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today..

& we know what it is: (Globalism, Statism, Socialism, Liberalism, PC, Fake News Media, DemocRats, RINO’s, Snowflakes w/ TDS, Antifa, China Virus, etc)..

Somethin’ wrong with their lies…

They’re seein’ (& spinnin’) things in a twisted way,

& God (& our Founding Fathers) knows it ain’t his..

They sure ain’t no surprise…

Push ‘em off the edge!… (& knock some sense into them!)

Push ‘em off the edge!…

(RED 2020 TSUNAMI!)🌊

Push ‘em off the edge!…

Push ’em off a ledgeEmojiEmoji

There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today..

The light bulb’s (AhOleC) gettin’ dim🤤..

There’s meltdown in her mind (of economy, energy, work, Green Scheme🤮etc)..

If Dems can pick their wise man (prez candidate)..

But if he speaks they won’t win😝..

They should be forever shunned and marginalized😔👍

Push ‘em off the edge!…


Quid-Pro-Joe can’t help himself from stallin,…

Push ‘em off the edge!..

Cuomo can’t help himself at all… (ignored a 2015 epidemic supply stock then begged Trump for 2020 help)😫

Push ‘em off the edge!…
Pelosi just helps herself to all!Emoji

Push ’em off the edge!…

W.H.O. tell us what you think about this situation??🤔

Abdication! no information!.. (no warning!)

Trump hammering you👊🏻😠

If Shifty Schiff✏️😳 tells you that Russia is callin’ (Trump),

Even if it wasn’t and impeachment stallin’..😫

Dems back again🤤

You know they will my friend (“never let a good crisis go to waste”, ie Corona Virus)😉

Again & again & again & again & again…..


Trump tells us what he thinks about our situation..

Dem abdication👎 biased investigations👎..

Not representing you!…

As health providers & economists tell us that the sky is fallin’..

Even as it is we know he’ll still be installin’, growth again👍

You bet, Makin’ America Great my friend 💪😉

Again! & again! & again! & again!….

There’s somethin’ right in the world today,

& everybody knows we’re strong! (American leadership & Exceptionalism)..

& we will tell ‘em know, never let it go! (hold accountable)..

‘Cause we will surely be a buildin’ on!……

Push ‘em off the edge!
Schiff can’t help himself, he’s appallin’😝…

Push her off the ledge!
Pelosi sure helps herself to all🍨Emoji🤗…

Push ‘em off the edge!
Biden can’t help himself from stallin’🤪…

Push ‘em off the edge!😳
Dems everybody, fake news everybody…



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah….

“MAGIC MAN😉v.s.TRAGIC MAN”😴 #2020Smackdown👊🏻😵

“MAGIC MAN😉v.s.TRAGIC MAN”😴 #2020Smackdown👊🏻😵

(music by ♥️Heart)


Bold, make right, not long ago (2016),

When we were not so strong you know (post Obama-Biden ruin)😖

A gritty man came to we,

Never seen a guy so red, white & blue(America 1st!)👍

You know, he did not run away, he leads💪😉,

He’d seen Obama-Biden schemes😝👎

Cleaned up their ruin,

We worked right through it (millions of new jobs) yeah!💪😉…

Build our home! lead world👍he did it with style😎(MAGA!)

They don’t have to love us,

But will respect us all the while (Peace thru strength💪 FAIR Trade, pay fair shares)😉

So TDS Cupcakes😩,

Try to understand…

Try to understand…

Cry, cry, cry😪…

But understand:


Oooh yeah👍…

He’s got the pro-growth, America 1st plan!😉

Debate nights, he sang out of tune (tough time even making coherent comments)🤤

He stayed inside hunkered down in basement bedroom🛌😴..

Never ever never let (prosecutor investigate Hunter),

Quid pro quo sell last forever😉 (elect me & I’ll make Hunter Ambassador to China)🤑..

Well, summer blunders drooled to fall🤤,

Dems finally realized their stall😖..

Obama says he’s worried, legacy dryin’ up in a hurry, yeah🥺

Stay at home! fool.. Obama cried on a burner obama-phone☎️..

For sure we’ll lose with Joey again, my girl (Moochelle) could bring it home😉..

‘Cause Bacrock understands…

Even AhOleC understands😳…

Cry, cry, cry😪 ‘cause Bernie’s Bros😡understand:


Obama aah🥺…

Joe’ s a tragic man…

(i shoulda left him on the trash heap of history)

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