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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833



(music by The Rolling Stones)

Intro Drums……


Please allow me to introduce myself,

I’m a woman who hates your wealth & patriotic taste

I’ve been around for just about a long, long year,

Stepped on many a congressman toes, & Pelosi’s cape

I brought around Green New Deal gripe,

Seize this moment, of fossil fuel doubt & shame..

Made damn sure that Amazon,

Squash tax plan, and seal their fate (bye bye)

Pleased to meet you..

Hope you guess my name-
(A.hO.leC.) pew pew

Bent on muzzlin’ you, (LAST!)

Is the nature of my (shame) game…

I snuck around St. Paul/ Minneapolis,

‘Cause I thought it was a time, for Israel blame..

Let’s kill their Star (of David), terror administer..

Bibi & Trump, screams in vain..

We eroded a skank,

Who held House Speaker rank..

As the 2020 socialist blitzkrieg raged,

& Trump infidels stank..

Pleased to meet you..

Hope you guess my name-
(Imam Omar) pew pew oh yeah!

& muzzlin’ you, (LAST!)

Is the, nature of our (shame) game, aah yeah…

I watch with glee, as my Dem colleagues.. (pew pew)

Fight with hate & rage, against this MAGA crusade.. (pew pew)

I shouted out, let’s impeach this (mother fucker) travesty, (pew pew)

‘Cause after all, socialism’s for you & me.. (pew pew)

Let me please introduce my obnoxious self, (pew pew)

I’m a woman, who hates your wealth & patriotic taste (pew pew)

& I say pro raps for Palestinians, (pew pew)

Who will kill (Jews) before they reach Two-States… (pew pew)
(pew pew)
Pleased to meet you.. (pew pew)

Hope you guess my name-
(Rashida Tslob) pew pew

oh yeah,
(pew pew)

Bent on muzzlin’ you, (LAST!) (pew pew)

Is the, nature of our (shame) game… aah yeah

a put down Pelosi, hit it!

(pew pew)…..

Just as every cop, is a criminal, (pew pew)

& all Antifa sinners, saints.. (pew pew)

On his head target nail, (pew pew)

Just call Trump, Lucifer (& Racist Nazi) (pew pew)

‘Cause he’s in need of some restraint (impeach & convict 45!) pew pew

So if you meet us, have some courtesy, (unlike Trump) pew pew

Have some empathy, have some haste.. (pew pew)

Use all your well learned (radical college activism) politesse.. (pew pew)

To help lay MAGA soul to waste.. (pew pew)

Um yeah

Pleased to meet you..

Hope you guess my name-

(Ayanna Pressley ‘no relation to ELVIS’) pew pew

Bent on muzzlin’ you,
Is the, nature, of our game (shame)… (pew pew)…

Aaahh!… (pew pew)

Oh yeah!… (pew pew)


“30 POINTS IN THE POLLS” #FakeNewsData🤥

“30 POINTS IN THE POLLS” #FakeNewsData

(music by Humble Pie)

roll that crap….

30 points in the polls!…..

30 points in the hole!

30 points in the polls!…..

(yeah right)

alright alright alright alright yeah..

Fake news they glean..
Talkin’ ’bout, double digit lead..
A landslide looms, and a skewed sample ruse..
Give them their relief!Emojic’mon cupcakes

Stacked Gallup read..
It’s what they speak, and on feedEmoji
Heed & trust, what Hill went bust on..
Nate Silver got to believe!Emoji

30 points in the hole!…

30 points in the polls!..

30 points in the hole!…

That’s what they tell you..
(but in reality it’s)

TRUMP UP 30 points in the polls!



(music by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers)


Well, she wasn’t a Native American girl,

Bogus promises..

She couldn’t help thinkin’ that there’d be more in life,

If she was somebody else (not a White girl)..

After all it was a ‘big gov’ world,

With lots of socialists to run with..

& if she had to lie, tryin’..
She had made many promises, she was never gonna keep…

Oh yeah!..

Cherokee type.. (1/1,024)

Take it easy baby..

Make that beer, make it last all night!..

She wasn’t, a Native American Girl!…

“I LOVE THIS BARR” #’WitchHunt’Hunter

“I LOVE THIS BARR” #’WitchHunt’Hunter

(music by Toby Keith)

(AG Barr): “Yes, I do believe spying on Trump occurred”…


We got spinners (CNN clown/fake news)🤡

We got (stone-cold) Losers (Clapper & Brennan)🤤

Lame hoaxers (Mueller), and schmoozers (Tarmac Loretta & Slick Willie)😘

And we got yuppies (McCabe & Rosenstein geeks)🤓

A Trump disliker (Steele)😠

We got a bloodthirsty bitch-griper (Crooked Hillary at Hunter College)😤

& their media whores, team up with whiney movie stars (like Booby DeNiro)😫

Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. I love this Barr😍(finally an actual AG!)

We got Comey..
That leakin’ sucker🤮
Broken hearted fools (Meuller’s angry Dem hacks), and one dirty mother-fucker! (Weissman)💩
& we got hustlers (FISA court abusers)..
We got dirty fighters (Deep State Creeps)😳
Really absurd (dirty dossier), and insiders (Ohr & Yates)..
And the victims, talk about their battle scars (Page & Papadopolous set-ups)…

Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. I love this Barr…..

We Love this Barr…😍
He’ll clean up this place…
Just walkin’ through the (DOJ) front door, wipes that smug smile off Dem’s face…😣
He’ll show how far…
Coup went to mar…

Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. we love this Barr….

We’ve seen law skirts (cover-ups & set-ups)..
They got high-techs (NSA tappin’ Trump’s wires)👀
Process-crime-collared boys (Flynn, Manafort & Stone), and just sex (Stormy, Avenutti)💋
And we got lovers (Page, Strzok)😘
Lots got snookered (pmsnbc viewers)🤤
And we’ve seen unmaskin’ girls (Powers & Rice), and peein’ hookers..
And Sessions liked, to shrink to rear & watch from afar…🤭

Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. we love this Barr…
Yes we do👍


HE LIKES JUSTICE MUCH (like justice much)👍
HE LIKES WITCH-HUNT ENDS (witch-hunt he ends)

Yeah we love this Barr..
He’ll clean up this place..
Just trollin’ (investigatin’ the instigators) around & declassify more, wipes that smug smile off Brennan’s face😣
All crimes he’ll charge👍
Crooked Hillary to star!😵
Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. put her behind bars…
Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. I love this Barr…

We got never-Trumpees,
Who talk big and grandstand (Mitt McCain)💩
An old fool crock (Jimmy Carter), who had a real bad stand (’76-’80)😴
We got abuses (Crossfire Hurricane)..
& we got foreign spies (Mifsud, Halper, Downer)👀
A dumbass who thinks he’s a wise guy (Sleepy Creepy Joe)🤡😴
They all got too drunk (on collusion-delusion), and dragged witch-hunt out real far…

Reason #2-Term ’45’👍

Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. we love this Barr…😍

Lay it on out IG/AG boys…

Barry’s abuse is over…😳

Got to let O’s crimes be known…

Image result for william barr boo!

Hmm hmm hmm.. hmm.. hmm.. put Dems behind bars…👍


“SOCIALIST FANTASY” #2020RadicalRock

“SOCIALIST FANTASY” #2020RadicalRock

(music by Bad Company)


Here come lib jesters,

1, 2, 3.. (4,5,6……20!)🤣

It’s all part of their, lunacy🤪

They gov to abuse it & they love dependent crowds..

Identity politics their style, & displayin’ it proud…


Here come lib cancers, dumb and dumb(er)🤤…
Obama’s ballin’😢 cause his, legacy’s done (THX TRUMP!)👍…
Most find them rancid, like their liberal slime crowd (Antifa sludge)💩
Push their rot agenda now, and sayin’ it proud…

It’s all part, of their Socialist fantasy…🤪

It’s all part, of their ‘Green New Deal’ scheme👎

It’s all part, of their Socialist fantasy…
It’s all part, of their single-payer healthcare scheme👎

🎸 yeeeaaahhh…

Pull out class-war fight, on one and all…
& let hate feelin’ get down in their sheeple’s souls😠
Pocahontas so loud, Mayor Peep makin’ peep sounds…
Beto (up on bars & tabletops) screechin’ to the sky!..
& diggin’ up the ground (& eating dirt)😋

It’s all part, of their Socialist fantasy…
It’s all part, of their income redistributive scheme👎
It’s all part, of their Socialist fastasy…🤪
It’s all part, of their open-borders scheme👎


(music by Barry McGuire)

Their Hate-Trump world, heads are explodin’..

Fake-News flarin’, derangement overloadin’..

John Dean’s old enough to shill (45 yrs), ‘obstruction’ quotin’.. (“worse than Watergate”)

‘Nasty Nancy’ don’t believe they’ll score (“jail Trump once he’s out of office”),
But what’s that ‘Mueller roadmap’ Nadler’s totin’..

& even the 2020 Dem quiver (20 dull broken arrows),
Are impeachment floatin’..

& they,
Tell us…

Over and over and over again, my friend…

Ah, they all believe, they’re on the eve, of obstruction….

“LUNATIC FRINGE” #ChickensComin’HomeToRoost!

“LUNATIC FRINGE” #InmatesRunningAsylum
(music by Red Rider)
DEDICATION & THANKS: to all those “moderate” blue district dumbasses who put Dems back in House majority *L-) loser

Intro ‘Impeachment Drumbeat’ / GUITAR….

Image result for pelosi wide eyed cartoon


Lunatic fringe…

I know impeachment’s out there…

Wish I could go into hiding…

& if no, I’ll take a beating *:-S worried

Trump can hear you comin’…

& he wants us to go after…

We’d be wise to not step in it this time… (wise up this one time)

I won’t let you kill my Speakership chances… (& re-elect Trump!)

NOooooooo!…. uh huh!

NOooooooo!…. uh huh!

NOooooooo!…. uh huh!

Image result for maxine waters cartoon impeach 45

ROCK ON RATS!… *=)) rolling on the floor

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