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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833


(music by Chumbawamba)


I get shut down!..

But I get on again..

They never gonna turn me down.. (MAGA AMP ON 10!)🎸👍

I get shut down!..

But I get on again..

They never gonna turn me down.. (those Fake Tech Fascists)👊🏻😵

I get shut down!..

But I get on again..

They never gonna turn me down😎🖕🏻…

I get shut down!..

But I get on again..

They never gonna turn me down🇺🇸😎👍

Pennin’ the night away…. (holding Sleepy & the rad commies accountable)

Pennin’ the night away…. (2022 endorsements & 2024 campaign)

He links a frisky link.. (Patriots of the Maricopa Audit)💪😉🇺🇸 #America’sAudit

He links a dodger link.. (SCOTUS cowards)😳

He links a loser link.. (calls out all the RINO stone cold losers)🤤

He links a liar link.. (various Fake-News phenoms)🤮

He zings the wrongs that undermined him & the good times (1st term historic growth)🇺🇸👍

He zings the wrongs (of Faux Joe Admin), & reminds us of the better times (2024!)😉


Donny boy…💪😉🇺🇸

Donny boy…💪😉🇺🇸

Donny boy…💪😉🇺🇸


“FINAL COUNTDOWN” #America’sAudit

“FINAL COUNTDOWN” #America’sAudit
(music by Europe)


We’re counting together…
(Arizona Republicans & Independents)

Butthead (Biden) it’s farewell…
(sure.. Faux got 81 million votes)EmojiEmoji

& maybe Trump’ll come back…
(before 2024!)

(massive Dem election fraud)

(2020 Election) really smells!…EmojiEmoji

No guess, there is one party to blame…

Their house-of-cards on the ground… (Sleepy back underground!)Emoji

Will elections ever be the same again?!…..

It’s the Final Countdown!…
(actually the first of five.. now let’s put GA, MI, PA, WI under the UV microscope)

Faux’s final beatdown!…
(definitive forensic audit evidence)

We’re headed for cleanness… (cleanness)
(clear voter roles, legal ballots, machine scans)

& still Dems stop all…
(obstruct at all costs)

‘Cause maybe they’ve schemed us…
(ya think?! JoeBlow – “we’ve got the most extensive voter fraud operation in history folks”)

Don’t welcome our call… yeah

So many UV light (ballot forensic) scans to go…
(2.1 million AZ, millions in other swing-state targeted counties)

& things to be found… (will be found!)
(every vote fraud/election corruption trick known)

I’m sure that they’ll all shit-the-bed soEmojiEmoji

It’s the Final Countdown!…
(before other swing-counties)

The Final Countdown!…

Schmoe’s final smackdown… (final smackdown)
(R.I.P. – rest in prison)

Nooooo… Fauuuuuuuxx!…..


“WE NEED TO KNOW” #TruePatriotsThatIs🇺🇸😉

“WE NEED TO KNOW” #TruePatriotsThatIs🇺🇸😉

(music by Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty)


Well, the talk on the street says they might nail Faux Joe🤤👍…

Some good friends of mine (Arizona Senate Patriots), look at cheatin’ through the back door🧐🤨…


We need to know (we need to know)..

We need to know (we need to know)..

Yeah we think we’ve been deceived (blatant election fraud),

Audit’s gonna prove so🧐..

We need to know (we need to know)..

We need to know (we need to know)..

Because we’ve known all along…

Dem fraud went on…

🤤(“we have the most comprehensive voter fraud operation in history”)

They been makin’ us wait🤫…

(since stopping vote counting on election night)🤥

Trump was leadin’ til dawn…(massive Trump lead until massive Sleepy vote dumps/spikes)😴

Everyone should want to know (should want to know)


Dems don’t want us to know (what it will show)🤫


Dems shouldn’t a thought that we’d fall for their line💩

(Sleepy Schmoe got 81 million votes)😂🤣

All of a sudden transparency, Trump in Landslide!🇺🇸😉👍

(most LEGAL votes in history)

We need to know (already know)..

We need to know (already know)..

Yeah we know we’ve been deceived, audits gonna prove so🧐

We need to know (already know)..

We need to know (already know)..

Because we’ve known all along…

Dem fraud went on…


They been makin’ us wait…

(obstructing transparency)

SCOTUS leadin’ put-on…

(obstructing Justice)

Everyone should want to know!😠 (should want to know)


Everyone should want to know! (should want to know)


“YOUR RISK TOPS MY LIST” #PutYa’llBackInChains🤪

“YOUR RISK TOPS MY LIST” #PutYa’llBackInChains🤪
(music by Hall & Oates)


My Chinese friends wonder why I stall you all the time (no “real” pressers or interviews),

What can I say (we’re not commie fascists, YET) …

I don’t feel the need to give our secrets away (that I’ve repeatedly sold out to, and am compromised by the CCP)🇨🇳🤷🏻‍♂️

You think maybe I need help (w/ my dementia), no, Kommie’s in sight (she’s ready to take over),

I’m all right👍 (Dr. Jill says so)🤪

I’m just better off takin’ Chinese friends advice🤑 (selling out USA on all fronts) …

When they insist, us owing them this😠

I bow & kiss😘

Now they’ve come to know what my treason is,

They only smile😏 when I lie, then I patronize…

(Put you at risk)😳

Your risk, it tops my list👍

(Put you at risk)😱

Your risk, I do assist😉

Because with risk and iron fist, I can control your life🦠😷…

(Put you at risk)Emoji
Your risk, it tops my listEmoji

(Put you at risk)Emoji
Your risk, don’t give a shitEmoji

Because more risk I must insist, then I burn out your RightsEmoji

I go crazy blunderin’, what Trump did security (quickly undoing all our REAL PRESIDENT did for national security foreign & domestic)…

Give up fight, just make for more crime (open borders, less law enforcement, gun confiscation etc),

‘Cause virtue signaling (race baiting & cancel culture) means more to me😇…

Most times I forget what I’m doing, but the radical Dems don’t forget what they want,

Socialism they want🤪…

Regret what I’ve done, forget you, ‘woke’ movement (weakening/trashing America) goes on🤪👍
(“even though I’m anything but ‘woke’)😴💤

But if you ‘Deplorable Trumpers’ insist, on knowing my bliss🤪

I’ll tell you this…
(“stolen elections have consequences”)😉

If you want to know why my treason is,

I only smile when I lie😏 then I patronize…

(Put you at risk)Emoji
Your risk, it tops our listEmoji

(Put you at risk)Emoji
Your risk, we do assistEmoji

Because with risk and iron fist, we can control your life🦠😷😷😷

(Put you at risk)😳

Your risk, it tops our list👍

(Put you at risk)😱

Your risk, don’t give a shit💩

Because more risk we must insist, then we burn out your Rights😉…



(Kommie don’t get blown down steps.. she may push someone though)

“HELP US, RON/DON” #2024BeachBoys

“HELP US, RON/DON” #2024BeachBoys
(music by The Beach Boys)


Well, since ‘T’ left Swamptown,
He’s been out speakin’ like he led… 🇺🇸👍
(out front, honestly, common sense, non PC, no BS)

“Sleepy” turns in quick at night,
& in the mornin’ he just stays in bed😴💤…

Well, RON/DON (Don/Ron 2024 ticket) it looks so fine👍 (looks so fine)😉
& we know it wouldn’t take much time…
(to SAVE AMERICA again!)

For you’s to, help us RON/DON,
Help us get them outta our House!👊🏻😠
(clean up their doggie doo policies)

Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON yeah!
Get ’em outta OUR HOUSE!…

She (Kommiela) was gonna be Prez-lite,
& Sleepy was gonna be front man…
(HARRIS/BIDEN Election Fraudsters 2020)

But she let illegal guys, run and bleed us (coyotes, cartels, terrorists),
& it shattered their plans (open borders, new Dem voter block)😱

(oh, need Ron/Don)💪🇺🇸

Well, RON/DON you can revive (will revive: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, AGAIN!)🇺🇸😉

& we can give you lots of reasons why (hundreds of historic 1st term successes)🇺🇸👍

You’s gotta, help us RON/DON,
Help us get them outta our House!👊🏻😠

Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON,
Help, help us RON/DON..
Help us RON/DON yeah!
Get ’em outta OUR HOUSE!…


“NOVEMBER STAIN” #OxiCleanForensicAudit2020

“NOVEMBER STAIN” #OxiCleanForensicAudit2020

(music by Guns N’ Roses)


IntroEmoji& Piano….

They won’t look into this guise,

‘Cause we’d see a gov ill-gained… (Venezuela style)

& darlin’ what they told you,

(that Squatter Joe came back after count stop early Nov 4 exceeding massive Trump leads, anomalies & improbabiliites, in only a handful of key targeted counties)

Don’t you know was their rigged game… yeah

Mail-in votes forever,

& we all know States can change…

(swing-State laws manipulated & abused to steal elections)

Then it’s hard to hold accountable,

(refuse audits & ballot/machine access)

For this bold November stain…

(desperate & blatant election theft & safeguard/oversight inaction – see ‘Establishment’ Justice Dept, Courts, Legislators)👎

We’ve been through this such a wrong wrong crime (worst abuse of Liberty in our history),

Dems just tryin’ to kill MAGA gains… oh yeah

(gotta stop at ALL costs)

Ooh yeah…

But gov is always comin’ (TRUMP 2024), and gov is always goin’ (BYEden),

& no one’s for sure never lettin’ go this fraud, no way…

Not walkin’ away (CITIZEN AUDIT!)😠

Hell yes should take the time, to lay it out, their crime,

& arrest ‘sleepy head’😴 for just knowin’ that fraud was fine😉…

(“we have the most comprehensive vote fraud operation in history”)

All kinds…

Politically Incorrect Humor - Daily Memes, Jokes ...

(mail-in, machine, ballot dumps, multi scan, dead etc)

So if we want our gov free, then Brett, Neil & Amy don’t refrain!😠…

Or Texas’ll (& Pennsylvania Legislatures etc) just end up balkin’,

(Constitutional election duty)

From this bold (deep) November Stain😖…

We (The People) must take the time,

To expose… (Dems, SCOTUS, DOJ, aka corrupt Swampy bastards!)

We must make the time (forensic Audit ALL),

Not condone…

Ev’rybody should want to take the time (if you’re a freedom loving citizen),

To expose… (any @ all election fraud/corruption)

Patriots know at (pre & post) election time…

Can’t condone… (free & fair elections pillar of democracy)

I know it’s hard to lead when vote dumps start…(middle of the night impossible numbers)

When even friends seem out to harm you… (FOX, DOJ, SCOTUS, RINOs)

But if we don’t heal what they broke apart… (fix/restore voting laws & safeguards to ensure fair & free elections)

Future crime, fix in, strong arm you! (One-Party rule – see Communism, Fascism, Statism etc)😖


We must take the time (tighten/pass strong State election integrity laws),

Not condone…

Ev’rybody should want to take the time,

To expose (blatant in your face theft)…

Patriots know come election time,

Must atone (enforce election laws)…


& when this smear subsides (we won, nothing to see here, back to normal)🤤 but shadows still remain (HR1)… oh yeah

Ya know that they belove cheat, and they’ll still try Trump to blame…

But never mind their darkness, we still can find a way… (pass State election integrity laws ASAP!.. trash HR1!)

‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever (except American Liberty & Justice)💪😉🇺🇸

Deep clean mold November Stain

Don’t ya think that we need some Oxi (transparency)..

Don’t ya think that we need who won!😠 (TRUMP LANDSLIDE)

Everybody needs some Oxi (Justice)..

You’re (Faux Joe) not the rightful (legitimate) one!

You’re not the rightful one!😠..

Don’t ya think that we need some Oxi (audit)..

Don’t ya think that we need who won!..

Everybody needs some Oxi..

You’re not the rightful one!😠

“(insert) # DAYS IN THE HOLE”

“(insert) # DAYS IN THE HOLE”
(music by Humble Pie)

30 days in the hole!😖
(energy production stopped, massive job loss, now to China)

Yeah, that’s not nice..

50 days in the hole!😖
(border bust/illegal entry disaster, foreign policy threats)

100 days in the hole!😖
(green, brown & blackouts, race riots, fascist woke cupcakes run amok)

Lord have mercy🙏🏻🇺🇸

“c’mon in man (illegal aliens, terrorists etc), that’s it, yeah, right”😴


Not right, not right, not right, not right yeah…

Mexico green (light)..
Walkin’ ‘cross (southern border),
Let in disease🦠 (China Virus positive)😳

A dirty room (cages), and they sure will vote soon,
Give ‘em their release (into an interior town near you)😉

“C’mon man!”😴

Sack (dEfUnD) the police, they got to “woke” crime appease..

Sleaze can’t bust, but you get busted on (law abiding is the privileged oppressor),

Ya know it’s hard to believe! (‘cancel culture’)👎

Sleepy’s 1st day we’re in the hole!😖

30 days we’re in the hole!😖

60 days we’re in the hole!😖

That’s what radical commies give you-
at just 100 days in the hole!👎😴…..

“WHO ARE YOU’s” #81MillionJoeJunkies

“WHO ARE YOU’s” #81MillionJoeJunkies
(music by The Who)

“Who are you man, a Joe Junkie?”🤤

Whooooooo….. are you’s?🤔
ruse ruse.. ruse ruse..

Whooooooo….. (& Where) are you’s?🤔
ruse ruse.. ruse ruse..

We’re “woke” up, cancel culture our way,
A pandemic mail-in game..

Dems said, you can all vote from home tonight (& for weeks pre/post Election Day),
Cause we can stop count and scan away (multiple times)..

We spiked & hacked (thousands of fake ballots & software flips), then went underground (back to nonexistent),
& the sleaze (Fake News & Politicos), said we were there (covered-up massive/targeted swing-state fraud)..

We remember Trump’s Team throwin’ accusations around (eye-witness affidavits, forensic audit/video evidence, state election / Constitutional law broken, statistical impossibilities etc),
& DOJ and SCOTUS hidin’ neath their chairs😳😴🤫…

Whooooooo….. are you’s?🤔
ruse ruse.. ruse ruse..

Fair minded Americans really wanna know:
Whooooooo….. (& Where) are you’s?🤔
ruse ruse.. ruse ruse..

Tell us:
Whooooooo….. are you’s?🤔
ruse ruse.. ruse ruse..

Because free & fair election patriots really wanna know:
Whooooooo….. (& Where) are you’s? (CHECK OUT THE MASSIVE OVER-VOTE %!)
ruse ruse.. ruse ruse..


“LET IT BREAK (for now)” #DemsBreakItDemsOwnIt

“LET IT BREAK (for now)” #DemsBreakItDemsOwnIt
(music by The Rolling Stones)



Well they all (DEMS) need, someone, they can feed on (Illegal Aliens)…

& when they want it (Illegal Immigration flood/border crisis), well they feed illegally… (dependents & voting block)

Yeah they all need, something, they can cheat on (HR1-legalize election fraud)…

& they sure want it, to cheat endlessly… (one party rule)

Trump says, my bests (border control & election fraud warning/Dem desperate/blatant fraud), they will always bring out into open (highlight & expose)😉

Country, let ‘Sleepy’ rest his weary head😴 & fail spectacularly…

‘Cause I will always seek replace, more (Big League) winning by a lot💪🇺🇸

We’ll sure need (by 2022 & 2024), a lotta folks & (RECORD 75+ MILLION REAL VOTERS), MAGA Victory!🇺🇸👍 ….

“GUST OF THE WIND”🌬😷 #ComeDownKite-Man!😴

“GUST OF THE WIND”🌬😷#StayDownKite-Man!😴

(music by Kansas)


I close.. my.. eyes😴 (but they’re never opened)💤

Only for a moment, but that gust was strong💨😳

Like all.. my.. schemes😒 (‘Build Beijing Better’)🇨🇳👍

I crash (& almost tumble down the flight steps) before my (fake news media’s) eyes,

A ‘climate change’ travesty! (the wind was so strong because Trump pulled out of Paris Agreement)😱

Gust… of the wind…

All it took was a gust of the wind… (now Sleepy knows how Corn Pop felt)

Came.. on.. strong…

Just a drop of (rain) water, then gale force endlessly…

Need.. new.. shoes… (rubber ‘slipper-gripper’ soled bed-slippers)

I tumbled to the ground, though fake-news refused to see…

(won’t report on it, or acknowledge my balance & dementia issues)

Gust… of the wind…

All it took was a gust of the wind…

Now, rail.. hang.. on… (but now installing a lift on ‘CHAIR-FORCE-ONE’)

Wind may last forever ’cause Trump polluted the earth & sky…

Almost blew.. me.. away…

With all your money, best weather gear I’ll buy…

Gust… of the wind🌬…

All it took was a gust of the wind😖…

(& gust of radical surrender/suffocation of American Liberty to Statism/Globalism)

“KISS YOU ALL OVER” #CuomosexualLockdown😘 #IBelieve🤔#MeToo🤫

“KISS YOU ALL OVER” #CuomosexualLockdown😘 #IBelieve🤔 #MeToo🤫
(music by Exile)

When I get to the office, babe, gonna light my fire..
All day I’ve been thinkin’ about you,
Babe, this Gov you desire😍..
Gonna flaunt my power over you..
& pull you close to me.. (smile for the camera news-girl while rub your back)
Oh babe, you want to taste my lips😘
I want you to fill my fantasy (“i’m gonna mount her like a dog”), yeah🥰

You better not say a thing🤫..

Just let me dominate you much..

Above you… (who’s your boss)💋

Lead you… (who’s your daddy)👅

Ooh babe…

I wanna kiss you all over 😘…

& over again (mount you too)👅

I wanna kiss you all over 😘…

Till impeachment closes in… 😳

Till impeachment closes in…..


“CAPITOL HILL” #YetAnotherFailedDem’GetTrump’Hoax

“CAPITOL HILL” #YetAnotherFailedDem’GetTrump’Hoax

(music by Peter Gabriel)

Intro GUITAR Riff…


Marchin’ up to Capitol Hill…

I could see the security was light…

Crowd was growing, slime stood still…

(embedded provocateurs)

False Flag flew out to start fight…

(Leftists stormed & breached Capitol)

It was something (Trump started), Fake News observed…

Got up close, I heard their voice…

(hatching their pre-planned assault)

Smashing, breaking every curve (& hallway)…

(Capitol police) had to give up position, had no choice…

(were overwhelmed due to ignored requests for more resources)

So do not believe the disinformation…

(blame & impeach Trump)

Through door she (Ashli Babbitt) was thrust, provocation…

A gun goin’, boom boom boom…

Done! cop said, secured things,

Ashli won’t be goin’ home…

(ANTIFA ANARCHIST) Johnny-on-the-spot Sullivan:

To beef up violence I designed…

My friends all think must undercut…

(kneecap this election objection)

Turning order into crime…

Break through doors secure and shut…

(until certain cops let us in)

So we went from (pre-planned) day to (riot) day…

Stokin’ strife, we’ll burn and gut…

Til’ they blame (Trump) for what he say…

Twist detection, dressed as nuts…
(disguise as MAGA)

We was tearin’ part, video’in scenery…

(to sell to fake-news)

We stalked right in with our machinery…
(glass break & climbing tools)

A gun goin’, boom boom boom…

Hey! he said, grab your things,
(gas masks, wall climbing & glass breaking gear)

We’ve won, now slither home…
(& brag about on social media, and get pay day from fake news CNN & PMSNBC

(AhOleC aka Alexandria Ocasio-Smollett):

More illusion (delusion), spins her net (bullshit)…

Was never where she said she’d be…

(a completely separate building)

Her security was a sure bet…

(AhOle not even at the Capitol)

She did tweet this BS spree:

“Stalked by MAGA silhouettes…

I close my eyes but still can see (I’ve been traumatized!)…

No one taught them PC etiquette (they were shouting ‘stop the steal!’ and it really really triggered me)…
I laid low (under my desk), they were after me!…
That day was indeed a defacement (of my race, gender, and climate identity)…
I’ll tell ya, gone that shit eatin’ smile on my face went…
my heart goin’ boom boom boom…
(I really really didn’t think I was gonna make it, right??)
Hey! you bet, I stacked up office things (against the door),
They were comin’ to my safe-zone”…

“2 & SOON 3, AIN’T BAD”😷😷#MultiMask Mandate😷😷😷

2 & SOON 3, AIN’T BAD” #MultiMaskMandate

(music by Meat Loaf)

The ‘THIEF-N-CHIEF’: “i now wear two masks in the Oval, to sleep, and when skinny dipping”…

(IN REALITY: the Cheat most likely doesn’t even know that he’s in the Oval Office, wearing one mask let alone two.. and sentry Kamala probably crept up from her post behind, and double masked him)

Intro PIANO…


Country, wear one mask alright (& tight)…

But that ain’t gettin’ us nowhere… (still in for a dark variant year ahead)

They (Fauxci & Kamala) told you everything I possibly can… (i’m just a figureEmojihead)

There’s nothin’ left, inside of here…

& Trumpers, you can whine you’re right (he stole the election via China Virus crisis!)…

But that’ll never change the way that we steal (gonna keep using this crisis, propaganda & control)…

Our hold is really tightenin’ up worldwide (CDC, WHO continuing mandates)…

I’ll never ever make you leave there (stay home multi masked preferably in basement)

Trump poured bleach on, but I poured it out (I follow ‘the science’ so body suit mandate next)…

I’ll try to show you just how much I care (unlike ‘senior citizen serial killer’ Cuomo)…

I’m not tired of ‘muffled words’, and even if you’re to hoarse just have to shout (through the multi masking)…

But I’m like mold, and me so gone, even Dr. Jill’s crying icicles (frustrated with my stupor) instead of tears…

& all I can do, is keep on mandatin’ to you-

Dr. Fauxci wants you… (he directs you)

Grim Reaper Kamala needs you… (she’ll jail you)

‘Cause there ain’t no way, China’s not ever gonna govern you (they don’t call me ‘China Schmoe’ for nothin’)

Now don’t be mad (Red State Gov’s)

(don’t be mad)

‘Cause 2 & soon 3 (masks), ain’t bad…

Now just.. be.. glad (my 80 million fake sheeples)

(just be glad)

‘Cause 2 & soon 3 (& more),

ain’t bad…

“STEAL’S IN THE NUMBERS” #MetroOvervoteSpikes

“STEAL’S IN THE NUMBERS” #MetroOvervoteSpikes

(music by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band)


Intro Drew Abbott GUITAR…

Investing genius behind "The Big Short" calls foul play on ...


I mail my vote,

(postmarked before even sent to me, backdated, unsigned & no creases)

No won’t stand in line..

(cause there’s covid!)

To make lead up,

(Trump ahead by 100’K election night)

I work overtime..

(pulling suitcases out from hidden under tables, multi scanning, after observers kicked out cause water main broke)

Yes sir, ballots keep floodin’ in the mail…

(by the truckload from NY to PA)

Georgia Election Workers Sealed Ballots Before Observers ...

I work this stack, til it’s scanned big gains,

(multi scan fake ballots to 100’sK faux joe spikes)

The observers can’t even review my name..

(no signature, kicked out etc)

It shows up late, and back-dated, (“best fraud operation in history”) it’ll never fail…

I steal like all the others..

(other metro Dem machines)

We’re spokes in this great big wheel..

(Dem mail-in scam)

Just a phony ballot stash,

In the great swing-state steal!…

Ooh oh.. yeah!

Trump exposes massive vote dump hours after polls closed ...

To elections (free & fair), I’m just like a strike from a drone

To this sell (out), I’m just Chinese owned..

I’m just another Globalist on the creep..

To teachers, I’m just another propagandized child..
(“go home junior and tell your trump deplorable parents how to vote”)

To USPS I’m another for mail pile…
(of no creased, down-ballot or signed ballot)

I’m just another consensus on these ‘big swing-state county’ streets…

(we all agree Biden won 100% to zero)

SNL Celebrates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' Win, Alec ...

Gonna throw (Republican observers) out of these cities..

Lock down (ballots & machines), not let see..

Gonna shout out through my (propaganda media) ocean..

Joe’s in lead!…
(ignore the count stoppage and infusion of massive fraud over-vote spikes)

Fact checking misinformation on rigged election claims

& the steal’s in the numbers…

The steal’s in the (bogus) numbers…

Steal not a danger…
(Venezuela not so bad)

A danger to this (free-market) land!…
(“what are you, a Liberty junkie? c’mon man!”)

Don’t audit the numbers!..

(can’t let)
Audit these numbers…

Bogus Dem numbers…

Damn it, it’ll expose scam…

I said, audit ban!

Democrat Election Fraud: "Who will count the votes, and how."

Oooww.. oooww.. oooww.. oooww..


“3X ELECTED” #ThirdTimesACharm

“3X ELECTED” #ThirdTimesACharm

(music by The Commodores)


Thanks, for the times that you’ve given ‘WE’…

(epic growth, opportunity, wealth, independence, leadership, peace through strength, too many more to mention in a song!)

The successes, are all enshrined (AMERICA 1st)…

And now, more to come, never end, our movement grows…

There’s something, we all know, so proud…

You’re once (2016)…

Twice (2020)…

Three times, elected (2024)…

& we vote, you… (75 million LEGAL)

Yes you’re, once (2016)…

Twice (2020 LANDSLIDE!)…

Three times, elected (2024)…

& we vote, you…

We vote you (minus Dem fraud, more like 100 million LEGAL!)…

When we get together, MAGA moments we cherish…

Through every cheat, Dems impart…

They tapped you (spied), they scold you (social media banned), they steal from you (election), they ‘Dirty Deeds’ you…

But nothing, could stop MAGA restart!…

You’re once (2016)…

Twice (2020 LANDSLIDE!)…

Three times, elected (2024)…

& we vote/LOVE, you…

We vote you (LEGALLY!)….


“SYMPATHY FOR THE DE(M)VIL” (aka: UnAmerican Evil Fraudsters)

“SYMPATHY FOR THE DE(M)VIL” (aka: UnAmerican Evil Fraudsters)

(music by The Rolling Stones)

ANTHEM in dedication to all those “Woke Activist Fascist Anarchist” types.. you know who you are: politicos, CEO’s, tv / social media talking heads, actors / comedians, teachers / professors, union thugs, and run-of-the-mill liberal dipshits…


Ooow!.. oow!…. ooow!… uum.. huh… uum..

Please allow me to introduce myself…

I’m a man, of stealth and waste…

I’ve come around after 4 long years,

“cancel” millions (of MAGA’s) plans cold, and faith…

Now I’m ‘round when Donald Trump,

Had his moment, of MAGA fame…

Made damn sure that RINO’s,

Washed their hands, and sealed Liberty’s fate…

Pleased to meet you… (at the Capitol)

Hope you guess my name… (or follow me on Twitter)

But what’s puzzlin’ you (ignorant / propagandized sheeple Americans)

Is the, nature of my game…

I snuck around, Charlottesville… (race-bait)

When I saw it was a time for a change… (‘cancel culture’)

Toppled statues, and their monuments…

Washington Redskins fans, screamed in vain…

I riot cranked,

Held a BLM/Antifa rank… (lead agitator/race baiter)

When the “peaceful protests” raged… (in beautiful burning cities)

& the ‘Chop Zone’ stank…

Pleased to meet you… (at the Capitol)

Hope you guess my name… (or friend me on FaceButt, I mean FaceBook) oh yeah..

Ah, what’s puzzlin’ you (ignorant / propagandized sheeple Americans)

Is the, nature of my game… aah yeah

woke woke.. woke woke..

I watched with glee, while your “Kings & Queens” (Dems & propaganda media)…

Sought each n ev’ry day,

To stop MAGA ways…

woke woke.. woke woke..

I shouted out (on ev’ry social media outlet),

Go stomp ‘the Deplorables’ (ok to harass & assault)…

‘Cause after all, they’re just bigots & patriotic freaks.. (demonize)

woke woke.. woke woke..

Let me please introduce myself,

I’m a man of stealth and waste…

woke woke.. woke woke..

I lay traps for Trump ralliers… (invert truth)

Who get blamed before Ted Cruz (& other traitors) gets his say (to question bogus election)

woke woke.. woke woke..

Pleased to meet you… (at the Capitol)

Hope you guessed my name… (search for me on Google) ooh yeah

woke woke.. woke woke..

But what’s muzzlin’ you (censor),

Is the, nature of my game…

Oh yeah.. shut you down, baby


woke woke.. woke woke…..

Pleased to meet you (at the Capitol)…

Hope you guessed my name..

(#I’mTrending) ooh yeah

& I’m using you…

(I use political moderates as human shields against truth & justice)

Is just the, nature of my game… mmm mm

woke woke.. woke woke..

Just as ev’ry cop is a criminal (DEFUND those pigs!)…

& all my sinners, saints… (those anarchist domestic terrorists are my freedom fighters)

As heads is tails,

AhOleC just calls me St. Lucifer…

‘Cause she’s in need of no restraint (Socialism ASAP)

woke woke.. woke woke..

So if you meet me, have some hypocrisy (LOTS OF)…

Have some anarchy, and some hate…


woke woke.. woke woke..

Use all your well learned ‘Swamp Politics’..

& we’ll lay America’s soul (& Constitution) to waste…

mmm yeah..

woke woke.. woke woke..

Pleased to meet you… (at the Capitol)

Hope you guessed my name…

(Like my Twitter & FaceButt posts) mmm yeah

But what’s muzzlin’ you..

Is the, nature of my (censor) game…

mmm mean it, shut your twitter account down…

woke woke.. woke woke..

woo! woo..

Oh yeah, shut Trump down…

Oh yeah.. oh yeah!


Aah yeah!..

woke woke.. woke.. woke..

Tell ya baby, call ‘em names (racists)..

Tell ya honey, can ya guess who we’ll blame.. (those bitter clinging hateful Conservatives)

Tell ya baby, call ‘em names (label them fascists)..

I tell you it’s hate crime, & they’re to blame..

woke woke.. woke woke..

Alright… oh yeah!…

(REPEAT until all enemy MAGA’s are censored & locked up)…..

woke woke.. woke woke.. yeah!



woo woo.. get on down..

“REAL-NEWSFLASH” (“Bombshell”), SATAN:
St. Donald has exposed you and your minions forever.. he has instigated you to take actions across the board, which have effectively memorialized your evil and anti-Liberty being, and aroused the Patriot Spirits of 1776.. in other words dirtbag, you been – ‘TRUMPSTERSTRUCK!’

see you on the other side – guitargod

“A U D I T” #ForensicBallot&MachineIfNothingToHIde

“A U D I T” #ForensicBallot&MachineIfNothingToHideEmoji
(music by Michael Jackson)

Intro Official ‘GUITAR-COUNT’EmojiRiff/Beat…

They (Dem thugs) told ‘em, don’t you ever come around here..(Republican observers at the polls)

Don’t want ya see erase, see Trump votes disappear..

The vote spikes overnight, signature matches really unclear..

So, AUDIT.. just AUDIT..

You delete some (tens of thousands), you better multiple scan (3 & 4 times)..

Mail-in and back-date flood, machine flips to your man (6,000 Trump to Biden)..

They wanna ballot-box stuff, gonna do what they can (’cause Sleepy’s basically already a mummy)..

So, AUDIT.. ’cause they cheated real bad!..

Just, AUDIT!…
No way in hell Trump defeated!… (was a MAGA Landslide)

Show it how phony,
Strong & air tight (hard forensic evidence)..
It sure does matter, (for fair & free elections!)
So wrong! set right!Emoji
Just, AUDIT!…
Vote, AUDIT!…

Vote, AUDIT!…
Audit!… (what are you afraid of Dems?)
Just, AUDIT!…
Audit!… (seize the damn ballots & machine via 2018 EO, President Trump!)

They’re out to get you, (weakened ALL voting safeguards)
Better use (China Virus) while they can.. (“never let a good crisis go to waste”)Emoji
‘Dirty Deeds’ employed, they runnin’ commie scam.. (see Venezuela)
We wanna keep alive, (our cornerstone fair & free elections)
Better do ALL you can! (seize the damn ballots & machines via Executive Order!)

Just, AUDIT (already!)Emoji (arrest the Governors if they refuse to comply, include Cuomo just for kicks)Emoji

You have to seize them, and they’ll really get scaredEmoji (like in Antrim County Michigan, 68% error rate, Dems tried to prevent/suppress findings)
They threatened very lives (Michigan Canvassing Board members),
They don’t want truth laid bare..
They’ll kick you, then they beat you (BLM/Antifa dirtbags)
Then they’ll (media & Dems) tell you it’s fair (their violence is always justified)

So, AUDIT… (harden evidence)
It’s what they don’t want, so badEmoji

Just AUDIT!…
No way in hell Trump defeated! (was MAGA Landslide!)

Show it how phony,
Strong & air tight..
It sure does matter,
So wrong! set right!Emoji

Just, AUDIT!…
AUDIT!… (seize the damn ballots & machines already!)



M.E.G.A. “Make Elections Great Again!”Emoji


(music by Lynyrd Skynyrd)

‘M.E.G.A. 2024’


Intro GUITAR….

Trump-Train roll on…

Many miles for our home (MAGA Template for years/decades/centuries to come)…

Know it’ll sure take us far, and make us great…

Now we’ve seen the WINS grow, outside our doors (new business, opportunity, jobs, safety etc)…

Means we’re drainin’, that swampland, down low…

Tuesday’s Gone… with Trump win… (counting all LEGAL votes)

Our country’s strong… from Trump wins… (see listed volumes of)




(music by Orleans)

MAGA Truth & Justice Rhythm GUITAR…..

He’s, been our defender since way back when (AMERICA 1st!)…

All the time, Dems plotted to never see him again (Russia Hoax, Impeachment Hoax, Election Hoax etc)…

But as evidence shows, after all these smears (overwhelming & undisputed)…

Trump’s still the one, Lady Liberty wants whisperin’ in her ear…

Yeah, still Trump won, with LEGAL votes all night led…

(until the illegal count stop & ballot/machine fraud)

Still Trump won, Biden spoon fed (with fake votes & with food from Jill)…

We still know Trump won, & 2024 he’ll run…

He sheltered in place, everyday (‘Hidin Biden’)…

& we never, saw him cuz Jill took his zoom away (gaffe machine)…

Then election came, where did Hunter go?..

(where did Hunter go)

Buried deep in news cycle, laptop quite the show!…

Yeah, still Trump won, with LEGAL votes all night led

Still Trump won, ‘til steal he was way ahead (by 100s K’s)

We still know Trump won, & 2024 he runs….

(REPEAT ‘TIL 2024)

“TRUMPSTERSTRUCK”⚡️👊🏻#Swampist/S tatistVileHypocritesForeverExposed

(music by ACDC)


They're Not After Me, They're After You. I'm Just In The ...




I was caught, in the middle of a Deep State trap… (Obamagate)


& I knew, and I knew they were coverin’ their ass… (Russia!Russia!Russia! DEM collusion)


Their (sick TDS) minds raced, & they thought impeachment would do…


& I knew, there was no help, no help from RINO crew…


Sound MAGA drums…

Beatin’ in our hearts…

With (Patriot) thunder we won…

Took Swamp apart…

They’ve been –



Rode down the highway (flew round the country)…

Broke enthusiasm records, we hit the towns…

Went through all swing-states (many times over), yeah swing-states and we had some fun (Peaceful Protests)…

We exposed those Dems, those DemocRATS who cheat all the time…

Broke all the (election) rules, played RINOs for fools…

Yeah, yeah, we, we, we showed their crimes (video & forensic audit)…

& now Sleepy’s shakin’ in his dreams…

Don’t let the election evidence ever see (the light of day!)

yeah this shady is such slime…

They’ve been –



Obama’s shakin’ at the knees…

Spygate declassified’s a bitch, you deep-state spyin’ freak…


Yeah, yeah, yeah!…


Yeah T, won the fight…

They’re, forever slimed (hypocrisy, bias, fascism exposed)…



A fraudulent presidential election should bother every true American to the point of significant and meaningful inquiry, action and accountability..


One side follows rules and protocol, even to the detriment of their Constitution and countryEmoji

The other side doesn’tEmoji



(music by Fleetwood Mac & Led Zeppelin)

Bristle as the vote implodes!….

Watch (fair & free) election demise….

Stealin’ in the shadows!…. (count stop ballot stuff midnight hour)

Damn your rules, damn your eyes…. (close observation)

& if you don’t govern now (wuss State Legislatures!)
You will never govern again (wuss Governors!)
I can still hear forsakin’ (SCOTUS “no standing”), as you weak links break The Chain (of Liberty)
(weak links break our Chain)…..


Hey!… Cops… (Barr sees nothing)
Stop what crook Dems doin’…

Hey!… Courts… (judges ignore hearing evidence)
They’ll drive our free & fair elections to ruin…

Our Founders knew what it would be like if abused, so they built in safe-guards…

But you let them own you now, let them steal our governin’ touch! (all 3 in radical control)…

Liberty System breakdown
Establishment always so lame…

Havin’ a freedom breakdown
Cloggin’ The Swamp drain!…

“LANDSLIDE” #OfLegalVotes

“LANDSLIDE” #OfLegalVotes

(music by Fleetwood Mac)


They took our gov, tried to take it down…

(election steal)

I climbed a mountain, and I turned it around…

(beat yet another hoax)

& I saved my re-election, from these bold corrupt fiends…

Won in LANDSLIDE, can’t keep (Truth, Justice & Liberty) down…

Yeah, won in LANDSLIDE, can’t keep us down…









(music by Robert Palmer)



A cold April night…

Covid a threat…

Trump gonna find….

A vaccine yet…

He freed you.. (cut endless red-tape for medical researchers)

To stop this dread…

& beat this (China) flu….

Full speed ahead! (Operation Warp Speed)….

Doctor, doctor…

Gimme good news/Trump cure…

I gotta, mild (asymptomatic) case, of China flu…

Trump pill’s gonna cure my ill…

I gotta, mild case, of China…. flu…

A covered face…

Don’t mean the spread will stop…

Cuomo learned that…

Butthead from the start… (Senior Citizen Serial Killer)

Vaccine refute… (will take at minimum 5 yrs)

‘Nother Twitter fit, lie… (he said will have bleach in it)

Mama, Trump’s… a hydroxychloroquine kinda guy

Doctor, doctor…

Gimme Trump cure/good news…

I gotta, mild case, of China flu… (i’m asymptomatic)Emoji

Trump’s pill gonna cure my ill…Emoji

I gotta, mild case, of China…. fluEmoji

Ooh! oooh ooh yeahEmoji

“THE WAITING” #PresidentDerelictBiden🤤

“THE WAITING” #PresidentDerelictBiden

(music by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Intro Mike CampbellEmoji


Oh Kami, don’t it feel like heaven right now..

Don’t it feel like somethin’ from a dream (i dreamed about this 24/7 in my basement)

Yeah, our (election fraud operations) never known nothin’ quite this big..

Don’t the steal election night, fair & free never again..

Kami, we cheat better don’t even try’n pretend..

Kami, everyone’s startin’ to know ‘bout this..

(eye-witnesses sayin’): hey!.. hey!. wait!.. wait!.. fake.. fake.. fake.. fake!…

The waiting, is the hardest part (until Inauguration / Fraud Coronation)..

Everyday see more evidence hard (eye witness, computer forensic, vote flips, statistical analysis, video)..

We stole it all fake, was in the tank from start..

The waiting (running the clock out), is the hardest part….

(just gotta ignore investigations, State Legislature hearings, lawsuits etc)

Well yeah we might’ve trucked some fake ballots around..

All I ever got (was cheating) to take Trump down.. (CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, ROB EM’)

Yeah, then there were those (Dominion ‘glitches’), that made me feel good (300K dumps)..

& ever so good as I feel right now (I’m President-Derelict.. I mean, President-Elect)

Kami, we got the only one (“best voter fraud operation in history”), that’s got the know how..

To take it got to rig, like I want to rig now,

(RUDY & JENNA sayin’): yeah yeah!.. wait! wait.. fake.. fake fake! fake….

The waiting, is the hardest part (til’ faux Inauguration – zoomed from basement bunker)..

Everyday see more evidence, hard..

We stole it all fake, was in the tank from start..

The waiting, (Tick tock tick tock.. CATCH US IF YOU CAN SUCKER AMERICANS!), is the hardest part (of this election theft)..

Oh, won’t wait to thrill you Kami, won’t wait to give to you (full presidential power)..

won’t wait to thrill you Kami (or other cabinet radicals), won’t wait to give power to you (i’m goin’ back to my basement!)zzzzzz

I’ll play a sleepin’ part, I’ll be your hidin’ stooge..

Don’t let Trump’s challenges go too far… (crooked courts, deep state, RINO’s etc)

Just let honest voting Americans lose….


Hey! hey!.. hey! hey.. fake fake fake.. fake!…..

The waiting (during all these ballot audits, forensic & statistic analysis, investigations, legal suits & hearings), is the hardest part..

Everyday see more evidence hard (nothing to see here folks, C’MON MAN! move along!)..

We stole it all fake, was in the tank from start..

The waiting.. is the hardest part!…. (maybe we should get stoned out like Junior)


(tv theme ‘Six-Million-Dollar-Man’)


Joe Biden..

Career politician..

A candidate barely alive..

Countrymen – we can fake elect him..

We have the technology.. (Dominion & Smartmatic)

We have the capability to place the free-world’s first idiotic man (U.S. Presidential/Globalist/Socialist/CCP puppet)..

‘Quid-Pro-Joe’ will be that man..

Shadier than he was before..


Sleepier.. zzzzz


“DIRTY DEEDS” #DemDirtCheats🐀

“DIRTY DEEDS” #DemDirtCheats

(music by ACDC)

Intro ANGUS….

If you’re, havin’ trouble cause he’s so far ahead..

It’s not the time to snooze..

You got to compensate, keep ballot-box fed..

Here’s what we’re gonna do.. (@ 2:30AM)

Stop count of vote..

Send Repubs home..

Data dump, nick of time..

Just ring up –

360K.. 240K.. 360K..

I lead no trace of crime…. ow!

Dirty Deeds..

Software cheats!..(Smartmatic count flips)

Dirty Deeds..

Mail-In heaps!.. (of phony ballots)

Dirty Deeds..

Sleepy sheets!.. (pristine xerox copied)

Dirty Deeds done by Dem dirt cheats…

Dirty Deeds done by Dem dirt creeps… yeah

Count stop..


No observation..


dump spikes..

Contracts.. (w/ Dominion & Smartmatic)

High over-vote! (400%)..



“IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR” #JoeWasn’tJustSleeping

“IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR” #JoeWasn’tJustSleeping

(music by Wilson Pickett)

(DEM ‘Election Official’ DIRTBAGS see Philly, Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee etc):

We’re gonna wait ‘till the midnight hour…

That’s when Trump’s gov come tumblin’ down…

We’re gonna wait ‘till the midnight hour…

When there’s no Republican observers around…

We’re gonna stop the count, and upload huge(600K Biden spike)

& do all those things (truck in fake ballots), Joe told you(“we have the best voter fraud operation”)

In the midnight hour…

Oh yes we are!

We’re gonna take all the safeguards out… (envelop signatures, voter id, absentee protocols etc)

& then we sprinkle in (fake ballots & Dominion vote flips), delegitimize…

We’re gonna take (rigged election) in the midnight hour…

That’s when our shove (massive illegal influx & uploads), begins to enshrine (& Fake News Media coronatesthis corrupt political relic)…

It’s the only way we know…

(to cheat because Trump won by millions!)

To really put in Joe

In the midnight hour…

“GLITCH” #DominionElectionOfficial

“GLITCH” #DominionElectionOfficial

(music by Meredith Brooks)

I shape the world today..

It’s so good to cheat,

I know votes I can change..

(Princeton professor) tried to tell you,

Biden took to me like maybe I’m his angel, steal the lead..

Criminal deceit…

Election Day I thrived..

Joe must have been relieved,

To see votes flip to his side..

I can understand how Trump is so confused,

I don’t reflect you..

I’m a little software program thing..

Install, roll, Sleepy won

I’m a glitch!..

I give cover..

I compile.. (switch to Biden)

Trump’s lead smother

I pick winner..

I vote taint..

& I do not feel ashamed (I feel Re-Programmed)

I’m free election hell..

I’m dictators dream (see Venezuela)..

Trace nothing, fraud unseen..

You know Dems wouldn’t want it any other way…

I’m a GLITCH!..
I give cover..
I compile.. (switch to Sleepy)
Trump’s lead smother..
I pick winner..
I vote taint..
I do not feel ashamed.. (I’m such a smartmaticass)

I’m free-election hell..
I’m dictator scheme..
Trace nothing, fraud unseen..
You know, Dems wouldn’t want it any other wayEmojiEmoji


“GONE FROM THE U.S.A.” #HomeSweetHome

“GONE FROM THE U.S.A.” #HomeSweetHome
(music by Bruce Snowflake Springsteen & Tommy Motley-Fool Lee)

(don’t let a little thing like a fraudulent/stolen election keep you from leaving!)


INTRO by Motley Fool Tommy Buttercup-Tokin’ Lee

You know I’m a weiner..

& my brain is froze (on drugs & stupidity)..

Now I have to run away & hide..

‘Cause I wouldn’t drop ‘Quid Pro Joe’….

Goin’ down to an Australian town…

The first plane I took was when ‘Sleepy’ hit the ground …

(got tucked in early)

Fell just like the dog (that he is) that Trump kicked too much…

‘Cause he’s spent (over) half his life (47+yrs) just a coverin’ (his corruption) up… now


Gone.. from the USA!…

I am,

Gone.. from the USA!…

Gone from the USA!…

I’m a goof whinin’ commie, left the USA!…

We’re on our way…

We’re on our way!…

Home, Sweet Home!

‘Down under’ tonight

We’re on our way…

From Trump we’re free! (but we’ll still whine like little bitches)…

Home, Sweet (Sydney) Home

(SEE YA, Suckas!)



(music by The Buggles)

‘Swampy Joe’: “I never said that🤤.. put it up in your website, man!”

President Trump: “Ok, we will.. and we’ll play it at our ‘peaceful protests’”😉

They heard you on the debate stage say fracking & oil’s through👎..

Life blood at stake, intent on turning off is you🤭..

Staff tied your tongue🤫 it didn’t stop you coming through😖..

Don’t.. say.. Joe🤤…

Kamala took the credit for your second (debate) transparency (“day one we will ban fracking”)🧟‍♀️..

Rewritten by AhOleC🤢 on new technology (100 trillion Green New Scheme)🤮..

& now they (voters) they understand the problem you would be😱 (“I hope you remember this Texas, Pennsylvania, Minnesota etc”)..

Go.. Away.. Joe🤤…

Just met your children (& now we know where Hunter’s been)🤑🇨🇳🇷🇺🇺🇦..

Oh.. pay.. Joe💵…

What did you tell him?..(always 10% for the Big Guy)

(MAGA Rally 🖥)

Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…

(MAGA Rally 🖥)

Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…

Pictures framed 🖥 show what’s in your heart😒…

Oh.. a.. a.. a.. oh😱…

& now I greet (voters) at a MAGA “peaceful protest” show🇺🇸👍..

They hear the playback & you sound so wrong, Swamp Schmoe.. (all in your own words, Einstein)🤣

& they’ll remember your scandals, how you roll..

No.. say.. Joe🤤👎…


🖥”China travel ban is xenophobic & racist!”😒…

No.. say.. Joe🤤👎…


🖥”i will ban all fracking & oil drilling!”👍😏

(MAGA Rally 🖥)

Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…


Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…

All your crime, and all you mar..

We can rewind, encores you star🤩..

Oh.. a.. a.. a.. Joe😱…

Oh.. a.. a.. a.. Joe😱…


Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…


Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…


Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…


Video killed the Swamp-Creature Star🧟‍♂️🤩🤭…


“HONKY HONK, WAKE-UP MAN!” #RallyGeese&Ca rhorns🦆🚗💤💤

“HONKY HONK, WAKE-UP MAN!” #RallyGeese&Carhorns🦆🚗💤💤

(music by The Rolling Stones)


(Sleepy Low-Info Supporter):

I saw a squinting basement creep in Wilmington…(Delaware)😑

He hides when Jill comes to take him upstairs for awhile…

He had a flock of geese right over his shoulder😴🦆…(honking outside during a cellar zoom snoozer)

& the cars just seem to beep while he stutters his lines🤤…

(drive-up, parking lot rally)😴🚗

It’s the hooo…. hooo…. oonk.. ky.. honk, wake-up man!😴📣…

Gimme, gimme, gimme the honky honk snooze💤💤

“FORTUNATE SON” #SleepyJunior🤑💻

“FORTUNATE SON” #SleepyJunior🤑💻

(music by Creedence Clearwater Revival)

Intro 🎸Riff…

Some folks are born, made to wave foreign flags🇺🇦🇨🇳🇷🇺…

Ooo, that ain’t Red, White & Blue🇺🇸😒…

& when the scam pays half to The ‘BIG GUY’ thief🤫…

Oh they point the Impeachment cannon at Trump, oh Lord😠…

It’s all me (millions for foreign access)…

It’s all me (smoking crack & face timing naked with underage girls)…

I ain’t no upstanding VP’s son💩…

It’s all me (selling political influence to commie Chinese)…

It’s all me (millions from Moscow Mayor’s wife – from Russia with love)😍…

I made a fortune (skills/expertise) have none🤤…




(music by Night Ranger)

Sisters Christian, know the time has come…

& you know that Trump’s the only one, to say, no way (to the radical anti-Christian Left)🖕🏻…

Now you’re goin (to MAGA Rally),

& you’re prayin’ (the Rosary) for (during rally for President & country)🙏🏻🙏🏻…

You know that boy, won’t let them play (mess with) no more with you😠…

It’s true 💪😇👊🏻…

You’re rallyin’…

What a sight of light📿🙏🏻…

In supporting mister right👍😉…

He’ll do alright election night (Red Wave)💒👍👍



(music by ELVIS)


A little less conversation, a little more action, not sleaze😒..

All your bloviatin’s just more distraction’in (politico) speak🤮..

A little more bite.. (like my historic economy)🇺🇸👍

A little less bark.. (your backing of radical socialist policies)🤤👎

A little less fright.. (“c’mon folks, we’re going into a Deep Dark Winter!”)😳🦠💨

A little more spark.. (like use of Travel Bans, Defense Production Act Operation Warp Speed)🔬🧪👩🏻‍🔬👩🏾‍⚕️👍

Close your mouth (& mask it up), we’re openin’ up our towns👍

& Sleepy, rock-a-bye thee😴..

Rock-a-bye thee💤💤 Sleazy🤑😒…

‘VOTE Joe-“DARK-WINTER”-Biden 2020’


10% always for the ‘BIG GUY’💰💵🤫



(music by Lynyrd Skynyrd)


They call me Machine🚜💪…

I keep rollin’ down the road🇺🇸…

(Michigan, Arizona, Iowa, North Carolina airport rallyin’🛬)👍

Well now they call me Machine🚂💪…

I keep rollin’ down the road🇺🇸…

(Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania airport rallyin’🛬)👍

& I ain’t hidin’ like somebody…

(hint: he puts ‘a media lid’ on it by 9AM and he makes Crooked Hillary look like an amateur)😴🤑

This body’s fightin’ for WE!🇺🇸👊🏻😉…

“MIKE’S A ROCK”💪😉🇺🇸 #PencePowered2024

“MIKE’S A ROCK” #PencePowered2024

(music by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band)

He sat there boldly,

Recountin’ what they’d done…

New jobs by millions,

Made us #1…

The height of election,

A VPs never been so strong..

Mike, ‘The Rock’

He’s Trump’s “A-Team”,

Handled covid care (China Virus)

Workin’ for the people,

Not a dime was spared (billions spent in aid)…

& he just leads, solid record everywhere…

Mike’s A Rock

His head was steady,

The fly appeared, but then took flight…

His talk had purpose,

Hers was glib & trite…

& Mike held firmly,

To what he feels is right (unapologetically PRO-LIFE)

Mike, ‘The Rock’…

Mike’s A Rock…

He was strong, & won debate with ease…

Mike ‘The Rock’…

‘Commie Kamala’ never got to our great Veep…

Mike’s A Rock…

He was somethin’ to see (beat both the Dem & the moderator!)…

Mike ‘The Rock’



(A Dr. Jill Biden Lullaby)

Rock-a-bye Biden,

On debate stop..

When Wallace blows (hot air),

Your cradle Trump rocks..

When the wire breaks,

His ear-piece will fall..

& down will go Sleepy,

Campaign and all

“I’M ALRIGHT” #GopherJoeDebatePrep

“I’M ALRIGHT” #GopherJoeDebatePrep

(music from Caddyshack)

da da da da da da da…

I’m alright…

Don’t nobody worry ‘bout me…

Why ya got to give advice (keep your mouth shut, with a lid on it!)…

Can’t Trump just let me be…

da da da da da da da…

“That’s enough! PUT A LID ON IT!”EmojiEmojiEmoji



(music by The Jackson 5)

A C B…

Easy as 1 2 3…

(another clear & exceptional Trump pick)

Nom simple as Repub majority…

A C B..

Let Dems scream..


She for WE





“SHAKIN’” (The Snowflake Snowglobe)❄️😫❄️

“SHAKIN’” (The Snowflake Snowglobe)

(music by Eddie Money)

“Who’s your daddy” had a globe he loved to tip upside…

Rolled to victory that night (2016), and shook it, made ‘em cry…

Turned up the ‘mock rock’ just as loud as it could go…

Blew off their pinheads in a deranged flurry of snow!…

He was shakin’…

Oh oh oh oh!…

Tweetin’ with his fingers…

Oh oh oh oh…

Globe was movin’ up & down…

Oh oh oh oh…

That globe, he was shakin’ …

Oh oh oh oh…

“HE’S FINE”🇺🇸👍 #TellHimNov3rd😉

“HE’S FINE” #TellHimNov3rd

(music by Kip Moore)



He’s been fixin’ for awhile…

Sets records all the time…

Man, he’s one of a kind…

Our towns…

Everywhere upon the map…

Well he’s bringin’ our jobs back…

& no wonder where growth’s at…

Well MAGA, he’s in Dallas…

Cheerin’ for ‘We The People’…


Never layin’ low,

WALL with Mexico…

Ya know he loves to stop crime…

Yeah MAGA, he’s in Vegas…

At trade table dealin’ no crap…

Hey, he’s got us in mind…

So get out election night…

Tell him he’s fine…


Drives ‘em crazy, minds with it (TDS)…

& he’s (we’re) lovin’ every minute……

But it’d be better two term, hit it!… yeah

MAGA, he’s livin’ in DC town…

& he totes to St. John’s the Bible…

& he’s got lots a Law Enforcement friends,

That he loves and stands with…

Fightin’ back the Devil…

MAGA, he’s ampin’ up a vaccine…

For a lonely quarantined country…

Hey, he’s got us in mind…

So get out election night…

Tell him he’s fine…

Tell him we’re comin (silent majority)…

We’re runnin’ (to polls & mailbox)…

Yeah, Joe Sleepy no way!…

That we want him…

We love him…

& our kids will say thanks to him someday!…

Hell MAGA, he’s a builder…

Growin’ from coast to coast…

With frackin’ everywhere,

Minin’ on a tear…

It’s nothin’ but record growth times…

MAGA, he’s cleanin’ up ol’ New York…

Markets up on Wall Street…

Hey, he’s got us in mind…

So go out election night…

Tell him he’s fine…

Yeah, tell him he’s fine!…

Tell him he’s fine ( 4 MORE YRS!)…

Hey, he’s got us in mind…

So go out election night…

Tell him he’s fine…

“ENFORCIN’ THE LAW” #GoAheadPunkMakeMyDay😎

“ENFORCIN’ THE LAW #GoAheadPunkMakeMyDayEmoji
(music by Judas Priest)



There they were (Dem run cities), completely wasted..

No one works, (statues) torn down..

All outside it’s so frustratin’, Dem mayors let anarchists destroy the town…

Feel as though know Dem governor cares, if police live or die…

So I sure as hell will begin, to put our National Guard into fight

Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law..
Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law..
Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law..
Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law!

So much for their ‘Chop Zone’ future,
I tore it apart!…

I’ll have every riot broken, there’s Law & Order from the start!..

They will know, what prison’s like, they will pay big dues

For what they did they’ll find themselves, gettin’ me re-elected too! (newsflash punks: people want Law & Order)

Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law..
Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law..
Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law..
Enforcing’ the law.. enforcing’ the law!

“PLEASE MR. POSTMAN”📬🗳😨 #Harris/Biden2020

“PLEASE MR. POSTMAN”EmojiEmoji #Harris/Biden2020

(music by The Marvelettes)

Oh yes, wait a minute mister postman!…

Waa-aa-aa-ait, Mister Postman…

Please Mister Postman, look and see…
(woah yeah!)

Is there a (few million) ballots in your bag for me

(please please mister po-o-o-ostman)

‘Cause it’s been, a mighty high climb…
(woah yeah!)

Since i’m controlled by radicals all the time!Emoji

There must be massive fraud post election day…

For my Rad friends to steal this vote away…

Please Mister Postman, look and see…

Is there fake ballots, a few million more ballots for me!EmojiEmoji

“AMERICAN WOMAN” #FillThatSeat !👩🏼‍⚖️⚖️


(music by The Guess Who)

American Woman!…

Gonna fill that seat…

American Woman!…

Mama, Trump nominee… yeah


(Monday Night Football Theme – Hank Williams Jr.)

Are you ready for some football!..

A Saturday tradition!..

Yeah, this is Rockin’ President Trump..

Pushin’ to get the season started..

Here come the hits, the bangs, the blocks and the spikes..

‘Cause all the college teams are suitin’ up to fight!..



(music by Uriah Heep)

Intro Organ…..

Mail (ballots) out across the country, cause I need some fraud to materialize (multi-voting, ballot harvesting etc)…

We’ll count the deceased voters, and all pets will cast with pride…


Mail it….

Mail it….

Mail…. it….. in…

Mail it….

Mail it….

Mail…. it…. in….

Well there’s a hundred million ballot tries (unsolicited), to wean his lead to mine…

I don’t need no questions or campaignin’ Lord, cause my teleprompter’s runnin’ fine (“can you move it up a little”)…

Gaffin’, sleepin’, slime & rad women, woulda put me to my political grave…

Runnin’ (from press), hidin’ (in basement), schmoozin’ (with anarchists), lyin’, nothin’ left to save (from my record or in my head)…

Where’s my wife??!…

wife, wife, wife, wife! wife! wife! (help me Jill!)

Mail it…. mail it…. mail… it… in…..

Mail it…. mail it…. mail… it… in…..


They stood & called them ‘pigs’ and shunned religion (took out ‘God’ from Pledge at their convention), stinkin’ up the world with slime…

They made their break (Dem Gov’s mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots), it’s a BIG mistake (election chaos)…

Tryin’ to steal it cause their candidate is (politically) dyin’…

(newsflash: he’s dead)

They were,


When they shoulda been votin’ (properly absentee or in-person)…


When they shoulda been votin’…


When they shoulda been votin’…




(music by REO Speedwagon)

Intro Hiden-Biden basement bomb shelter air-raid siren / alarm clock…


Hidin’ the storm out…

Shakin’ while Trump calls me out…

On a full zoom night, from my darkened Delaware cellar…

(“c’mon, can you move the teleprompter closer, man”)

My grind (energy) throttle’s (campaign) low…

Droppin’ in the polls…

Shrinkin’ from what’s been goin’ on in Democrat run cities…

& I’m, not sayin’ a thing…

Sleepin’ neath full moon, nappin’ all day

Hidin’ the storm out…

Hidin’ the storm out…

Rad ladies beside me (Commie Kamala, AhOleC, Pocahontas etc)…

They’re there to “guide” (Socialist agenda) me…

(prop me up & load up teleprompter)

They say that with Joe (empty suit man), they’ve finally found (transform) home (USA into Venezuela)…

But that Trump outside (barnstorming the country) is frightenin’…

He’s no kinder than a lightnin’ strike, and so witty…

(is it too late to call off the debates)

It’s a hard life I’ve lived (been wrong on issues for 50 yrs), but I give gaffes (when I’m trotted out), it’s what I give


So I’m, not gonna say a thing …

(Obama: “you don’t have to do this Joe”)

Keep sleepin’ neath full moon, nappin’ all day

Hidin’ the storm out…

Hidin’ the storm out…


(music by Jimi Hendrix)


Hey.. Slow…

Where your (supporters) goin’ with those guns (& knives & bricks & Molotov cocktails & lasers) in their hands…

Hey.. Joe…

Said, where they goin’ with those guns (& bats & chains & rocks & balloons) in the hands…

They goin’ down to shoot some Trump crazies…

You know they caught ‘em standin’ ground (supporting), Law & Order fans…


“MISSISSHYPOCRISY QUEEN” #RoyalSalonStylin’&Defilin’👸 💈💇🏻‍♀🚿🤷🏻‍♀️

“MISSISSHYPOCRISY QUEEN” #RoyalSalonStylin’&Defilin’

(music by Mountain)



Mississhypocrisy Queen!…

Now ya know why hair sheens…

Mississhypocrisy Queen!…

No mask, (to her) Law ain’t anything…

Snuck down around San Fran…

Beauty parlor power play… (“i was set up!”)

Where strutted (crept) the gourmet sundae lady…

(small shutdown businesses) Abhor the Mississhypocrisy Queen…

Ya know Clairol enhancer…

She looked no better with dye…

While the rest of them (hair)dos weren’t a gettin’ their cuts…

Boy, she begs no pardon (“i was set up!”) she was cuttin’ line…

Mississhypocrisy Queen!…

Now ya know why hair sheens…

Mississhypocrisy Queen!…

No mask, (to her) Law ain’t anything…

“EVERYDAY (Real American) PEOPLE”🇺🇸👍 #NotSh allowCelebsParasitePoliticosOrSneakySocialists

“EVERYDAY (Real American) PEOPLE”


(music by Sly & the Family Stone)

(RNC Anthem):

Most times we’re right… (Founding Documents)

& we do right wrongs…(slavery, segregation, opportunity – progress all of which Democrats oppose)

Our own beliefs…

(Liberty & Justice for ALL),

Are in RNC throng…

The business owner, the policeman, the farmer and then…

Makes no difference, what group we’re in…


Trump!…… for Everyday People…

There is the Radical Socialist one that won’t accept the Regressive Liberal one that won’t accept the Democrat one (except as a numbnut Trojan horse) that won’t accept the American Patriot (Liberty, Capitalism, God given Rights) one’s…

But here we promote…

For all Freedom loving folks…

& (Trump policy) so on and so on and scooby dooby do a 3rd-term…

Our!…….. nom’s for thee American People…

“ON THE DARK SIDE” #LightVersusDarkness’CellarStyle’😴

“ON THE DARK SIDE” #LightVersusDarkness’CellarStyle’
(music from Eddie & The Cruisers)

Intro Piano…

(‘SCHMOE SHOW’ Dem Nom Acceptance Speech):

The Dark Side’s growin’ now nothin’ is real…

(his record economy, employment, trade balance, energy independence, military buildup etc) ALL FAKE FOLKS!

He’ll never know just how Chinese commies feel…

(but me & Hunter do!)

Out of the shadows they walk like a dream…

(all my radical socialist cabinet members)

They will ‘deal’ crazy, make us feel so ‘green’!…

Ain’t nothin’ gonna save you (except me, you ain’t Black junkies!) ‘cause his gov is blind…

(& racist & bigoted & xenophobic & etc.. never mind the historic minority employment & opportunity zones)

Slip back from Dark Side, & Portland’s fine….

I’m not Dark Side

(I am the Unifying Light, but I like to keep my basement dark)

C’mon Man!..

MAGA Dark Side
(He’s endorsed by those racist cops i’ll be defunding.. I’m endorsed by those Portland Patriot Anarchists& those Chi-Coms

C’mon Man!..
(‘character’ is on the ballot)

(REPEAT until we start to look like one of those Socialist SHITHOLE countries)


(music Love Boat tv theme)


Exciting & new… (We The People put 1st)

Come aboard… (The MAGA Trumptilla)

T’s expecting you!…

& Gov…

(Trump has done more in 3.5, than Biden in 50)

Life’s sweetest (historic) rewards (records)…

He makes it flow…

Boats float to honor you!…

Trump Love Boats!…

Soon will be making a 2nd-term run…

Trump Love Boats!…

Promises MAGA for everyone…

Set a course for business venture, our minds on a new advance…

(Making America Greater Again & Again & Again)

& gov…

Won’t hurt like before…

(Biden/Obama criminality & rot)

He’s an open smile…

(Legal immigration)

On our friendly shores!…

(Big Beatiful Door in The Big Beautiful Wall)

It’s Trump Gov!…

Welcome aboard,

It’s Trump Love!….



(music by Andy Gibb)


For so long…

You know me, been hidin’ from others for so long (in my Paradise Cellar)…

& this spieling that I spiel for you is, for your throngs, Rads (rile up your anarchist base)…

Take over for me!

Cause we’ll give you more & more that you’re askin’ for, our gov will turn the key (unleash socialist paradise – see Venezuela)


Darlings, I!…

I will flip (&flop) forever for more ‘chop zones’ of crime…

Build our world around you (your commie agenda), radicals,

This gov will slime (cancel any critic), Rads

Watch out (American) history

Cause we’ll give you more & more that you’re askin’ for, our gov will turn the key (Socialist Paradise ala Venezuela)…

Aaahh.. We!…

We just want to be your (radical) Any/Everything…

Open up a (Statist) heaven, in our hearts we’ll surely be,

the things you want us to be,

& that’s two puppets on a string…

Ooh, if we!…

If we get in we promise you Radicals, we’ll provide…

We want you playing (serving) in the gov we have to bring…

We’ll do anything…

To be your Everything!…



(music by Vanilla Ice)

Intro BUS-BOARDING beat….

(Snoop Dog Kamala):

Yo I.C.E. – let’s kick it!

ICE, ICE Crazy (they are the KKK)…

Vice, Vice Crazy (Impeach Justice Kavanaugh)…

Alright stop! (Joey)

Collaborate & listen (with/to my far left radical homies)

‘Vice’ got your back with my brand new addiction (Joey, but I’m still hooked on smokin’ dope while listening to Snoop Dog)

Somethin’ (my lust for power), grabs a hold of me tightly..

Phony lib loon, daily & nightly (my positions are “flexible”)

Will I ever stop? No! ‘Law & Order’ I know:

(prosecuting Blacks for marijuana w/ jail time, concealing death row exculpatory evidence)

Turn off their lights

& crime grows

To the extreme, I’ll rock your med like a vandal (cancel your private healthcare)

Lit Joe up on debate stage and whacked that chump, he couldn’t handle

ICE, ICE Crazy (ICE are the KKK)


ICE, Vice Crazy (now I say all Biden female accusers are lying bimbos)


ICE, Vice Crazy (gun grabber )


ICE, Vice Crazy (i BELIEVE Dr Blasey-Crazy-Ford)


“We just want to be your far-left any/everything!”

“JUNKIE, c’mon MAN!”

“JUNKIE, c’mon MAN!”

(music by The Rolling Stones)


I’m an, empty-suit democRat flunky..

All my friends are race-bait junkies!..

That’s really true…

I’m no, cognitive test high achiever..

Did you use a pre-show cocaine sneezer..

What you do?

Now all my bits & gaffes are tossed around,

On ev’ry newscast in this town..

C’mon Maaan!..

(You Ain’t Black!)

But are you just a Junkie, man?..

I’m glad you are a junkie (& monolithic) voter, too! (unlike those diverse Latinos)

Are you a junkieeee!…..

Are you a junkieeee!…..

Are you a junkie????… man!

Are you a junkie????… man!

Are you a junkie?!

Are you a junkieeee!…..

Are you a junkieeee!…..

Are you a junkie?!

a J J J J junkieee!…..

aah J J J J junkieee!……… c’mon man!



“GIVIN’ UP THE COUNTRY”🇺🇸🙃 #GaveUpAmericaTour2020

“GIVIN’ UP THE COUNTRY” #GaveUpAmericaTour2020

(music by Canned Heat)

Intro ‘Sleepy Joe’ naptime lullaby riffEmoji


I’m givin’ up the country, AhOleC baby gonna run the show…

I’m givin’ up the country, radicals gonna run the show…

I’m stayin’ in this place (‘paradise cellar’), where i’ve never been out of before…

I’m dissin’, I’m dissin’ the Black voter all the time…

I’m dissin’ the Black voter all the time…

They go Trump en masse voters, be better off this time…


I’m givin’ up our cities, police got to go away…

I’m givin’ up Dem run cities, police got to go away (I’ll dEfUnD them!)…

All this fussin’ (rioting) & fightin’ (violent asaults) “C’MON MAAAAN!”, you know I’ll sure let anarchists stay…

So business pack your leavin’ trunk, you know you’ve got to leave today (China is a nice free-market place to go)…

Just exactly where your job’s goin’, I cannot say (nor do I give a rat’s ass you greedy capitalist dog faced pony soldiers)

‘Cause, I’ll let ‘em leave the U.S.A. Emoji

It’s a brand new game, that the CCP (& Hunter) want to play…


No use on bannin’, or screenin’ and climbin, (The Wall will be comin’ down)

‘Cause you (‘illegals’) got a home (w/ free everything), as long as Bernie is ‘immigration czar’ of mine…

“WHITE HOUSE” #BigBeautifulConvention🏛😍👍

“WHITE HOUSE” #BigBeautifulConvention

(music by Jimi Hendrix)

Intro JIMI

There’s a White House over yonder…

That’s where my (RNC) convention’ll play…

Lord, there’s a White House over yonder…

That’s where my (RNC) convention’ll play…

I’ll make it home for a 2nd term baby, in 99 & one half days…

I still got my twitter, look out now

“NO-CONFIDENCE WOMAN” #NuttyNancyJustJealousOfDeborah’sScarfs🧣🤢

“NO-CONFIDENCE WOMAN” #NuttyNancyJustJealousOfDeborah’sScarfs

(music by The Jeff Healey Band)

Intro JEFFEmojiEmoji


Well, you lost me at the border when you crossed it (when you sided with Trump)..

Had your number baby, but I lost it (got my own ‘virus expert’, but he can’t throw a )..

I know you’re in love (w/ Trump), you just a flimflam..

No, you can’t pull your scarf over me..

‘Cause I’m a No-Confidence Woman…

I’m a squawkin’ old lady out for all of your money..

I can talk dumb girls (like you doctor), into calling me honey (agreeing with me)..

You can talk all you want babe (at his WH pressers), but I got crash plans (keep economy buried in virus lockdown) uh huh..

You’re a real soft touch(Trump fluzee)..

& I’m a No-Confidence Woman


“STAND FOR ME”🇺🇸👍 #OrGetTheHellOutOfTheCountry!

“STAND FOR ME”👍 #OrGetTheHellOutOfTheCountry!

(music by Ben E. King)

Intro ‘Stand-Tall-&-Proud’ Riff…


When their slight, has come (kneeling schmucks)🤤…

& the fans go dark😠 (stop going/tv channel change)👍…

& this move (knee during Anthem), is a lowly, swipe at me😖 (& everyone who has served for Liberty!)…

No I won’t, cease to wave…

No I won’t, cease to wave…

Just as long, as you (true patriots) stand, stand for me (thank U!)👍…

So players, (ungrateful) players!🤤…

Stand… for me…

Oh, stand, or leave…


Oh stand…

Stand for me…

Stand for me….

If these guys, that we look upon…

Should stumble & fall (to a knee)…

Or their foul mouths, should babble, disrespectfully🤤…

Fans say bye👋…

Say bye bye👋👋…

No they won’t, cred this smear😠…

Just as long, as they don’t, don’t stand for me…

So players (ungrateful) players!🤤…

Stand… for me…

Oh, stand, or leave…

Oh, stand now (tall & proud)Emoji

Stand for me…

Stand for me…

“9 9 9” #CainTrain🇺🇸👍

“9 9 9” #CainTrain👍

(music by Iron Maiden)



He stood alone (Capitalist Entrepreneur success amongst career politicos)…

His mind, it cranked (out American Exceptionalism)😉…

He needed no time to think, to get bad (Obama Hopey Change) memories, from our minds😖…

What did we see…

We can believe!…

That what we saw that nominee fight, was real and not just (Mitt Shit) fantasy…

9!.. 9!.. 9!..

The number of his (tax cut) feast🤑👍

Growth, and Free-Market fire, was spawned to be released!💪😉

“DISS ON MY (VP) LIST” #He’sMakin’AListHe’sCheckin’HerOutTwice😘😛

“DISS ON MY (VP) LIST” #He’sMakin’AListHe’sCheckin’HerOutTwice😘😛

(music by Hall & Oates)

-don’t hold grudgesEmoji
-pretty hotEmoji (esp for me)Emoji
-great respect for herEmoji
-tell the truthEmoji

My friends (handlers) wonder why I ball ‘bout you all of the time😭😰,

(get over it!) is what they say🙄…

But I don’t feel the need to let you, get away (with that debate beatdown)😖…

They think maybe with Veep help, oh, I will be alright👍 i’m ripe (for radicals)

& I’m just better off listening, to Bernie & AhOleC’s advice🤢🤮…

When they insist, on knowing my pick🤔…

I yell, that Bitch!😩…

When they want to know what the delay is…

It’s my style just to lie, but I tell them why – 🤫

Because your diss, your diss, is on my list📝..

Because you bitch, your diss,

I can’t forget😤 (it’s even interfering with my deep sleep)😴..

Because your diss is on my list, of the worst things (said about me) in my life😒….

Because your diss, your diss, is on my list📝..

Because you bitch, your diss I can’t forget😤..

Because your diss is why I slipped, Bernie almost turned out the lights🔥😵….





(music by Guns N’ Roses)

Intro SLASH🎸…

(‘You-Ain’t-Awake-Joe’ aka ‘CRYPT CREEPER’):

Take me down, to my Paradise Cellar..

Where my gaffes live stream🤤 but my girl’s (Jill) no dweller😢..

Keep!.. me!.. home!🛌💤💤

(Prez T – “Nov. won’t you please keep him home”)😉

Take me down, to my Paradise Cellar😍..

Where my gaffes live stream🤤 but my girl’s (Jill) no dweller😢..

Keep!.. me!.. home!🛌💤💤

(Prez T – “Nov. won’t you please keep him home”)😉

Yeah yeah Emoji

“SCHOOL’S OUT/IN” #Reading&Writing&Politics

“SCHOOL’S OUT/IN” #Reading&Writing&Politcs

(music by Alice Cooper)


(PRESIDENT TRUMP to lame Democrat Governors):

Well you got no choice..

All the girls & boys.. (get back to school!)

(parents) Makin’ all that noise😠..

‘Cause they wanna stay employed (get back to work!)


Well students can’t salute it..

Took down the flag👎..

‘Cause ‘Pledge’ don’t suit us..

America’s a drag😝 (we teach that)..

School’s!.. out, come autumn..

School’s!.. out, forever..

School’s… online in recess💻😑…


No more funding🤑👎

No more biased textbooks🤓👎..

No more Rad-Left teachers🤪👎..

Creepy Regressive kooks🤤 yeah👎..


Well, we won’t go back in class😒..

& we won’t listen to no principals😒..

& we rob kid’s innocence (keep ‘em home & virtually indoctrinated)🤪..

& don’t even think of funding police & charter school slime!😠..

School’s!.. out, come autumn..

School’s!.. out, forever..

Our school’s… online in recess💻😑…


No more funding🤑👎..

No more biased textbooks🤓👎..

No more Rad-Left teachers🤪👎..

Creepy Regressive kooks🤤👎..


Out all summer☀️👍..

Out this fall🎃👍..

We might not come back in-person at all!😁..

School’s!.. out, forever!..

School’s!.. out, come autumn!..

School’s!.. out, with fever😷🤒..

School’s!.. out, completely🤓

“KAYLEIGH” #NextBiasedIrrelevantGetTrumpQuestionPlease😇

“KAYLEIGH” #NextBiasedIrrelevantGetTrumpQuestionPlease😇

(music by Pure Prairie League)

I Never Dated Kayleigh McEnany – JDW


Bless for what you do🙏🏻…

They shrink😩…

Look small next to you…

Stop their vile🤮…

Speak out stronger like you do👍😉…

Trump's New Press Secretary Fits Right In | The Nation

(KAYLEIGH to Trump Deranged press worms):

Don’t you think the time is right for me to remind…

All the things you thought weren’t proper, turned out right in time (Trump economy, policies, opportunity, security etc)👍😉

& can you see (through your fog of hate)..

Which way we should turn together (Law & Order, Freedom & Justice etc),

Not disown (America for a marxist mob)🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️..

Fake-News never sees what’s right or what is wrong…

(zip it Jim Acosta, you’re babbling again)🤤

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany backs Trump's assault on  mail-in voting — even though she's been voting that way for a decade -  MarketWatch

Bless for what you do🙏🏻… (put up with these numbnuts)
They shrink😩…
Look small next to you…
Stop their vile🤮…
Speak out stronger, yes you do👍😉






“HELL SWELLS” #TrumpQuells💪😠👊🏻

“HELL SWELLS” #TrumpQuells💪😠👊🏻

(music by AC⚡️DC)



He’s rollin’ out thunder, a pourin’ on pain💥😖..

We comin’ on like a (Law & Order) hurricane🌪😠..

Like lightnin’ flashin’, slime paralyzed😒..

They bold-n-dumb, and they all will fry😵..

Aah, will take them prisoners, 10 years to life👍😉..

No Dem mayor even wanna put up a fight😖..

(they just wanna get gassed)😝

Oh, we’re gonna quell & they can all go to hell👹👍

We’re gonna hit ya, justice get ya!…

As, Hell Swells👺…

Yeah, Trump Quells👊🏻…

(he’s got Feds bringin’)

Hell Swells💩…

(our tolerance dry)

Trump Quells💪😠….

We’ll give you, bad sensations up & down your spine😩.. (kick/cancel your coward asses)

If you’re into evil, you’re no friend of mine👺👊🏻..

See our crime fight smashin’ as we split this blight👊🏻😩..

‘Cause it’s no good on The Left💩👎, so America’s stickin’ with The Right (Law & Order)👍…

Will take them prisoners, 10 years to life👍😉..

No Dem mayor even wanna put up a fight😖..

(they just wanna be gassed)😝

Oh, we’re gonna quell & they can all go to hell👹👍..

We’re gonna hit ya, justice get ya!…

Hell Swells👺…

Oh, Trump quells👊🏻…

(he’s got Feds bringin’)
Hell Swells💩…

(our tolerance dry)
Trump Quells💪😠….



Hell swells!…

Mob is comin’ for you!👹😳

Trump quells!…

He’s bringin’ ‘Law&Order’ now!👍😠

As, Hell swells!…

Their violence is high🔥👺

Trump quells!…

Scum paralyzed👊🏻😵

Hell swells!…

They’re tearin’ statues down👎😱

Trump quells!…

He’s bringin’ Feds to town💪😉

Hell swells!…

Gonna quit alright😰

Trump quells!…

Leads the way through the fight!👊🏻😠

Ow! ow! ow! ow!


“CHINA JOE” #BuildBeijingBetter

“CHINA JOE” #BuildBeijingBetter
(music by The Doobie Brothers)

“I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks.. but guess what, they’re not, they’re not competition for us”😴

More Joe Biden Memes! - thefunnyconservative

INTRO Emoji….

When the sun comes up on this sleepy little clown🤡💤

Down in-ground, cellar home..

& this joke is risin’ for another day 🛌 (after 40+yrs of💩)..

Round about his home (podcast teleprompter jibberish)🤤..

By the people (CCP) of the town (Beijing), he’s praised👍..

& he’s proud of his nickname (“Beijing Biden”)🤪….

Well, they’re talkin’ ‘bout that China Joe..
(‘talkin’ ’bout that china joe)..

wo ho ho!..

wo! schmoe!..

China Joe!😷

How Should Biden Handle China? - The Atlantic

Well, this creeper😒 and his teacher (Barry O),

Lord, no trade caution..

They are the toast (massive deficit) of the town (Beijing)👍

When the business gets to flyin’ (bye bye US manufacturing)..

& (no jobs) they ain’t lyin’ (“those manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back folks”)..

When our stocks go fallin’ down😞..

They say that his father orders beef chow mein (been livin’ on it in the basement)😋..

& dear mister Hunter’s yuan gain🤑👍….

Well, they talkin’ ‘bout that China Joe..
(talkin’ ’bout that china joe)

Quid Pro Quo!🤑

wo! ho!..

China Joe!😷

democrats are busy attacking Trump to distract you from Joe ...


& yesterday there’s our new virus comin’🦠..

1st wave from our oriental brew (wet market labs)🔬🦇..

Your President and his buddies, with their travel-ban sword..

You could really hear Joe’s anger at this slight😠…. (“that’s xenophobic, folks”)🤤

Ya know he played a part in our communist state.. (gave us ‘favored trade status’, built our economy through pro-China policies)

Xi Jinping knows he cares (Joe’s a very useful idiot)😉

Joe (& Hunter) just keeps on lookin’ up to the East🥰👍….


Hey Sleepy, WHERE’S HUNTER??

JUST IN]: Joe Biden BOMBSHELL – China Scandal Explodes | State ...

Talkin’ ’bout that China Joe
(talkin’ ’bout that china joe)

wo ho ho!..

wo! schmoe!🤤

China Joe!😷



“I GOT THE SHERIFFS” #Law&OrderPresident

“I GOT THE SHERIFFS” #Law&OrderPresident

(music by Eric Clapton)


I got the Sheriffs👮🏿‍♂️👍…

‘Cause I always root for Deputies💪😉…

I got the Sheriffs👮🏻‍♀️👍…

‘Cause I always root for Deputies💪😉…

All around, our big towns🏙..

They, tryin’ to burn them down🔥..

Mayors say, don’t want to reign in, not guilty🤤..

For the killing, of a deputy (& injuring hundreds)..

For the life, of a baby (& other innocent citizens)..

So I say😠…

I got the Sheriffs👮🏻‍♀️👍…

& I swear American defense💪😉…

I got the Sheriffs👮🏿‍♂️👍..

& I say riots are a National offense👊🏻😠…

“EMPTY SUIT MAN” #EmptyVesselTrojanHorse

“EMPTY SUIT MAN” #EmptyVesselTrojanHorse

(music by ZZ Top)



‘The SQUAD’🤮😫💩🤬


Clean slate..

(dismantle America)

New rules..

(sharia law)

& he don’t know what we are gonna do😏…


Law suits..

(against corporations)

Deny.. (it dies)

(fossil fuel production)

I don’t need a reason why😠…

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can,

‘Cause ev’ry Rad👺crazy ‘bout this Empty Suit Man😴👍…


Gold watch..

Diamond ring..

We ain’t leavin’ not a single thing😉…

(everything free at jewelry stores with a brick)👍


(police abandoned)

We’re in..

(occupied autonomous zones)

When we step out (DeBlasio sanctioned protests),

We’re gonna do ‘law & order’ in😳…

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can,

‘Cause ev’ry Rad👺crazy ‘bout this Empty Suit Man😴👍…


(BERNIE The ‘Cellar Dweller’ Puppet Master):

Stop growth..

(demonize wealth creation)

Top tax.. (ha ha)

(confiscate, redistribute)

& I don’t worry ‘cause 1% wallet’s fat🤑…

Back ways..

Unite love..

(let Joe plagiarize my marxist plan)😘

Lookin’ sharp, lookin’ for more gov😉…

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can,

‘Cause ev’ry Rad👺crazy ‘bout this Empty Suit Man😴👍…

“I’M FREE!”✌🏼

“I’M FREE!”✌🏼

(music by The Who)

I’m Free!..

I’m Free!..

& freedom, fate, my reality👍😉

(not the phony corrupt Mueller show)😝

I’m Free!..

I’m Free!..

No more waiting, for Trump, to pardon (commute) me👍😉

“NAMES” #CancelWokeFascistCulture

“NAMES” #CancelWokeFascistCulture

(music by Goo Goo Dolls)

Intro 🎸 riff…

And even though this moment ‘cancel culture’ kooks cry😩🤪,

We still can’t (never) give ‘em their way💪😠…

‘Cause all the dreams (AMERICAN) we never thought we’d lose,

They’d toss to get their way😫👎…

& statues that they never want to stand,

Get tossed & thrown away…

(into river, Pelosi – “oh well, people will do what they do”)🤪

& now they’re grown up ‘woke’ orphans🤤,

That never knew our ‘Founders’ names… (indoctrinated instead of educated)😞

They don’t know nothing ‘bout no one (except Leftist radicals)🤪

That’s a shame😞…

& we still drive, the ‘General Lee’…

Bo & Luke forever wild…

& I won’t let no one change ‘Skins’ name…

(‘Hail to the Redskins’)👍

& we won’t change our names😉

“Hail to the Redskins!.. Hail victory!.. Braves on the warpath!.. Fight for old D.C.!”



(music by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)


Hey hey hey hey hey Obama..

Look at the Little Sisters..

Out from under your birth control..

Prayin’ like this🙏🏻

Hey hey hey hey hey…

Look at the Little Sisters..

Hey hey hey hey hey…

Good for the Little Sisters👍



(music by The Beatles)

(Mayor Lightfoot a lightweight on law & order)Emoji



I tried to please somebody (not law abiding citizens)😖


Not just anybody (the anarchists)👺👍


& now I need someone (President Trump)😉


I never needed (or wanted) anybody’s help in any way (I’m a know-it-all Lib Dem)🤤

But now these days are gone, I’m not so self-assured (aka self-righteous hypocritical schmuck)🤤

Now I find, thugs (‘peaceful protesters’) commit more crime👹

After I opened up (‘anarchy zone’) the door😳 (no shit Sherlock)🙄


Help you, yes I can, you’re falling down (ruining our great cities!)😠

& you best appreciate, police bein’ ‘round (increase funding!)🤑

Help you, get your streets back (LAW & ORDER)💪 and abandoned ground (police precincts & city blocks)

Just say please.. please😲


(“just say pretty please with sugar on top”)

“COUNTRY – 4th of July, Mount Rushmore”

“COUNTRY – 4th of July, Mount Rushmore”

(music by Bruce ‘Snowflake’ Springsteen & the E Street Band)


Country, the fireworks are hailin’, over Mt. Rushmore tonight🎆…

Forcin’ our light (American Exceptionalism), into all those dumbass faces (anti-American marxist cupcakes)😫, left disbanded (from CHOP sewer) on this 4th of July👍👍…

Down in DC town the Congress’s full, of anarchist lovers🥰 so crass, so whiny, so not sharp😞…

As the mayors (Dem run cities) lay, down let looters have their way, on the sidewalks, way past dark👺…

& the RINO’s from the swampino, dance with their hearts open, to Liberal Looneys🤪 to love ‘em more😘…

Chasin’ round that, silly New York girl (AhOleC)🤮… (& her 💩Show Squad)…..


Our (Red White & Blue) aurora is flyin’ behind us👍…

Our pure might…


Our Capitalist life…

(Free Market opportunity, wealth creation)👍

For everyone!👍👍…


Love Lady Liberty’s🗽foresight…

& we’ll, Make America Great Again😉…

Ooh, Country (your example Rocks the world!)….

Now Antifa💩, they trash our streets,

& get busted, for creepin’ on our monuments and Rights👊🏻😠…

Just destroy is their gripe to heal, ah Country, their spin is so trite😝…

And Sleepy Joe😴, he never gets tired of hangin’ in his dingy basement, bangin’ ‘em out like a gaffe machine😜…

Droolin’ media hacks slow pitchin’ questions at press talk😉…

Where they all promise, not to be too mean😘…

& you know them tilt-a-polls, got me down with their skewed Dem drag🤥👎…

They “report” on it ev’ry night, & these hacks got caught (see 2016)😂🤣…

& that Joey🤪 kept on slippin’,

I didn’t think he’d, ever come up! (to debate)🤤….


Our (Red White & Blue) aurora is risin’ behind us👍…

Our pure might…

Our Capitalist life…


Now nothin’ outta reach, or sight, with new boss’s order…

Well Obama ain’t our boss no more, Country! (neither is Quid Pro Joe)🤑

Hey Country, the businesses, haven’t lost their desire for us…

I spoke bout’ ‘em just last night, and I said they set record job growth, like wild fire (June 4.8 million!), for us many more!👍

Every quarter, before the ChinaVirus got hot, they rise that growth (tax & regs) up to heaven😉 all these companies, they come back (magic wand found!) now don’t go (MADE IN USA)👍…

& you can see ‘em (trade deals) made so we star (America 1st)🤩, with all the deep deficit scars…

Stopped (tariffs), makin’ FAIR with our partners (USMCA)👍 or out of them we will go! (bye bye China)😉

Well, the cops finally busted, Antifa sleeze (monument vandals & church Feel The Berners😡), for yellin’ (& assaulting & killing) at citizens better than Cuomo & Dem mayors/govs do🥺 (Dem policies & nursing homes)👎…

Their street-chalk strife & freaks are through😖👍…

You know, we’re gonna rock this July 4th scene like we always do!🎸….


Our (Red White & Blue) aurora is wavin’ behind us…

Our pure might (LAW, ORDER & JUSTICE)…

Our Capitalist life (exceptional standard of living)…


Love (& cherish) Lady Liberty tonight🗽🥰

& she’ll promise, to love you forever, swear! (GIVE ME YOUR HUDDLED & LEGAL MASSES!)

Ooohh!… COUNTRY! we’re the standard for the world!.. how about it!EmojiEmoji

“SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” #TheCognitiveDissident🤤

“SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” #TheCognitiveDissident🤤

(music by KISS)

Sleepy Joe presser💤💤💤

(not exactly Loud-n-Proud))


Well, the race has begun, and you want some sun😎 (cellar-dweller)

Do you think you’re gonna nail it (think you gonna nail it)👎🤣

They got to treat yourself, like #1 (teeball questions in advance, fake polls),

Do you need to be reminded (why you’re there🤔what you’re doing🤔what to say🤔 script/prompter THERE TO BE REMINDED)🤤👍

It doesn’t matter what you do or say🤪 (no one takes you seriously anyway),

Or forget the things that you’ve been told (“you don’t have to do this, Joe”)…

AOC (Far Left Rad agenda) can’t do it any other way🙃

(newsflash Sleepy: you’re their Trojan horse)😑

Every bozo’s got to mail-in vote!….…

Shout it!🙁

Shout it!🤤

Shout it out loud!…

(You finally had a presser)💤💤💤

Shout it!😑

Shout it!🥺

Shout it out loud!…

(You finally held a presser)💤💤💤


“CIVIL WAR” #AmericanismVSRegressivism

“CIVIL WAR” #AmericanismVSRegressivism

(music by Guns N’ Roses)

“what we’ve got here is failure to cooperate, some dopes you just can’t reach, so you get what we’ve had here for weeks (years, decades), which is the way they want it, well, they get it!”EmojiEmoji


Hate, Hypocrisy, Bias, Control…


Look at these scum Dems slighting…

Look at Lib women denying…

Look at these scum Dems dividing…


Look at the hate Anarchists breeding…

Look at the fear Regressives feeding…

Look at the lies Left seeding


Our hands, try to tie!…

The billions drift to guide & bind🤑

& this war goes on with Fake-News (PMSNBC/CNN) brainwashed minds🤤

For our love of God😇 & our human rights (ALL Lives Matter!)

& all our traditions, they’d like swept aside😱

Back-stabbin’ hands, crime can’t deny…

& try wash away (Trump) campaign genocide (Obamagate political & criminal targeting abuse of power, Russia hoax witch-hunt)

& history won’t hide reasons why for our Civil War!…


Did you swear to back that band (of anarchists),

When they got the land (in Seattle from the mayor),

Who said, fleece (CHAZ/CHOP) should last forever👎

& with their “insurance policy”,

They shot (targeted Deep State coup) his presidency,

Now play dumb (Obama/Biden), as we learn & see (‘Obamagate’)😠

& we never fell for Bernie’s (Democratic-Socialism) scam🤤

(FEEL DA BERN😡 numbnuts!)🤣

‘T’ built The Wall👍

on border to enforce/protect for/us all (we want LEGAL immigration/we don’t want filthy drugs)

& we can’t trust our freedoms,

When it’s in the Left’s hands (see Dem run Sanctuary cities)😝

When all every (Anarchist/Occupy) maggot’s fightin’ for their “promised land” (CHAZ/CHOP)🤮💩…


We won’t cede this civil war!👊🏻😠…

They bleed the rich (demonize wealth creation), while they bury the poor (dependence & fear)😣🤫

These power hungry sellin’ (hate, racism, hypocrisy, entitlement) socialists, in their,

Human controlling store..


We don’t cede this civil war!👊🏻😠…

Ow.. oh no! no! no! no! no!💪


Look at the shoes they’re filling (Law Enforcement with social workers)🤪

Look at blood they’re spilling (kids killed in Chicago & CHOP)…

Look at the world that’s killing (ChinaVirus, W.H.O., Cuomo forcing seniors into infected nursing homes)😠


Look with no doubt they’re hollow (done nothing for decades in inner cities with crime & economic opportunity)👎👎

Look at the “leaders” they follow (O’Biden, Pelosi, Schumer)😢

Look at the lies they’ve swallowed (Russia Hoax, Obamagate etc)…


Our hands untied!👍 dereg, tax cuts, military rebuild, energy independence etc)😉

For all we’ve seen (Trump record growth in spite of extreme Dem targeting, hypocrisy & corruption), he unchained the (Obama) binds…

But still this war goes on as first term goes by,
Left’s no love for God (heritage, law & order etc) all that’s right..

But American Dream won’t be swept aside,
By filthy hands of the hypnotized (marxist sheeple)🤤

Who carry the cross of our nation’s suicide..

But history bears the scars (& BIG LEAGUE WINS)👍 in our civil war….

We don’t cede this civil war!👊🏻😠…
They bleed the rich, while they bury the poor…
These power hungry sellin’ Socialists, in their,
Human controlling store😝
We won’t cede this civil war!

(Repeat Chorus)

“What’s so civil ‘bout Dems (aka Anarchists) anyway🤔👎👎



(music by Joe Walsh)

(Try as they might, they can’t keep the MAGA Man down)👍



Well a good man’s gettin’ hard to find these days, but there’s still a few around.. 45👍

This whole world looks up (respects) to a good man (strong leader),

It’s hard to keep him down.. (just ask all those numbnut witch-hunters)🤣

So if you’re going out looking for the good, good times (record economy, security, employment etc)..

After Obama & Dems all turned out to be clowns👎🤡

Focus your attention, don’t forget to mention,

No don’t forget to mention that this boy just loves it when the fakers dish it out👊🏻😠 (Mike Tyson type counterpuncher)😵

Easy with these bums around🤤 (drooling Dems & their media mouths)🤮

& their witch-hunt ploys keep them busy for awhile, until this good man wins abound!👍 (& WE’RE NOT TIRED OF WINNING)😉

Well, y’all can yell & scream (TDS)😩😤

Treat him mean😠

Beat (tweet) him up with words..

Throw barbs in his face, you rave🤪..

Do this, (bow down & apologize) do that what Obama did😣

That’s where it’s at, anything so China/Iran gets their way😉

He don’t change his mood, America 1st! attitude👍 takes ‘Do Nothing Dems’ to the cleaners😠

Just because they’re steaming💩😤

Just because they’re hot😫

Just because all their toys (media hacks) start talking when he tweets his voice (Loud&Proud!)😉

Their temper tantrums😤ends up with them on the ground😩

They don’t mean nothin’ to this Good Man..

It’s hard to keep a good man down, (he pounds ‘em) down👊🏻down👊🏻down👊🏻down👊🏻…

Well it’s hard to keep this Good Man down😉

Go to war (phony witch-hunts)🤪

Slam doors😠

Have a fit😤

Throw shit😫

Use every dirty trick you’ve found😒…

(standard Democ🐀 operating procedure)


Just because all the rino’s😥 start shaking disses fly (racist, fascist, homophobe, xenophobe etc)🤭

Pathetic as they crawl on the ground😖…

Well, it’s hard to keep this good,

Hard to keep this good man down…

Yes it’s hard to keep this good man down😉

(but please keep trying cupcakes, it’s quite informative & entertaining!)😂🤣

“PROP HIM UP” #&Don’tAskHimAbout:

“PROP HIM UP” #&Don’tAskHimAbout:

(music by KISS)

Prop him up🤤, and don’t ask him🤫 about: his pandemic response, race relations record, foreign policy, Ukraine, Burisma, China, Logan Act😳


Yeah! yeah!…

(BACROCK HUSSEIN OBAMAGATE😒 to his corrupt media):

Don’t want to wait (mail-in vote today!) ‘til they (voters) know him better (putrid 40 plus yr political record)🤮…

His team’s just glad, no campaign-trail time together😁 (the honking geese are ok with the basement gaffes)🦆👍

All his life such a creep, all those times he tried to taste it (sniffed women’s hair)😛😘

There ain’t a reason on earth, my endorsement wasted😒

(“Joe, you don’t have to do this”)😴

It’s such a crime🤫 Hunter good to himself!🤑

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

Don’t!.. press!.. Joe!🤐

(He’s so gaffe prone now)🥴

Wake him up!😴

Wake him up!😴

Slee!…py!… Joe!💤💤💤
oo yeaah

Cover up!🤫

Cover up!🤫

Quid!… Pro!… Joe!🤑…

(“fire that prosecutor! come on! come on!)😠

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

(what state is he in?)🤔

He!… don’t!… know!😧…

He’d rather wait for an invitation (to come up out of the basement)🥺…

He’s gotta live like he’s on stay-cation (hunkered down)🤗

There’s something deep (stupidity)🤤 you can’t fix with money…

(fuck it up! he’ll fuck it up!)😠

“120 million have already died from covid”😵

“you ain’t Black!”🤤

Keep in deep freeze🥶 best believe me honey…

It’d be a crime to let him speak for himself!😱

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

Don’t!… press!… Joe!🤐…

(he thinks Jill’s his sister now)🥰

Set Flynn up!😒

Set Flynn up!😒

Strzok!… note!… shows!😉… oo yeaah

Felt her up!😘

Felt her up!😛

Ta!…ra!… groped!🤗😱

(c’mon👅 c’mon💋)

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

(what state is he in?)🤔

He!… don’t!… know!😧…

C’mon! (let’s go home Joe)…

He’s not alright now…Emoji

He’s never right now…Emoji

Ooo yeah.. ooo yeah…

Yeah yeah!…



“DESTROY! DEM CITIES” #TopDemLibRunCesspools💩🤮

“DESTROY! DEM CITIES” #TopDemLibRunCesspools💩🤮
(music by KISS)


Democ🐀 governed for decades:


I feel uptight (& unhinged)😤😫 on a Saturday night…

Nine o’clock, police precinct on fire the only light🔥

I praise this throng, and me out they threw😱

Anarchy strong, Antifa tells me what I got to do…

I got to,

Give up! (hide under my desk & blame Trump)

Everybody’s gonna trash the streets😠👍

Stand-down! (direct police to)

Everybody’s gonna in ‘autonomous/anarchist zones’ meet🤤👍

Ya gotta lose your mind😫😠😤 and destroy! Dem Cities (vandalize, loot, burn, tear down monuments, occupy blocks, assault, murder)…

Give up😞 (repeat)…

Stand-down😣 (repeat)…


Reactin’ late, thought we could wait (me & Andy left subway, schools & nursing homes wide open)😵

Ten o’clock, and I know I gotta clear the roads (stay indoors off the streets unless you are rioting & looting, or are my daughter)😉

First I blink (did nothing), then I stoke (fear & uncertainty)🤤

TV star 🤩, & try to put on day-time (presser) shows (like Andrew)🤤

Give up!

Every cop ain’t gonna walk their beat👍

Sit down!

Every student’s gonna stay in their seat😢….


Movin’ in fast (squatter occupiers)💩 doin’ CHAZ/CHOP jive🤪

Make cops leave, gotta give ‘em lots of space to grow (city core to garden & shoot people)

They look so good🤮 it’s so alive! (“street festival & summer of love”)😍💩🔥🥰

I praise my throng👺👍 displayin’ for all their Lib freakshow🤪


Give up! (your business & safety)

Every bozo’s gonna ‘Occupy’ our streets👍

I’m down!😉

With every anarchist I wanna meet-n-greet😘

ACE SpaceEmoji….

Gotta lose your snowflake minds & destroy, Capitol city🤯


Twelve o’clock, time to ROCK! (deface & burn St. John’s, pull down some monuments etc)👍

There’s that Trump ahead, he likes holdin’ bible high…

Oh my God, it’s BHAZ’s turn👍

I got to laugh, ‘cause I know chaos gonna thrive..


Give up!

Every budgets gonna Defund Police👍

Tear down! (all monuments)

Mess up!👺

Every monuments gonna hit the street👍

Burn down!🔥 (America)



(music by Jimi Hendrix)



(Black House Anarchist Zone)🦹🏻‍♂️🦹🏼‍♀️

There’s a ‘Black House’ over yonder… (Anarchist Zone)💩

That’s where anarchists stay👺…

Lord, there’s a ‘Black House’ over yonder…

That’s where those maggots play…

That ain’t no home for all these crazies,

We’ll have them cleaned out in less than a one half day👍😉

Wait a minute somethin’s wrong…

Their ropes won’t topple (Jackson monument, heritage) his lore…

Wait a minute somethin’s wrong…

(send in the troops)👊🏻

Their ropes won’t topple (Jackson monument, heritage) his lore😉…

I got a strong strong feelin’, their anarchist zone, won’t be there no more!😉



“THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT” #GoodLittleBuddingFascists

“THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT” #GoodLittleBuddingFascists

(music by The Who)


I don’t mind.. all the teens messin’ with his (BS MAGA) world🤪👍…

That’s fine.. I snow them all pretty well (America sucks! Socialism great)🤪👍…

‘Cause I know, this time we, must get online in this fight (grab up all his rally tix, maybe a twitter flash-mob)🤪👍…

Better tweet, I’m behind😉 fascist kids are alright!🤗…

The kids are alright!🤪👍…

Rally time.. they steal, we gotta get in his way🤪👍

‘TikTok’ slime🤮.. not go, just gotta take seats away🤪👍…

& I know, if I gloat, he’ll go out of his mind😠(“U just got ROCKED by teens!”)🤪…

Better tweet, I’m behind😉 fascist kids are alright!🤗…

The kids are alright!🤪👍…

(Little Junior Fascists)🤤🤤

We know if we don’t go, things would look not better for him (lots of empty seats)👩🏼‍🎤👨‍🎤😂

We had things planned, and our folks, let us mess with him (Dem Douche Steve Schmidt)🤪👍

These Snowflake kids are alright!🤪👍

(now we gotta teach ‘em ‘bout mail-in voter fraud!👍


“hey kiddos”,


(music by George Thorogood & the Destroyers)



I built 407 miles of border wall..

I got a MAGA make for a second time..

(Make America Great Again, AGAIN!)😉👍👍

A rebuilt house (historic economy) on the USA side (1st!)👍

& it’s a made out of American worker pride💪😁


Got a basement bedroom, Jill on top (she lives on upper floors, or is that my sister??)🤔

& I a ‘zoom’ out of, really dull (interviews really boring & offensive – YOU AIN’T BLACK!)🤤

Come on to my little talk, sit here baby (inside the circles taped on gym floor)😂🤣

& tell me who do you love??😴


Who do you love??😍


Now around the nation I use American workers quick (historic employment all groups)👍👍

Take it easy Biden, know he gave China firm grip (manufacturing, trade etc)😴

Who do you love??🥰

Who do you love??💪😍


I got America’s tombstone at hand (40 plus yr resume),

& a graveyard for us in mind (Globalist Douchebag)🤤

I’m almost 80 and I act (& speak) like I’m dying🤤😖

Who do you love??😴💤💤

Yeah, who do you love🤤💤💤

(2020 Electorate):

Ah, You’ll see who we love!😍😉



(music by The Allman Brothers Band)

‘Community Organized/Occupied Policing’👊🏻🤪



Woke up this mornnin’..

Had bad case of Blue Flu👮🏿‍♂️🤒..

Woke up this mornin’..

Had those ‘State Furlough Blues’ (derailing/no political support, defunding)😠

Well, I looked down the street at disorder (riot, looting, vandalism)👹, baby..

& business owners seemed to have them too!😵…

Well, my mayor cried & left me😢..

My gov’ner cried & left me😰..

‘CHOP’ ain’t good lookin’ baby🤮💩

Need someone strong of mind 💪😉👊🏻

I’m goin’ for “LAW & ORDER!”
Country, do you want to goEmoji

“I REMEMBER YOU!” #SoDoesCrookedHillary&AllHerFlakes🤯🤣

“I REMEMBER YOU” #SoDoesCrookedHillary&AllHerFlakes🤯🤣

(music by Skid Row)

JUNE 16, 2015

Image result for trump escalator

Remember yesterday…
Ridin’ down hand in hand🥰
M A G A letters how we’ll stand💪

Image result for trump escalator


(& Sleepy Joe will have a nightmare ride)😴😳🤣

“AUTONOMOUS (Anarchist) ZONE” #I’mOuttaHereMommy&Dad!🤤

“AUTONOMOUS (Anarchist) ZONE” #I’mOuttaHereMommy&Dad!🤤

(music by Golden Earring)


(Crazy Hallowed Asshole Zone)

“It’s really a special, peaceful safe-space”😂🤣


(Crazy Huddled Occupy Pukes)

“They’re really special Snowflakes”

Somewhere in his lowly parents basement bedroom there’s a sniveling TDS millenial starting to realize that anarchist mates have turned city blocks into home for him…

It’s 2 P.M. (the ‘woke’ just woke up)😴🤤

It’s 2 P.M. (it’s 2pm)

Parents ecstatic I’m gone (ecstatic I’m gone)😁😍

No sittin’ here watchin’ (Fake News CNN & PMSDNC)🤤

The fun🤡 let’s swarm (the fun, let’s swarm.. Mayor Jenny🤪says it’s like a ‘summer of love’ street festival)🥰🤬

Baby no cop protection, not tired of makin’ looney stances🤪….

Yeah, this new norm, thugs on the loose..👹

Sirens past perimeter edge..🚔

Wrapped up in stupid, all brain circuits are dead🤯

Will not vacate abode, my whole life lives in (occupies) a porta-potty frenzy💩 (dear mom, send toilet paper & slim jims)😩…

Woke🤤 I’m steppin’ into the Autonomous/AHole Zone👺…

Place is a funhouse🤡 feels right, always stoned😏…

My treason’s been approved under Loon (mayor)🤪 and (Leftie governor) star🤩…

Where can we all go (spread to state & nation), now that ain’t goin’ too far👍…

(Oh no no)😉


Soon you (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) will come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

Soon you (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) will come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

I’m crawlin’ down a gutter, destination known (to the ‘no cop co-op)🤮

Come across a protestor (passed out in their own vomit), on an old Obama-phone📞…

Can’t get no connection (Trump cut service in the Ahole zone)😒

Can’t get through (we need supplies: weed, cookies, weed, twinkies, weed)😫

Where R U?? (George Soros)

Well Trump’s military might weighs heavy on their liberal marxist minds🤤🤤

National Guard (& police dogs)🐕 not far outside the barricade line😳

When the hitmen (Trump’s soldier stormtroopers) come…

They know damn well (like Crooked Hillary)😰😤😫

They have been defeated😱

(TRUMP WINS AGAIN, Snowflakes!)💪😉

& he squeals,

Woke🤤 I’m steppin’ into the Autonomous/Anarchist/AHole Zone👺…

Place is a funhouse🤡 (like a street festival!)🤪 feels right, always stoned😏…

My treason’s been approved under Loon (mayor)🤪 and (Leftie governor) star🤩…

Where can we all go (spread to state & nation), now that ain’t goin’ too far👍…

(Oh no no)😉


Soon you will (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

Soon you will (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

When our “protest” hits your home😵…



“COPBUSTERS” #SeattleSnowflakeSloths❄️😩🤤

“COPBUSTERS” #SeattleSnowflakeSloths❄️😩🤤

(music by Ray Parker Jr.)


If there’s someone deranged (any Trump TDS hater)😤 in your neighborhood..

Who ya gonna call🤔

Copbusters?? (HELL NO!)😵

If there’s someone feared (violent criminal)😠

& it don’t look good😳

Who you gonna call🤔


I ain’t afraid of no flake👊🏻😂

I ain’t afraid if no sloth👊🏻🤣

If they’re trashin’ things (looting vandals)😒 blood runnin’ from brick to your head🤕

Who can you call🤔

Copbusters?? (HELL NO!)😵

A sex predator man😏 rapin’ women in their beds😳

Oh, who you gonna call🤔


I ain’t afraid of no sloth👊🏻🤣

I ain’t afraid of no flakeEmojiEmoji



“BACKIN’ BLACKS” #TrumpBacksAllColors🌈

“BACKIN’ BLACKS” #TrumpBacksAllColors🌈

(music by AC⚡️DC)



Backin’ Blacks!..

I bring jobs back! (record Black employment)👍😉

It’s been too long, time to shun Dem hacks👍

Yes I, let loose! from dependence noose!

That’s kept racism hangin’ around😣

I keep workin’ as their guy,

‘Cause it’s gettin’ their rise (Opportunity Zones)👍

Forget Dem purse! (welfare), surf this risin’ tide..

(a rising tide lifts all boats)⛵️

They got, new lives! (First Step Act)👍

Job highs!Emoji

Fundin’ ev’ry one of them (Black Colleges), & school-choice runnin’ wild!Emoji

‘Cause I back!👍…

Yes I back!💪…

Well I back!😉…

Yes I back!👍…

Well I, baaacck…. baaacck….

Well I’m backin’ Blacks!


“RE-IMAGINE” #ReimagineThisLeftieLoons🖕🏻

“RE-IMAGINE” #ReimagineThisLeftieLoonsEmoji
(music by John Lennon)

Intro Piano…


Reimagine there’s no police…

It’s easy if you try…

No laws, to hold us…

Around us only (unanswered 911) cries😫

Reimagine all the sheeple, kneeling😖 as we raid👺…

(dEfUnD THe pOliCe!)🤪

Reimagine there’s no countries (America)👍

Keep rioting, it’ll come true…

No borders to kill & die for (defending & crossing)…

All drugs & sex trafficking through😉

Reimagine all the sheeple, living life to least (gutter SOL)🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

Pew…eeeww…. Emoji

You may say, I’m a schemer…

But I’m not the only dumb dumb🤤🤤

I hope someday, you’ll join us.. (throwing bricks)

& the world will burn as one🌎🔥👍

Reimagine no possessions (private business, property etc)…

I wonder if you Capitalists can🤑

No need for wealth (creation) or profit (except for us “elites”)😉

A brotherhood of scam😏

Reimagine all the sheeple, bearing (the brunt of hurt) in the world🌍😖👍

(dEfUnD tHe miLiTaRy!)🤪

Pew…eeeww…. Emoji

You may say, I’m a schemer…

But I’m not the only scum bum🤤🤤

I hope someday, you’ll join us.. (throwing bricks)

& the world will burn as one🌏🔥👍

(DEfUnD LiBeRtY!)🗽👍

“VOTE” (Her Out Of My Woods!)

“VOTE” (Her Out Of My Woods!)

(mask hand-stitched by Sleepy Joe Biden)Emoji
(campfire tuneage by GG Sasquatch)Emoji


“MY KINDA GOV’NERS” (& Mayors)👍 # WhatStayIndoors?WhatSocialDistance?

“MY KINDA GOV’NERS” (& Mayors)👍 #WhatStayIndoors?WhatSocialDistance?

(music by Billy Squier)

INTRO Billy🎸.. .. ..


You left me runnin’ (lootin’ & pollutin’)👹🔥baby..

You let me do somethin’ (terrorize & destroy)👺🧨way beyond a curfew…

You let the tragic run free..

I deal the tragic when we, do what we do (my Antifa dirtbags riot / push anarchy)👍

& Bros (& comrade twisted sister Whitmer)…

I can’t loot (& pillage) without you for too long.. (Trump will identify & send military after us)😳

You allow this situation! (never let a good crisis go to waste)😉

You’re my kinda Gov’ners!…

My kinda Gov’ners!👍
My kinda Gov’ner….

My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’nerEmoji….

You keep me all protected🥰

You let me out (of jail) whenever, I’m taken down (by those racist pigs cops & then Joe Biden staffers put up my bail)🤑

You got, the Leftist Liberal notion baby..

I got the anarchist motion (violent/criminal rioting) maybe, I’ll stick around😉..

& Bros (& Twisted Sister)…

I can never doubt you, your love strong (for radicalism),

I can’t see (no commonsense) or reason!🤪 (“that’s me, twisted sister Whitmer in the blue”)

Your my kinda Gov’ners!👍

My kinda Gov’ners!…

My kinda Gov’ner!….

My kinda Gov’ners!Emoji
My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’ner….

When I come ‘round you never let down,

Shattered glass flies across the floors (& streets)👍

You stop police from comin’ down on me,

& I can’t ask for more.. (dEfUnD & DiSbAnD them too!)🤪

Rock ‘em, sock ‘em👊🏻😵
Baby you got me, riotin’ to the end😤😫

Berate ‘em, shake ‘em😠

baby you praise me, turn me loose again!👍🤪….

You got, my motor racin’ (& running down / driving over cops)..

I find your thoughts (& policy) embracin’, my every destructive move😉..

We want to set civil society reelin’😱

We want to make them feel the, way that freedom loving Americans should👎😞 (on their knees apologizing)

& Bros (& comrade Twisted Whitmer)🤪…

We been thinkin’ ‘bout violent capitalist overthrow for so long👍..

It’s our time to do it! (never let crisis go to waste)😉

You’re my kinda Gov’ners!😆

My kinda Gov’ners!..

My kinda Gov’ner!….

My kinda Gov’ners!👍

My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’ner…. Emoji

My kinda Gov’ner!…
My kinda Gov’ner!…
My kinda Gov’ner’sEmojiEmoji

(REPEAT CHORUS thru vandalism, lootings, beatings and killings in the streets & the nursing homes)EmojiEmoji

“NOT VERY GOOD PEOPLE” #10-15%Deplorable

“NOT VERY GOOD PEOPLE” #10-15%Deplorable
(music by Sly & the Family Stone)

Most times not right🤤 50 years I been wrong (& damn proud of that record)😊

I don’t believe, I snore all night long (but Jill does & keeps me in basement)🛌😴💤💤

The Republican, the Conservative, the Trump supporter, (anyone in a red hat) all them..

Makes no difference, that’s the group they’re in😝

They! (10-15%)…..

Not very good people😣👎 yeah yeah..

(at least Creepy Joe is more numerically specific than the other Deplorable)

They! (Leftist race-baiters and Marxists)…..
Not very good peopleEmojiEmoji


“WALK OF LIFE”⛪️📖🚶🏻‍♂️

“WALK OF LIFE”⛪️📖🚶🏻‍♂️

(music by Dire Straits)

Intro Riff…

Here comes Donny slingin’ an oldie goldie📖🙏🏻😇

Be Law & Order, country what I say!..

Here comes Donny sayin’ I’m goin’ walkin’,

Out White House front door, to St. John’s to pray⛪️🙏🏻..

He take the action, he gets in motion🚶🏻‍♂️,

Well, the boy don’t play😠

Dedication💪 devotion👍

Spurnin’ all this night slime🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️, he walks his way😉

He rights the wrong, out & about to the sweet little chapel⛪️..

He rights the wrong, out & about in the strife..

& he do the walk…

He do the walk for right…

Yeah, he do the walk of life🚶🏻‍♂️🙏🏻

“WE SEE YOU”😵 #ThxForShowingYourVerminSelves🎯

“WE SEE YOU”😵 #ThxForShowingYourVerminSelves🎯

(music by The Who)

see our: ‘RUMBLIN’ MIGHT’💪😉

(to be deployed against enemies foreign & domestic)

WE….. SEE U….

you you… crush you….

WE….. SEE U….

you you… crush you….

They broke up all the Soho doorways,

All policemen, called vile names😫

They say, we will come to your home tonight,

& then bust you up, won’t walk away..

Now pound ‘em back to their underground (sewers),

& tear gas breeze blew back their lice-infested hair😫

They’ll remember (some won’t) flyin’ live ammo around,

No more (anarchy) preachin’, best not dare🤫 (actually please do)👊🏻😉


you (dirtbags) you.. crush you!😵


you you.. you through!😳


“MY WAY” #CorruptAsHell

“MY WAY” #CorruptAsHell

(music by Paul Anka)


And now, the end is near…(Durham is putting a bow on it)🎁

& so I face, the final curtain😳 (pulled back on my admin of corruption)…

My friends (January 5th Oval Office Rats), Susan tried to clear (Inauguration Day cover our ass email)😒

She stated my case (“by the book!”), of which I’m guilty certain (‘OBAMAGATE’)😳

I’ve lived a life, that’s full (of Marxism)👍

I studied each, & every rule of radical way😉 (Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Rev Wright)

But more, much more than this…

I did it, My Way!… (Administration of scandal)😒


-Fast & Furious

-Eastern Europe missile shield dismantling


-Shovel Ready jobs

-Cash for Clunkers

-Occupy Wall St

-Black Panther poll stalking


-IRS Targeting

-Journalist spying

-Iraq cut & run


-Arab Spring



-Broken Red Lines

-isis JV team

-Nobel Peace PrizeEmoji
-Uranium One

-Crooked Hillary private server classified email trafficking & cover up

-Bo Bergdahl

-Gitmo detainee releases

-Israel election meddling

-Paris climate scam

-Iran nuke giveaway & billions in cash

-Lost energy production

-Extreme trade deficits
-Crony Capitalism
-Open Borders, Illegal Aliens

-Drug cartel, ms13 invasion

-Sanctuary cities

-Russian bogus dossier

-Targeting of & spying on Trump campaign

-Illegal unmasking & press leaking

-Trump Tower wire tapping

-FISA abuse

-Flynn entrapment

-Mueller Witch Hunt Hoax

Yes, all the time!..

I’m sure you knew…

That I bit off!..

More than I could chew (NO SHIT SHERLOCK)🙄

But through it all!..

There was no doubt!..

‘Low Info’s’ ate it up (Hopey Change)🤤🤤

& spit American-Exceptionalism out🤮

I embraced (& stoked) it all!..

& I stood tall (taking selfies)🤩

& did it, MY WAY!😉

“TOTAL ECLIPSE” #AFreshStart🇺🇸👍


(music by Air Supply)

From Obama Legacy👎 thru Crooked Hillary👎 thru Obamagate👎thru Witch Hunt & Impeachment Hoaxes👎 thru Chinese Virus Pandemic👎… A TOTAL TRUMP ECLIPSE💪😉

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then we got a little hit by phonies,

& now we’re comin’ back ‘round👍

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then we got a little bit tired of listening to the sound of their tears😫😢😤(TDS)

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then Obama is a little bit nervous that his best shot at me over last three years has gone awry😳

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then they (Comey, Brennan, McCabe etc) get a little bit terrified when they see the look in Durham’s eyesEmojiEmoji

Turned it around, their lies…Emoji

Every now and then their schemes fall apartEmoji

Turned it around, their demise… (not mine)Emoji

Every now and then I take them apart… (KICK THEIR ASS)Emoji

And we need the truth tonight!…

And we need justice more than ever…

And if you all vote for me twice…

We’ll keep making America great forever!Emoji

And we’ll always keep making things right (MADE IN USA)

‘Cause we’ll never go wrong,

Together we can take it, and in the end thrive!Emoji

Our gov was like a swamp, spying on me all of the time… (ALL of the time!… pre & post election!)

I sure know what to do, and I’m always gonna bark (defend!)…

We were livin’ with a power grab (Obama ‘fundamental transformation’ of America), and going real dark😵

I really reset things right! (& I’LL DO IT AGAIN)Emoji

Forever’s gonna restart tonight (rebuild economy, law-order-justice, health care & safety etc)…

Forever’s gonna be our fight! (Liberty & Freedom)🗽

Once upon a time we were falling because of gov💔😢

But now we’re reinstalling our heart❤️😁

There’s so much I can do (and redo!)👍

A Total Eclipse (of these maladies), a fresh start😉

Once upon a time there were blights in our lives… (see above header)Emoji

But now there’s only love & a lot of heart❤️💪

So much we can do (American Exceptionalism)

A Total Eclipse, a fresh start!💪😉👍



(music by ELVIS)👑

Return To Sender…

Return To Sender…

I gave my ballots to the postman..
He put ‘em in his sack..
Bright & early next mornin’..
He brought my ballots back..


Return To Sender!..
Citizenship unknown!..
No such persons!.. (no registrations, deceased, underage etc)
No such (voter) rolls🗳!..

We had a quarrel..
A process spat..
I send in early, but my ballots keep comin’ back!😒

(REQUIRED: MAIL IN PHOTO ID w/ BALLOT.. no mask or shades allowed!)EmojiEmojiEmoji