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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833


(music by Wham!)


You put the doom doom into my heart.. boo! boo!😳 (12 yrs left to live on planet Earth)
You send my taxes sky high when your governin’ starts.. ($$$$$$$$$ Green New Deal)
Litterbugs (Oil&Coal Industries) indoctrinated into youth brains.. yeah yeah
Guns go a bang-bang-bang and police (to minorites) do the same..

Anthem’s buggin’ me, standin’ ain’t right..
My (Union) teacher told me ditchin’ class to protest is alright..
Left is creepin’, social-justice cred..
The Squad is schemin’, but we should’ve had Socialism (not Capitalism) instead!…..

Wake me up, so I am woke-woke..
Don’t leave Trans-people hangin’ (in the wrong bathroom) when they gotta go-go💩

Wake me up, so I am woke-woke..
Don’t wanna miss it when illegal border crossings hit new highs👍

Wake me up, and now I’m woke-woke..
‘Cause I’m not plannin’ on protestin’ ICE solo..

Wake me up, and now I’m woke-woke..
Aaaahh.. make gun (& tomahawk chop) bannin’ alright…..

I want fossil fuels to go bye!……
(Green New Deal yeah! yeah!)


“JUMP” #BackUpOnTheStump!

“JUMP” #BackUpOnTheStump!
(music by Van Halen)


Intro Keyboard (WATERBOARD HER!) Riff…..

Won’t give up!… (I’m Baaaaacck!)

Even though I took a beatdown…
(I won the ‘popular vote’, but I’m just not popular.. & the Electoral College is ‘Deplorable’)

& Trump talks tough…

& my book/appearance tours have all shut down.. (as dried up as Bill after an Epstein Isle visit)

& I know! (heavy duty therapy, cases of wine, woods walks w/ Sasquatch)…

Buttercups, just how you all feel…

We got to poll, poll, poll, more fake-news hunches…

But this time, just steal!Emoji

A can’t you see me standin’ there (handlers have her propped up), I got my back against the votin’ machine!…

I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen… (pretty close, but we’ve seen Beto eating dirt)Emoji

A can’t you just overlook all that I delete?!….

I, might as well, JUMP! (back into the fray) jump!…

Might as well stump! (I never stopped campaign whining past 3 yrs)…

Go ahead, and Jump! (“don’t tempt me”) stump!

I’ve always been ahead of that Trump!Emoji

So can’t you see me standin’ there (propped up after falling down), I got my back against the votin’ machine….

I ain’t the worst that you’ve seen… (we’ve had to listen to Spartacus & DeBlasio)Emoji

A can’t you overlook all my self-enrichment schemes?! (Uranium Quid Pro Ho)Emoji


I MIGHT AS WELL JUMP back in!……..

(& BERN Fauxcahontas this time)Emoji

“MAJOR CON” aka Lyin’ Liz #UnemployedPregnantIndianPrincess

“MAJOR CON” aka Lyin’ Liz #UnemployedPregnantIndianPrincess

(music by David Bowie)


Intro Acoustic Guitar….


Ground-control to Major Con….

Ground-control to Major Con….

Don’t take your birth control pills and play the victim card….

Ground-control to Major Con….


Commencing wealth put down, class war on…

5….4….3….2….1…..mask off!

Stoke division, and may socialist dream come true!……..

This is ground-control to Major Con…

You’ve really made the (center of debate) stage…

& the Native (Americans) want to know whose head-dress you wear…
Now it’s time to leave your phony heritage (disable account) if you dare!…Emoji
(& embrace your white-girl-privilege)

This is Major Con to (fake-news-flow) ground control…
I’m stepping up class-war…
& I’m fighting in a Saul Alinsky (Rules For Rads) way…
And our country will look very different, (socialist) foray!Emoji
(see Venezuela)

Cold beer!… am I streaming from my home cam…

(my income) Far!… above 99% of the world…

Planet Earth ain’t blue (black w/ 12 yrs left),

& there’s no one, Biden’s through Emoji

Voters should fear you (Marxist Nut), Major Con!…

Voters, steer clear of Major Con!…

Voters don’t want to hear your BS lies, Major Con!…

Voters, don’t chug beer with Major Con!…

“HEY JOE” #QuidProSchmoe🤤

“HEY JOE” #QuidProSchmoe🤤

(music by Jimi Hendrix)

Intro JIMI Riff🎸

Hey.. Joe…

Where you (& Sleepy Junior) goin’ with that, sum💵 in your hands🤗…

Hey.. Schmoes🤤…

Trump said,

“a where’d that prosecutor go? he all done, was your plan”👎…


“Lead goin’ down to Indian lady..

They caught me messin’ ‘round with some other lands” (Ukraine, China etc)…

“My lead goin’ down to that Pocahontas crazy🤪..

Ya know they caught me (& junior) messin’ ‘round with some other lands”🤥😣


“The Biden’s are Stone Cold Crooked!”..

“HERE I GO AGAIN” #StorytimeWithLiddle’LowLifeAdumbSchiff👀

“HERE I GO AGAIN” #StorytimeWithLiddle’LowLifeAdumbSchiff👀

(music by Whitesnake)



No I don’t know, where this is goin’… (hopefully impeachment)🤔

But I sure know where I’ve been… (humiliated by Russia nothingburger)😖

Hangin’ on the (scripted whistle-blower) promises,

& the wrongs of yesterday (I have Russia collusion evidence!)…

‘Cause I’ve made up this (another) crime😉…

I ain’t wastin’ no more time (move inquiry at warp-speed instead of 2 yrs)…

Here I go again…..🤤

Here I go again🤥…..

Though I keep searchin’ for an action (criminal)🧐

Never seem to find what I’m lookin’ for… (so I’ll just make it up & read to Congress)🤥

Oh Lord, I pray to give me no shame, to carry on…

‘Cause I know what it means…

To stumble along, with lowly conspiracy themes!🤪…..

Here I go again, not alone! (I have a House full of Democ🐀’s)…

Goin’ down the only road, we’ve ever known!… (Impeach 45! Impeach 45!)😫

Like a tipster, I was forewarned ‘bout this big load💩 (I helped write ‘Dirty Dossier Redux’ aka whistle-blower complaint)📝🤫

& I’ve made up this (another) crime…

I’ll keep wastin’ American’s time🙄☹️…..

Shifty✏️ meet Treason😳

“SECOND-HAND (FAKE) NEWS” #Whistle’HotAir’Blower🤤

“SECOND-HAND (FAKE) NEWS” #Whistle’HotAir’Blower

(music by Fleetwood Mac)



I know.. had nothin’ to say..

Someone.. has taken my place.. (another witch hunter)

When crimes go bad.. (hoax collapses)😖

When times get rough.. (hoax boomerangs)😳

We just stay on down in our swamp grass,

& keep on doin’ our stuff.. (targeting, fabricating, spying, leaking etc)😉

(BS Blower):

I know… I got nothin’ on you..

But I know… there’s somethin’ to do.. (file a dirty deep state scripted bogus report)👍

When crimes go bad.. (hoax collapses)😖

& we can’t get enough.. (zero evidence)🤔

We just stay on down in our swamp grass,

& keep on doin’ our stuff.. (Impeach 45! Impeach 45!)

(The SQUAD of Dirty Dog MF’ers):

Do it! do it! do it!🤤

Bow.. bow.. bow.. bow bow bow.. bow.. bow.. bow.. bow bow.. bow…… Emoji


One thing.. I think you should know.. (& probably conceal)🤫

I ain’t.. gonna give you first-hand quote..

Been down (on Trump) so long.. (Deep State biased hater)

Report’s been tossed around enough.. (scripted & edited to target & deceive)

Aw couldn’t I just keep my head down,

& let Pencil Neck Schiff do his stuff.. (lead inquiry & investigation charade)


I know.. you were hopin’ to find..

But I’m someone.. who’s gonna give you a piece of my mind.. (expose so voters fire your corrupt asses!)😠

When your crimes go bad (boomerang on your corrupt head)..
When your crimes get stuffed (down your throats – debunked Russia, Recession, Racist, Ukraine, Kavanuagh etc Hoaxes)..
I’m gonna keep drainin’ ya down in your swamp grass,
& show off all your dirty stuff!

I’m Doin’ It!….


I’m just second-hand (fake) news..

I’m just 2nd (or 3rd) hand fake news!….


I’m just second-hand (fake) news..

I’m just 2nd (or 4th) hand fake news!….


I’m just second-hand (fake) news..
I’m just 2nd (or 5th) hand fake news!….


“HAVE YOU EVER FLEECED UKRAINE??” (& China) #DumbassQuestion

“HAVE YOU EVER FLEECED UKRAINE??” (& China) #DumbassQuestion

(music by CCR)

Someone told ‘em (all of us) long ago… (actually it was dumbass Sleepy Joe😴bragging on video🤤):

“If he’s not canned, before I go”… (in 6 hrs)

“Just know!”…

“No aid be comin’ for sometime”…👎

“When it’s over, son-of-a-bitch”, I say…

Gone away (prosecutor), & big pay day 💵…

Quid Pro Joe!…

Flowin’ in like water…..

(50K monthly to Sleepy Junior)🤑

I.. wanna know..

Have you ever fleeced Ukraine?🤔… (& China)

I.. wanna know..

Have you ever fleeced Ukraine?🤔… (& China)

Shuttin’ down (Burisma investigation), and a big pay day😉…..


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