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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

“GIRL, DON’T GO AWAY MAD” #CrookedGirlJustGoAway!

“GIRL, DON’T GO AWAY MAD” #CrookedGirlJustGoAway!
(music by Motley Crue)


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Ooooo….. yeah yeah yeah yeeaaah…..

2-Time! (LOSER)…..

Oooh ooh….

She should hike away… (deep into the woods)
Run down by ‘Trump Train’ 🙂
Board a rocketship (with Cher), into outer space… (to Jupiter)
Nothin’ left to ruin..
Too many things Podesta said.. (see WikiLeaks – “Hillary has terrible instincts”)
To ever make snowflakes feel, like “I’M WITH HER” did 😦
With Hill no change..

Dirty stash, dirty ways..
Yeah, she blamed it on ev’rything..
Should blame her lame campaign..
Trump knew it all along..
He’s glad to tweet her wrongs 🙂
To ‘crooked’ to run our gov..
Ev’ryone but CNN, knew it all along…..


Turned out alright.. (for TRUMP-NATION)
Went OK.. 🙂
Now she’s walkin’ through the woods..
Selfie smilin’ with snowflakes..
Exit stage right..
Bye bye’s okay..
Even BigFoot says GO AWAY!…..

Huma called today..
Weiner locked away..
Bill’s been chasin’ tail all night..
Hill’s still cursin’ Comey all day 😦 …
She said she wouldn’t of crashed..
If election held earlier by a few days..
She told us she’s now “resisting”..
But not on a bus, or at Chipotle….

Turned out alright.. (for TRUMP-NATION)
Went OK.. 🙂
Like a spoiled kid, ‘her gov’ (her turn).. (“don’t you want to see a woman president!”)
Cryin’ cupcakes can’t find their way 😦
Joy Behar’s not alright 😦 ..
Katy Perry’s not ok 😦 ..
Held her crown in her hands (up big in biased polls :))
Took a fall (lost a shoe), it slipped away…
She’s never right!.. (record of spectacular Failure)
No way ok.. 😦
Now she’s walkin’ through deep woods..
Selfie smilin’ with snowflakes..
Now alright…
Trump turned the page 🙂 (ripped it out & bleached it!)
& remember what ‘swing-states’ say girl,
& it goes this way, yeah:

Girl, don’t go away mad 😦 ..
Crooked girl, JUST GO AWAY!…
Girl, don’t go away mad 😦 ..
Crooked girl, JUST GO AWAY!…
There Weiner blows!….


Just go away hag!…

Donna Brazile put debate questions in play!…

C’mon girl!..



C’mon Hill baby!..


Buttercups say: ONE! MORE! TIME! (2020 3X LOSER) 🙂

Girl, don’t go away mad 😦 .. (snowflakes want you to stay)

Girl, don’t go away….. (pleeeeease don’t leave us) 😦

Girl, don’t go away mad 😦 .. (Sasquatch don’t want you to stay)

CrookedGirl, JUST GO AWAY! (get the fuck outta my woods!)

Girl, don’t go away mad 😦 .. (don’t you slip off that curb)

CrookedGirl, JUST GO AWAY! yeah..

SwingStates say: girl, don’t go away mad 😦 ..

CrookedGirl, JUST GO AWAY!…

Girl!.. don’t go away mad 😦 ..

CookedGirl, JUST GO AWAY!….

Pathetic girl, don’t go away mad…. 😦

CrookedGirl, JUST! GO! AWAAAAYY!……

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“CARRY ON WAYWARD ONE” #KeepShunningEstablishment

“CARRY ON WAYWARD ONE” #KeepShunningEstablishment
(music by Kansas)

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Carry on our Wayward One!… (wayward of Establishment)

The Swamp drained when you are done!…

Won’t lay his weary head to rest!…

He don’t cry, wants more!….


Watch him rise above the noise & confusion..
More than just a glimpse, no Obama illusion..
We’ll be soaring ever higher..
Heights will be the sky…
Voters eyes could see a successful strong man..
Voters minds could think they still want America 1st plan..
He hears our voices and rally screamin’..
Trump can hear us say –

Carry on our Wayward One!…
Jobs Jobs Jobs when you are done!…
Won’t lay his weary head to rest!…
He don’t cry, wants more!


Nonstop rallying as a man with a reason..
His campaign was the event of the season..
& as he tweets just like a wise ass.. 🙂
It surely demeans his critic schmoes..
On a stormy sea of fake-news devotion..
(see Clown-News-Network CNN any given hour)
Tossed about is Dem bullshit and snowflake emotions..
Don sets our course for winds of fortune..
Let him hear our voices say –

Carry on our Wayward One!…
A Big Beautiful Wall built when you are done!…
Won’t lay his weary head to rest!…
He don’t cry, wants more!

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Future generations will always remember…

Return America to all her splendor…

Now our President’s no longer an empty (CHAIR/SUIT)..

Surely winning is all we’ll do!…..

Carry on our Wayward One!…

PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH when you are done!…
Won’t lay his weary head to rest!…
He don’t cry, always try, do more!…..


Image result for trump getting on air force one pics

Wants mooooorrre!….


“LET IT BE” #ComeyMemos&StickyNotesToSelf

“LET IT BE” #ComeyMemos&StickyNotesToSelf
(music by The Beatles)


Trump said, “I hope you can let this go”.
I won’t report this now because it is not obstruction.
I will save this, to leak it, when my sorry ass gets rightfully canned.

Image result for sticky notes pics


When I find myself in times of trouble, (FIRED)
Pen & paper comes to me…
Leaking words of obstruction, “(i hope you can) Let It Be”…
And in my hour of darkness, (FIRED)
Trump is demanding I ignore the crime right in front of me!
Leaking his words of obstruction, “(i hope you can) Let It Be”…
Let Flynn be.. let him be!..
Let Mike be.. no Russian salad dressing for me!..
He’s a good guy who campaigned for me,
(i hope you can) Let It Be…..

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And when the broken hearted sheeple,
Seething in the country all freak…
Sabotage is their answer, won’t let Trump be… 🙂
For though we may be demented,
There is still a chance for anarchy…
Obstruction will be our answer, won’t let Trump be….
Don’t let him be.. won’t let him be!..
Don’t report honestly.. can’t let him succeed….
Chaos will be our answer, won’t let Trump be…. 🙂
Don’t let him be.. can’t let him succeed!..
Won’t let him be.. No honesty…
Whisper words of slander (anonymous sources)
Don’t let Trump be….
Won’t let him be.. block regularly..
Fake-News routinely.. don’t let succeed!….
Whisper words of slander.. Don’t let Trump be 🙂

Image result for sticky notes pics
And when her plight got cloudy (email/server revealed),
Barock said, “take it light, that’s fine with me”… (all overstated/she was just a little careless)
Fine until after win in November..
Let ‘Hill’ be…
I stood up (July presser) echoed his sound of music (to her ears) 🙂
Crooked Hillary no ‘intentional’ criminality,
Speaking these words of wisdom, I let her be…
Let Hill be.. let her be..
Keep her free (from prison) yeah!
1st female presidency! 🙂
There will be no answers (or investigations),
Let Hill be….
Let her be.. let Huma be..
Let Clinton Foundation be..
Yeah, LET WEINER KEEP SEXTING.. (& exposing himself & classified info) 😦
Delete her criminal actions..
& also let the 1st-Dude & Loretta on tarmac, be!…. 🙂

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the REAL election hacker/leaker

I remember hearing about this. It was glossed over during the heat of the election. I think this guy was a primary supplier of info to wikileaks

Seth-Rich.sized-770x415xt.jpg Fox News: Murdered DNC Staffer Sent 44,053 Internal Emails to Wikileaks
Seth Rich’s family responded, saying the claims are "unsubstantiated."

“WITCH HUNT” #NowWhoAreTheFascists?

“WITCH HUNT” #NowWhoAreTheFascists?

(music by Rush)

INTRO: Snowflake-Anarchist-Mob being incited by MediaMites & DemoRats…
various cursing/threatening/screaming/meltdowns…


Image result for media witch hunt on trump pics

Each night they’re back,

All of these loons…

Their hypocrisy rich and shrill…

The propagandists chatter on…

‘Bout Comey & Russia still……

(News) features distorted, and their reporting (of evidence) light,
Faces are twisted & grotesque… (Trump-Derangement- Syndrome) 😦
To silence & spurn in their unrelenting fight,
This mob fuels the snowflakes obsessed… (Russia!! Impeach!!)
Corrupt, no conscience, bias their right,
Arrogant, their ways are best…..

Ooooooh!… Oooooooooohhhhhh!…………..

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Self-righteous lies…
Fake-news guise!
Trump hatred & ill-will…
Madmen led on by years of Obama lies…
That beat (Romney) and burn (Benghazi embassy) and killed! (Navy SEALS & countless ‘red-erasable-line’ victims) 😦

Image result for media trump derangement syndrome

They say he’s a danger, who threatens us…
Hates immigrants, is an infidel…
They say his “America 1st” strangeness, is too dangerous… (to Globalism)
He is a cheater, who enriches himself…
‘Cause they know, what’s best for us… (arrogant liberal elitists)
Must, resist & save us from our (ignorant racist xenophobic) selves…..

(PC’s) quick to judge..
(Libs) quick to anger..
(Regressives) slow to understand…
(Dems) Ignorance and prejudice..
With fearful Snowflakes walk hand in hand!…..

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P.S. ‘CUPCAKE CLOWNS’: The real Witch got beat in November – Remember?? LOL 🙂


White House blue


8 years, 3 accomplishments

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