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“MY WAY” #CorruptAsHell

by on May 30, 2020

“MY WAY” #CorruptAsHell

(music by Paul Anka)


And now, the end is near…(Durham is putting a bow on it)🎁

& so I face, the final curtain😳 (pulled back on my admin of corruption)…

My friends (January 5th Oval Office Rats), Susan tried to clear (Inauguration Day cover our ass email)😒

She stated my case (“by the book!”), of which I’m guilty certain (‘OBAMAGATE’)😳

I’ve lived a life, that’s full (of Marxism)👍

I studied each, & every rule of radical way😉 (Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Rev Wright)

But more, much more than this…

I did it, My Way!… (Administration of scandal)😒


-Fast & Furious

-Eastern Europe missile shield dismantling


-Shovel Ready jobs

-Cash for Clunkers

-Occupy Wall St

-Black Panther poll stalking


-IRS Targeting

-Journalist spying

-Iraq cut & run


-Arab Spring



-Broken Red Lines

-isis JV team

-Nobel Peace PrizeEmoji
-Uranium One

-Crooked Hillary private server classified email trafficking & cover up

-Bo Bergdahl

-Gitmo detainee releases

-Israel election meddling

-Paris climate scam

-Iran nuke giveaway & billions in cash

-Lost energy production

-Extreme trade deficits
-Crony Capitalism
-Open Borders, Illegal Aliens

-Drug cartel, ms13 invasion

-Sanctuary cities

-Russian bogus dossier

-Targeting of & spying on Trump campaign

-Illegal unmasking & press leaking

-Trump Tower wire tapping

-FISA abuse

-Flynn entrapment

-Mueller Witch Hunt Hoax

Yes, all the time!..

I’m sure you knew…

That I bit off!..

More than I could chew (NO SHIT SHERLOCK)🙄

But through it all!..

There was no doubt!..

‘Low Info’s’ ate it up (Hopey Change)🤤🤤

& spit American-Exceptionalism out🤮

I embraced (& stoked) it all!..

& I stood tall (taking selfies)🤩

& did it, MY WAY!😉

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