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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

“STAND FOR ME”🇺🇸👍 #OrGetTheHellOutOfTheCountry!

“STAND FOR ME”👍 #OrGetTheHellOutOfTheCountry!

(music by Ben E. King)

Intro ‘Stand-Tall-&-Proud’ Riff…


When their slight, has come (kneeling schmucks)🤤…

& the fans go dark😠 (stop going/tv channel change)👍…

& this move (knee during Anthem), is a lowly, swipe at me😖 (& everyone who has served for Liberty!)…

No I won’t, cease to wave…

No I won’t, cease to wave…

Just as long, as you (true patriots) stand, stand for me (thank U!)👍…

So players, (ungrateful) players!🤤…

Stand… for me…

Oh, stand, or leave…


Oh stand…

Stand for me…

Stand for me….

If these guys, that we look upon…

Should stumble & fall (to a knee)…

Or their foul mouths, should babble, disrespectfully🤤…

Fans say bye👋…

Say bye bye👋👋…

No they won’t, cred this smear😠…

Just as long, as they don’t, don’t stand for me…

So players (ungrateful) players!🤤…

Stand… for me…

Oh, stand, or leave…

Oh, stand now (tall & proud)Emoji

Stand for me…

Stand for me…

“9 9 9” #CainTrain🇺🇸👍

“9 9 9” #CainTrain👍

(music by Iron Maiden)



He stood alone (Capitalist Entrepreneur success amongst career politicos)…

His mind, it cranked (out American Exceptionalism)😉…

He needed no time to think, to get bad (Obama Hopey Change) memories, from our minds😖…

What did we see…

We can believe!…

That what we saw that nominee fight, was real and not just (Mitt Shit) fantasy…

9!.. 9!.. 9!..

The number of his (tax cut) feast🤑👍

Growth, and Free-Market fire, was spawned to be released!💪😉

“DISS ON MY (VP) LIST” #He’sMakin’AListHe’sCheckin’HerOutTwice😘😛

“DISS ON MY (VP) LIST” #He’sMakin’AListHe’sCheckin’HerOutTwice😘😛

(music by Hall & Oates)

-don’t hold grudgesEmoji
-pretty hotEmoji (esp for me)Emoji
-great respect for herEmoji
-tell the truthEmoji

My friends (handlers) wonder why I ball ‘bout you all of the time😭😰,

(get over it!) is what they say🙄…

But I don’t feel the need to let you, get away (with that debate beatdown)😖…

They think maybe with Veep help, oh, I will be alright👍 i’m ripe (for radicals)

& I’m just better off listening, to Bernie & AhOleC’s advice🤢🤮…

When they insist, on knowing my pick🤔…

I yell, that Bitch!😩…

When they want to know what the delay is…

It’s my style just to lie, but I tell them why – 🤫

Because your diss, your diss, is on my list📝..

Because you bitch, your diss,

I can’t forget😤 (it’s even interfering with my deep sleep)😴..

Because your diss is on my list, of the worst things (said about me) in my life😒….

Because your diss, your diss, is on my list📝..

Because you bitch, your diss I can’t forget😤..

Because your diss is why I slipped, Bernie almost turned out the lights🔥😵….





(music by Guns N’ Roses)

Intro SLASH🎸…

(‘You-Ain’t-Awake-Joe’ aka ‘CRYPT CREEPER’):

Take me down, to my Paradise Cellar..

Where my gaffes live stream🤤 but my girl’s (Jill) no dweller😢..

Keep!.. me!.. home!🛌💤💤

(Prez T – “Nov. won’t you please keep him home”)😉

Take me down, to my Paradise Cellar😍..

Where my gaffes live stream🤤 but my girl’s (Jill) no dweller😢..

Keep!.. me!.. home!🛌💤💤

(Prez T – “Nov. won’t you please keep him home”)😉

Yeah yeah Emoji

“SCHOOL’S OUT/IN” #Reading&Writing&Politics

“SCHOOL’S OUT/IN” #Reading&Writing&Politcs

(music by Alice Cooper)


(PRESIDENT TRUMP to lame Democrat Governors):

Well you got no choice..

All the girls & boys.. (get back to school!)

(parents) Makin’ all that noise😠..

‘Cause they wanna stay employed (get back to work!)


Well students can’t salute it..

Took down the flag👎..

‘Cause ‘Pledge’ don’t suit us..

America’s a drag😝 (we teach that)..

School’s!.. out, come autumn..

School’s!.. out, forever..

School’s… online in recess💻😑…


No more funding🤑👎

No more biased textbooks🤓👎..

No more Rad-Left teachers🤪👎..

Creepy Regressive kooks🤤 yeah👎..


Well, we won’t go back in class😒..

& we won’t listen to no principals😒..

& we rob kid’s innocence (keep ‘em home & virtually indoctrinated)🤪..

& don’t even think of funding police & charter school slime!😠..

School’s!.. out, come autumn..

School’s!.. out, forever..

Our school’s… online in recess💻😑…


No more funding🤑👎..

No more biased textbooks🤓👎..

No more Rad-Left teachers🤪👎..

Creepy Regressive kooks🤤👎..


Out all summer☀️👍..

Out this fall🎃👍..

We might not come back in-person at all!😁..

School’s!.. out, forever!..

School’s!.. out, come autumn!..

School’s!.. out, with fever😷🤒..

School’s!.. out, completely🤓

“KAYLEIGH” #NextBiasedIrrelevantGetTrumpQuestionPlease😇

“KAYLEIGH” #NextBiasedIrrelevantGetTrumpQuestionPlease😇

(music by Pure Prairie League)

I Never Dated Kayleigh McEnany – JDW


Bless for what you do🙏🏻…

They shrink😩…

Look small next to you…

Stop their vile🤮…

Speak out stronger like you do👍😉…

Trump's New Press Secretary Fits Right In | The Nation

(KAYLEIGH to Trump Deranged press worms):

Don’t you think the time is right for me to remind…

All the things you thought weren’t proper, turned out right in time (Trump economy, policies, opportunity, security etc)👍😉

& can you see (through your fog of hate)..

Which way we should turn together (Law & Order, Freedom & Justice etc),

Not disown (America for a marxist mob)🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️..

Fake-News never sees what’s right or what is wrong…

(zip it Jim Acosta, you’re babbling again)🤤

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany backs Trump's assault on  mail-in voting — even though she's been voting that way for a decade -  MarketWatch

Bless for what you do🙏🏻… (put up with these numbnuts)
They shrink😩…
Look small next to you…
Stop their vile🤮…
Speak out stronger, yes you do👍😉






“HELL SWELLS” #TrumpQuells💪😠👊🏻

“HELL SWELLS” #TrumpQuells💪😠👊🏻

(music by AC⚡️DC)



He’s rollin’ out thunder, a pourin’ on pain💥😖..

We comin’ on like a (Law & Order) hurricane🌪😠..

Like lightnin’ flashin’, slime paralyzed😒..

They bold-n-dumb, and they all will fry😵..

Aah, will take them prisoners, 10 years to life👍😉..

No Dem mayor even wanna put up a fight😖..

(they just wanna get gassed)😝

Oh, we’re gonna quell & they can all go to hell👹👍

We’re gonna hit ya, justice get ya!…

As, Hell Swells👺…

Yeah, Trump Quells👊🏻…

(he’s got Feds bringin’)

Hell Swells💩…

(our tolerance dry)

Trump Quells💪😠….

We’ll give you, bad sensations up & down your spine😩.. (kick/cancel your coward asses)

If you’re into evil, you’re no friend of mine👺👊🏻..

See our crime fight smashin’ as we split this blight👊🏻😩..

‘Cause it’s no good on The Left💩👎, so America’s stickin’ with The Right (Law & Order)👍…

Will take them prisoners, 10 years to life👍😉..

No Dem mayor even wanna put up a fight😖..

(they just wanna be gassed)😝

Oh, we’re gonna quell & they can all go to hell👹👍..

We’re gonna hit ya, justice get ya!…

Hell Swells👺…

Oh, Trump quells👊🏻…

(he’s got Feds bringin’)
Hell Swells💩…

(our tolerance dry)
Trump Quells💪😠….



Hell swells!…

Mob is comin’ for you!👹😳

Trump quells!…

He’s bringin’ ‘Law&Order’ now!👍😠

As, Hell swells!…

Their violence is high🔥👺

Trump quells!…

Scum paralyzed👊🏻😵

Hell swells!…

They’re tearin’ statues down👎😱

Trump quells!…

He’s bringin’ Feds to town💪😉

Hell swells!…

Gonna quit alright😰

Trump quells!…

Leads the way through the fight!👊🏻😠

Ow! ow! ow! ow!


“CHINA JOE” #BuildBeijingBetter

“CHINA JOE” #BuildBeijingBetter
(music by The Doobie Brothers)

“I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks.. but guess what, they’re not, they’re not competition for us”😴

More Joe Biden Memes! - thefunnyconservative

INTRO Emoji….

When the sun comes up on this sleepy little clown🤡💤

Down in-ground, cellar home..

& this joke is risin’ for another day 🛌 (after 40+yrs of💩)..

Round about his home (podcast teleprompter jibberish)🤤..

By the people (CCP) of the town (Beijing), he’s praised👍..

& he’s proud of his nickname (“Beijing Biden”)🤪….

Well, they’re talkin’ ‘bout that China Joe..
(‘talkin’ ’bout that china joe)..

wo ho ho!..

wo! schmoe!..

China Joe!😷

How Should Biden Handle China? - The Atlantic

Well, this creeper😒 and his teacher (Barry O),

Lord, no trade caution..

They are the toast (massive deficit) of the town (Beijing)👍

When the business gets to flyin’ (bye bye US manufacturing)..

& (no jobs) they ain’t lyin’ (“those manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back folks”)..

When our stocks go fallin’ down😞..

They say that his father orders beef chow mein (been livin’ on it in the basement)😋..

& dear mister Hunter’s yuan gain🤑👍….

Well, they talkin’ ‘bout that China Joe..
(talkin’ ’bout that china joe)

Quid Pro Quo!🤑

wo! ho!..

China Joe!😷

democrats are busy attacking Trump to distract you from Joe ...


& yesterday there’s our new virus comin’🦠..

1st wave from our oriental brew (wet market labs)🔬🦇..

Your President and his buddies, with their travel-ban sword..

You could really hear Joe’s anger at this slight😠…. (“that’s xenophobic, folks”)🤤

Ya know he played a part in our communist state.. (gave us ‘favored trade status’, built our economy through pro-China policies)

Xi Jinping knows he cares (Joe’s a very useful idiot)😉

Joe (& Hunter) just keeps on lookin’ up to the East🥰👍….


Hey Sleepy, WHERE’S HUNTER??

JUST IN]: Joe Biden BOMBSHELL – China Scandal Explodes | State ...

Talkin’ ’bout that China Joe
(talkin’ ’bout that china joe)

wo ho ho!..

wo! schmoe!🤤

China Joe!😷



“I GOT THE SHERIFFS” #Law&OrderPresident

“I GOT THE SHERIFFS” #Law&OrderPresident

(music by Eric Clapton)


I got the Sheriffs👮🏿‍♂️👍…

‘Cause I always root for Deputies💪😉…

I got the Sheriffs👮🏻‍♀️👍…

‘Cause I always root for Deputies💪😉…

All around, our big towns🏙..

They, tryin’ to burn them down🔥..

Mayors say, don’t want to reign in, not guilty🤤..

For the killing, of a deputy (& injuring hundreds)..

For the life, of a baby (& other innocent citizens)..

So I say😠…

I got the Sheriffs👮🏻‍♀️👍…

& I swear American defense💪😉…

I got the Sheriffs👮🏿‍♂️👍..

& I say riots are a National offense👊🏻😠…

“EMPTY SUIT MAN” #EmptyVesselTrojanHorse

“EMPTY SUIT MAN” #EmptyVesselTrojanHorse

(music by ZZ Top)



‘The SQUAD’🤮😫💩🤬


Clean slate..

(dismantle America)

New rules..

(sharia law)

& he don’t know what we are gonna do😏…


Law suits..

(against corporations)

Deny.. (it dies)

(fossil fuel production)

I don’t need a reason why😠…

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can,

‘Cause ev’ry Rad👺crazy ‘bout this Empty Suit Man😴👍…


Gold watch..

Diamond ring..

We ain’t leavin’ not a single thing😉…

(everything free at jewelry stores with a brick)👍


(police abandoned)

We’re in..

(occupied autonomous zones)

When we step out (DeBlasio sanctioned protests),

We’re gonna do ‘law & order’ in😳…

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can,

‘Cause ev’ry Rad👺crazy ‘bout this Empty Suit Man😴👍…


(BERNIE The ‘Cellar Dweller’ Puppet Master):

Stop growth..

(demonize wealth creation)

Top tax.. (ha ha)

(confiscate, redistribute)

& I don’t worry ‘cause 1% wallet’s fat🤑…

Back ways..

Unite love..

(let Joe plagiarize my marxist plan)😘

Lookin’ sharp, lookin’ for more gov😉…

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can,

‘Cause ev’ry Rad👺crazy ‘bout this Empty Suit Man😴👍…

“I’M FREE!”✌🏼

“I’M FREE!”✌🏼

(music by The Who)

I’m Free!..

I’m Free!..

& freedom, fate, my reality👍😉

(not the phony corrupt Mueller show)😝

I’m Free!..

I’m Free!..

No more waiting, for Trump, to pardon (commute) me👍😉

“NAMES” #CancelWokeFascistCulture

“NAMES” #CancelWokeFascistCulture

(music by Goo Goo Dolls)

Intro 🎸 riff…

And even though this moment ‘cancel culture’ kooks cry😩🤪,

We still can’t (never) give ‘em their way💪😠…

‘Cause all the dreams (AMERICAN) we never thought we’d lose,

They’d toss to get their way😫👎…

& statues that they never want to stand,

Get tossed & thrown away…

(into river, Pelosi – “oh well, people will do what they do”)🤪

& now they’re grown up ‘woke’ orphans🤤,

That never knew our ‘Founders’ names… (indoctrinated instead of educated)😞

They don’t know nothing ‘bout no one (except Leftist radicals)🤪

That’s a shame😞…

& we still drive, the ‘General Lee’…

Bo & Luke forever wild…

& I won’t let no one change ‘Skins’ name…

(‘Hail to the Redskins’)👍

& we won’t change our names😉

“Hail to the Redskins!.. Hail victory!.. Braves on the warpath!.. Fight for old D.C.!”



(music by Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble)


Hey hey hey hey hey Obama..

Look at the Little Sisters..

Out from under your birth control..

Prayin’ like this🙏🏻

Hey hey hey hey hey…

Look at the Little Sisters..

Hey hey hey hey hey…

Good for the Little Sisters👍



(music by The Beatles)

(Mayor Lightfoot a lightweight on law & order)Emoji



I tried to please somebody (not law abiding citizens)😖


Not just anybody (the anarchists)👺👍


& now I need someone (President Trump)😉


I never needed (or wanted) anybody’s help in any way (I’m a know-it-all Lib Dem)🤤

But now these days are gone, I’m not so self-assured (aka self-righteous hypocritical schmuck)🤤

Now I find, thugs (‘peaceful protesters’) commit more crime👹

After I opened up (‘anarchy zone’) the door😳 (no shit Sherlock)🙄


Help you, yes I can, you’re falling down (ruining our great cities!)😠

& you best appreciate, police bein’ ‘round (increase funding!)🤑

Help you, get your streets back (LAW & ORDER)💪 and abandoned ground (police precincts & city blocks)

Just say please.. please😲


(“just say pretty please with sugar on top”)

“COUNTRY – 4th of July, Mount Rushmore”

“COUNTRY – 4th of July, Mount Rushmore”

(music by Bruce ‘Snowflake’ Springsteen & the E Street Band)


Country, the fireworks are hailin’, over Mt. Rushmore tonight🎆…

Forcin’ our light (American Exceptionalism), into all those dumbass faces (anti-American marxist cupcakes)😫, left disbanded (from CHOP sewer) on this 4th of July👍👍…

Down in DC town the Congress’s full, of anarchist lovers🥰 so crass, so whiny, so not sharp😞…

As the mayors (Dem run cities) lay, down let looters have their way, on the sidewalks, way past dark👺…

& the RINO’s from the swampino, dance with their hearts open, to Liberal Looneys🤪 to love ‘em more😘…

Chasin’ round that, silly New York girl (AhOleC)🤮… (& her 💩Show Squad)…..


Our (Red White & Blue) aurora is flyin’ behind us👍…

Our pure might…


Our Capitalist life…

(Free Market opportunity, wealth creation)👍

For everyone!👍👍…


Love Lady Liberty’s🗽foresight…

& we’ll, Make America Great Again😉…

Ooh, Country (your example Rocks the world!)….

Now Antifa💩, they trash our streets,

& get busted, for creepin’ on our monuments and Rights👊🏻😠…

Just destroy is their gripe to heal, ah Country, their spin is so trite😝…

And Sleepy Joe😴, he never gets tired of hangin’ in his dingy basement, bangin’ ‘em out like a gaffe machine😜…

Droolin’ media hacks slow pitchin’ questions at press talk😉…

Where they all promise, not to be too mean😘…

& you know them tilt-a-polls, got me down with their skewed Dem drag🤥👎…

They “report” on it ev’ry night, & these hacks got caught (see 2016)😂🤣…

& that Joey🤪 kept on slippin’,

I didn’t think he’d, ever come up! (to debate)🤤….


Our (Red White & Blue) aurora is risin’ behind us👍…

Our pure might…

Our Capitalist life…


Now nothin’ outta reach, or sight, with new boss’s order…

Well Obama ain’t our boss no more, Country! (neither is Quid Pro Joe)🤑

Hey Country, the businesses, haven’t lost their desire for us…

I spoke bout’ ‘em just last night, and I said they set record job growth, like wild fire (June 4.8 million!), for us many more!👍

Every quarter, before the ChinaVirus got hot, they rise that growth (tax & regs) up to heaven😉 all these companies, they come back (magic wand found!) now don’t go (MADE IN USA)👍…

& you can see ‘em (trade deals) made so we star (America 1st)🤩, with all the deep deficit scars…

Stopped (tariffs), makin’ FAIR with our partners (USMCA)👍 or out of them we will go! (bye bye China)😉

Well, the cops finally busted, Antifa sleeze (monument vandals & church Feel The Berners😡), for yellin’ (& assaulting & killing) at citizens better than Cuomo & Dem mayors/govs do🥺 (Dem policies & nursing homes)👎…

Their street-chalk strife & freaks are through😖👍…

You know, we’re gonna rock this July 4th scene like we always do!🎸….


Our (Red White & Blue) aurora is wavin’ behind us…

Our pure might (LAW, ORDER & JUSTICE)…

Our Capitalist life (exceptional standard of living)…


Love (& cherish) Lady Liberty tonight🗽🥰

& she’ll promise, to love you forever, swear! (GIVE ME YOUR HUDDLED & LEGAL MASSES!)

Ooohh!… COUNTRY! we’re the standard for the world!.. how about it!EmojiEmoji

“SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” #TheCognitiveDissident🤤

“SHOUT IT OUT LOUD” #TheCognitiveDissident🤤

(music by KISS)

Sleepy Joe presser💤💤💤

(not exactly Loud-n-Proud))


Well, the race has begun, and you want some sun😎 (cellar-dweller)

Do you think you’re gonna nail it (think you gonna nail it)👎🤣

They got to treat yourself, like #1 (teeball questions in advance, fake polls),

Do you need to be reminded (why you’re there🤔what you’re doing🤔what to say🤔 script/prompter THERE TO BE REMINDED)🤤👍

It doesn’t matter what you do or say🤪 (no one takes you seriously anyway),

Or forget the things that you’ve been told (“you don’t have to do this, Joe”)…

AOC (Far Left Rad agenda) can’t do it any other way🙃

(newsflash Sleepy: you’re their Trojan horse)😑

Every bozo’s got to mail-in vote!….…

Shout it!🙁

Shout it!🤤

Shout it out loud!…

(You finally had a presser)💤💤💤

Shout it!😑

Shout it!🥺

Shout it out loud!…

(You finally held a presser)💤💤💤


“CIVIL WAR” #AmericanismVSRegressivism

“CIVIL WAR” #AmericanismVSRegressivism

(music by Guns N’ Roses)

“what we’ve got here is failure to cooperate, some dopes you just can’t reach, so you get what we’ve had here for weeks (years, decades), which is the way they want it, well, they get it!”EmojiEmoji


Hate, Hypocrisy, Bias, Control…


Look at these scum Dems slighting…

Look at Lib women denying…

Look at these scum Dems dividing…


Look at the hate Anarchists breeding…

Look at the fear Regressives feeding…

Look at the lies Left seeding


Our hands, try to tie!…

The billions drift to guide & bind🤑

& this war goes on with Fake-News (PMSNBC/CNN) brainwashed minds🤤

For our love of God😇 & our human rights (ALL Lives Matter!)

& all our traditions, they’d like swept aside😱

Back-stabbin’ hands, crime can’t deny…

& try wash away (Trump) campaign genocide (Obamagate political & criminal targeting abuse of power, Russia hoax witch-hunt)

& history won’t hide reasons why for our Civil War!…


Did you swear to back that band (of anarchists),

When they got the land (in Seattle from the mayor),

Who said, fleece (CHAZ/CHOP) should last forever👎

& with their “insurance policy”,

They shot (targeted Deep State coup) his presidency,

Now play dumb (Obama/Biden), as we learn & see (‘Obamagate’)😠

& we never fell for Bernie’s (Democratic-Socialism) scam🤤

(FEEL DA BERN😡 numbnuts!)🤣

‘T’ built The Wall👍

on border to enforce/protect for/us all (we want LEGAL immigration/we don’t want filthy drugs)

& we can’t trust our freedoms,

When it’s in the Left’s hands (see Dem run Sanctuary cities)😝

When all every (Anarchist/Occupy) maggot’s fightin’ for their “promised land” (CHAZ/CHOP)🤮💩…


We won’t cede this civil war!👊🏻😠…

They bleed the rich (demonize wealth creation), while they bury the poor (dependence & fear)😣🤫

These power hungry sellin’ (hate, racism, hypocrisy, entitlement) socialists, in their,

Human controlling store..


We don’t cede this civil war!👊🏻😠…

Ow.. oh no! no! no! no! no!💪


Look at the shoes they’re filling (Law Enforcement with social workers)🤪

Look at blood they’re spilling (kids killed in Chicago & CHOP)…

Look at the world that’s killing (ChinaVirus, W.H.O., Cuomo forcing seniors into infected nursing homes)😠


Look with no doubt they’re hollow (done nothing for decades in inner cities with crime & economic opportunity)👎👎

Look at the “leaders” they follow (O’Biden, Pelosi, Schumer)😢

Look at the lies they’ve swallowed (Russia Hoax, Obamagate etc)…


Our hands untied!👍 dereg, tax cuts, military rebuild, energy independence etc)😉

For all we’ve seen (Trump record growth in spite of extreme Dem targeting, hypocrisy & corruption), he unchained the (Obama) binds…

But still this war goes on as first term goes by,
Left’s no love for God (heritage, law & order etc) all that’s right..

But American Dream won’t be swept aside,
By filthy hands of the hypnotized (marxist sheeple)🤤

Who carry the cross of our nation’s suicide..

But history bears the scars (& BIG LEAGUE WINS)👍 in our civil war….

We don’t cede this civil war!👊🏻😠…
They bleed the rich, while they bury the poor…
These power hungry sellin’ Socialists, in their,
Human controlling store😝
We won’t cede this civil war!

(Repeat Chorus)

“What’s so civil ‘bout Dems (aka Anarchists) anyway🤔👎👎



(music by Joe Walsh)

(Try as they might, they can’t keep the MAGA Man down)👍



Well a good man’s gettin’ hard to find these days, but there’s still a few around.. 45👍

This whole world looks up (respects) to a good man (strong leader),

It’s hard to keep him down.. (just ask all those numbnut witch-hunters)🤣

So if you’re going out looking for the good, good times (record economy, security, employment etc)..

After Obama & Dems all turned out to be clowns👎🤡

Focus your attention, don’t forget to mention,

No don’t forget to mention that this boy just loves it when the fakers dish it out👊🏻😠 (Mike Tyson type counterpuncher)😵

Easy with these bums around🤤 (drooling Dems & their media mouths)🤮

& their witch-hunt ploys keep them busy for awhile, until this good man wins abound!👍 (& WE’RE NOT TIRED OF WINNING)😉

Well, y’all can yell & scream (TDS)😩😤

Treat him mean😠

Beat (tweet) him up with words..

Throw barbs in his face, you rave🤪..

Do this, (bow down & apologize) do that what Obama did😣

That’s where it’s at, anything so China/Iran gets their way😉

He don’t change his mood, America 1st! attitude👍 takes ‘Do Nothing Dems’ to the cleaners😠

Just because they’re steaming💩😤

Just because they’re hot😫

Just because all their toys (media hacks) start talking when he tweets his voice (Loud&Proud!)😉

Their temper tantrums😤ends up with them on the ground😩

They don’t mean nothin’ to this Good Man..

It’s hard to keep a good man down, (he pounds ‘em) down👊🏻down👊🏻down👊🏻down👊🏻…

Well it’s hard to keep this Good Man down😉

Go to war (phony witch-hunts)🤪

Slam doors😠

Have a fit😤

Throw shit😫

Use every dirty trick you’ve found😒…

(standard Democ🐀 operating procedure)


Just because all the rino’s😥 start shaking disses fly (racist, fascist, homophobe, xenophobe etc)🤭

Pathetic as they crawl on the ground😖…

Well, it’s hard to keep this good,

Hard to keep this good man down…

Yes it’s hard to keep this good man down😉

(but please keep trying cupcakes, it’s quite informative & entertaining!)😂🤣

“PROP HIM UP” #&Don’tAskHimAbout:

“PROP HIM UP” #&Don’tAskHimAbout:

(music by KISS)

Prop him up🤤, and don’t ask him🤫 about: his pandemic response, race relations record, foreign policy, Ukraine, Burisma, China, Logan Act😳


Yeah! yeah!…

(BACROCK HUSSEIN OBAMAGATE😒 to his corrupt media):

Don’t want to wait (mail-in vote today!) ‘til they (voters) know him better (putrid 40 plus yr political record)🤮…

His team’s just glad, no campaign-trail time together😁 (the honking geese are ok with the basement gaffes)🦆👍

All his life such a creep, all those times he tried to taste it (sniffed women’s hair)😛😘

There ain’t a reason on earth, my endorsement wasted😒

(“Joe, you don’t have to do this”)😴

It’s such a crime🤫 Hunter good to himself!🤑

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

Don’t!.. press!.. Joe!🤐

(He’s so gaffe prone now)🥴

Wake him up!😴

Wake him up!😴

Slee!…py!… Joe!💤💤💤
oo yeaah

Cover up!🤫

Cover up!🤫

Quid!… Pro!… Joe!🤑…

(“fire that prosecutor! come on! come on!)😠

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

(what state is he in?)🤔

He!… don’t!… know!😧…

He’d rather wait for an invitation (to come up out of the basement)🥺…

He’s gotta live like he’s on stay-cation (hunkered down)🤗

There’s something deep (stupidity)🤤 you can’t fix with money…

(fuck it up! he’ll fuck it up!)😠

“120 million have already died from covid”😵

“you ain’t Black!”🤤

Keep in deep freeze🥶 best believe me honey…

It’d be a crime to let him speak for himself!😱

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

Don’t!… press!… Joe!🤐…

(he thinks Jill’s his sister now)🥰

Set Flynn up!😒

Set Flynn up!😒

Strzok!… note!… shows!😉… oo yeaah

Felt her up!😘

Felt her up!😛

Ta!…ra!… groped!🤗😱

(c’mon👅 c’mon💋)

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

(what state is he in?)🤔

He!… don’t!… know!😧…

C’mon! (let’s go home Joe)…

He’s not alright now…Emoji

He’s never right now…Emoji

Ooo yeah.. ooo yeah…

Yeah yeah!…



“DESTROY! DEM CITIES” #TopDemLibRunCesspools💩🤮

“DESTROY! DEM CITIES” #TopDemLibRunCesspools💩🤮
(music by KISS)


Democ🐀 governed for decades:


I feel uptight (& unhinged)😤😫 on a Saturday night…

Nine o’clock, police precinct on fire the only light🔥

I praise this throng, and me out they threw😱

Anarchy strong, Antifa tells me what I got to do…

I got to,

Give up! (hide under my desk & blame Trump)

Everybody’s gonna trash the streets😠👍

Stand-down! (direct police to)

Everybody’s gonna in ‘autonomous/anarchist zones’ meet🤤👍

Ya gotta lose your mind😫😠😤 and destroy! Dem Cities (vandalize, loot, burn, tear down monuments, occupy blocks, assault, murder)…

Give up😞 (repeat)…

Stand-down😣 (repeat)…


Reactin’ late, thought we could wait (me & Andy left subway, schools & nursing homes wide open)😵

Ten o’clock, and I know I gotta clear the roads (stay indoors off the streets unless you are rioting & looting, or are my daughter)😉

First I blink (did nothing), then I stoke (fear & uncertainty)🤤

TV star 🤩, & try to put on day-time (presser) shows (like Andrew)🤤

Give up!

Every cop ain’t gonna walk their beat👍

Sit down!

Every student’s gonna stay in their seat😢….


Movin’ in fast (squatter occupiers)💩 doin’ CHAZ/CHOP jive🤪

Make cops leave, gotta give ‘em lots of space to grow (city core to garden & shoot people)

They look so good🤮 it’s so alive! (“street festival & summer of love”)😍💩🔥🥰

I praise my throng👺👍 displayin’ for all their Lib freakshow🤪


Give up! (your business & safety)

Every bozo’s gonna ‘Occupy’ our streets👍

I’m down!😉

With every anarchist I wanna meet-n-greet😘

ACE SpaceEmoji….

Gotta lose your snowflake minds & destroy, Capitol city🤯


Twelve o’clock, time to ROCK! (deface & burn St. John’s, pull down some monuments etc)👍

There’s that Trump ahead, he likes holdin’ bible high…

Oh my God, it’s BHAZ’s turn👍

I got to laugh, ‘cause I know chaos gonna thrive..


Give up!

Every budgets gonna Defund Police👍

Tear down! (all monuments)

Mess up!👺

Every monuments gonna hit the street👍

Burn down!🔥 (America)



(music by Jimi Hendrix)



(Black House Anarchist Zone)🦹🏻‍♂️🦹🏼‍♀️

There’s a ‘Black House’ over yonder… (Anarchist Zone)💩

That’s where anarchists stay👺…

Lord, there’s a ‘Black House’ over yonder…

That’s where those maggots play…

That ain’t no home for all these crazies,

We’ll have them cleaned out in less than a one half day👍😉

Wait a minute somethin’s wrong…

Their ropes won’t topple (Jackson monument, heritage) his lore…

Wait a minute somethin’s wrong…

(send in the troops)👊🏻

Their ropes won’t topple (Jackson monument, heritage) his lore😉…

I got a strong strong feelin’, their anarchist zone, won’t be there no more!😉



“THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT” #GoodLittleBuddingFascists

“THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT” #GoodLittleBuddingFascists

(music by The Who)


I don’t mind.. all the teens messin’ with his (BS MAGA) world🤪👍…

That’s fine.. I snow them all pretty well (America sucks! Socialism great)🤪👍…

‘Cause I know, this time we, must get online in this fight (grab up all his rally tix, maybe a twitter flash-mob)🤪👍…

Better tweet, I’m behind😉 fascist kids are alright!🤗…

The kids are alright!🤪👍…

Rally time.. they steal, we gotta get in his way🤪👍

‘TikTok’ slime🤮.. not go, just gotta take seats away🤪👍…

& I know, if I gloat, he’ll go out of his mind😠(“U just got ROCKED by teens!”)🤪…

Better tweet, I’m behind😉 fascist kids are alright!🤗…

The kids are alright!🤪👍…

(Little Junior Fascists)🤤🤤

We know if we don’t go, things would look not better for him (lots of empty seats)👩🏼‍🎤👨‍🎤😂

We had things planned, and our folks, let us mess with him (Dem Douche Steve Schmidt)🤪👍

These Snowflake kids are alright!🤪👍

(now we gotta teach ‘em ‘bout mail-in voter fraud!👍


“hey kiddos”,


(music by George Thorogood & the Destroyers)



I built 407 miles of border wall..

I got a MAGA make for a second time..

(Make America Great Again, AGAIN!)😉👍👍

A rebuilt house (historic economy) on the USA side (1st!)👍

& it’s a made out of American worker pride💪😁


Got a basement bedroom, Jill on top (she lives on upper floors, or is that my sister??)🤔

& I a ‘zoom’ out of, really dull (interviews really boring & offensive – YOU AIN’T BLACK!)🤤

Come on to my little talk, sit here baby (inside the circles taped on gym floor)😂🤣

& tell me who do you love??😴


Who do you love??😍


Now around the nation I use American workers quick (historic employment all groups)👍👍

Take it easy Biden, know he gave China firm grip (manufacturing, trade etc)😴

Who do you love??🥰

Who do you love??💪😍


I got America’s tombstone at hand (40 plus yr resume),

& a graveyard for us in mind (Globalist Douchebag)🤤

I’m almost 80 and I act (& speak) like I’m dying🤤😖

Who do you love??😴💤💤

Yeah, who do you love🤤💤💤

(2020 Electorate):

Ah, You’ll see who we love!😍😉



(music by The Allman Brothers Band)

‘Community Organized/Occupied Policing’👊🏻🤪



Woke up this mornnin’..

Had bad case of Blue Flu👮🏿‍♂️🤒..

Woke up this mornin’..

Had those ‘State Furlough Blues’ (derailing/no political support, defunding)😠

Well, I looked down the street at disorder (riot, looting, vandalism)👹, baby..

& business owners seemed to have them too!😵…

Well, my mayor cried & left me😢..

My gov’ner cried & left me😰..

‘CHOP’ ain’t good lookin’ baby🤮💩

Need someone strong of mind 💪😉👊🏻

I’m goin’ for “LAW & ORDER!”
Country, do you want to goEmoji

“I REMEMBER YOU!” #SoDoesCrookedHillary&AllHerFlakes🤯🤣

“I REMEMBER YOU” #SoDoesCrookedHillary&AllHerFlakes🤯🤣

(music by Skid Row)

JUNE 16, 2015

Image result for trump escalator

Remember yesterday…
Ridin’ down hand in hand🥰
M A G A letters how we’ll stand💪

Image result for trump escalator


(& Sleepy Joe will have a nightmare ride)😴😳🤣

“AUTONOMOUS (Anarchist) ZONE” #I’mOuttaHereMommy&Dad!🤤

“AUTONOMOUS (Anarchist) ZONE” #I’mOuttaHereMommy&Dad!🤤

(music by Golden Earring)


(Crazy Hallowed Asshole Zone)

“It’s really a special, peaceful safe-space”😂🤣


(Crazy Huddled Occupy Pukes)

“They’re really special Snowflakes”

Somewhere in his lowly parents basement bedroom there’s a sniveling TDS millenial starting to realize that anarchist mates have turned city blocks into home for him…

It’s 2 P.M. (the ‘woke’ just woke up)😴🤤

It’s 2 P.M. (it’s 2pm)

Parents ecstatic I’m gone (ecstatic I’m gone)😁😍

No sittin’ here watchin’ (Fake News CNN & PMSDNC)🤤

The fun🤡 let’s swarm (the fun, let’s swarm.. Mayor Jenny🤪says it’s like a ‘summer of love’ street festival)🥰🤬

Baby no cop protection, not tired of makin’ looney stances🤪….

Yeah, this new norm, thugs on the loose..👹

Sirens past perimeter edge..🚔

Wrapped up in stupid, all brain circuits are dead🤯

Will not vacate abode, my whole life lives in (occupies) a porta-potty frenzy💩 (dear mom, send toilet paper & slim jims)😩…

Woke🤤 I’m steppin’ into the Autonomous/AHole Zone👺…

Place is a funhouse🤡 feels right, always stoned😏…

My treason’s been approved under Loon (mayor)🤪 and (Leftie governor) star🤩…

Where can we all go (spread to state & nation), now that ain’t goin’ too far👍…

(Oh no no)😉


Soon you (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) will come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

Soon you (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) will come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

I’m crawlin’ down a gutter, destination known (to the ‘no cop co-op)🤮

Come across a protestor (passed out in their own vomit), on an old Obama-phone📞…

Can’t get no connection (Trump cut service in the Ahole zone)😒

Can’t get through (we need supplies: weed, cookies, weed, twinkies, weed)😫

Where R U?? (George Soros)

Well Trump’s military might weighs heavy on their liberal marxist minds🤤🤤

National Guard (& police dogs)🐕 not far outside the barricade line😳

When the hitmen (Trump’s soldier stormtroopers) come…

They know damn well (like Crooked Hillary)😰😤😫

They have been defeated😱

(TRUMP WINS AGAIN, Snowflakes!)💪😉

& he squeals,

Woke🤤 I’m steppin’ into the Autonomous/Anarchist/AHole Zone👺…

Place is a funhouse🤡 (like a street festival!)🤪 feels right, always stoned😏…

My treason’s been approved under Loon (mayor)🤪 and (Leftie governor) star🤩…

Where can we all go (spread to state & nation), now that ain’t goin’ too far👍…

(Oh no no)😉


Soon you will (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

Soon you will (greedy, racist, White privileged Americans) come to know🤔…

When our “protest” hits your home😳…

When our “protest” hits your home😵…



“COPBUSTERS” #SeattleSnowflakeSloths❄️😩🤤

“COPBUSTERS” #SeattleSnowflakeSloths❄️😩🤤

(music by Ray Parker Jr.)


If there’s someone deranged (any Trump TDS hater)😤 in your neighborhood..

Who ya gonna call🤔

Copbusters?? (HELL NO!)😵

If there’s someone feared (violent criminal)😠

& it don’t look good😳

Who you gonna call🤔


I ain’t afraid of no flake👊🏻😂

I ain’t afraid if no sloth👊🏻🤣

If they’re trashin’ things (looting vandals)😒 blood runnin’ from brick to your head🤕

Who can you call🤔

Copbusters?? (HELL NO!)😵

A sex predator man😏 rapin’ women in their beds😳

Oh, who you gonna call🤔


I ain’t afraid of no sloth👊🏻🤣

I ain’t afraid of no flakeEmojiEmoji



“BACKIN’ BLACKS” #TrumpBacksAllColors🌈

“BACKIN’ BLACKS” #TrumpBacksAllColors🌈

(music by AC⚡️DC)



Backin’ Blacks!..

I bring jobs back! (record Black employment)👍😉

It’s been too long, time to shun Dem hacks👍

Yes I, let loose! from dependence noose!

That’s kept racism hangin’ around😣

I keep workin’ as their guy,

‘Cause it’s gettin’ their rise (Opportunity Zones)👍

Forget Dem purse! (welfare), surf this risin’ tide..

(a rising tide lifts all boats)⛵️

They got, new lives! (First Step Act)👍

Job highs!Emoji

Fundin’ ev’ry one of them (Black Colleges), & school-choice runnin’ wild!Emoji

‘Cause I back!👍…

Yes I back!💪…

Well I back!😉…

Yes I back!👍…

Well I, baaacck…. baaacck….

Well I’m backin’ Blacks!


“RE-IMAGINE” #ReimagineThisLeftieLoons🖕🏻

“RE-IMAGINE” #ReimagineThisLeftieLoonsEmoji
(music by John Lennon)

Intro Piano…


Reimagine there’s no police…

It’s easy if you try…

No laws, to hold us…

Around us only (unanswered 911) cries😫

Reimagine all the sheeple, kneeling😖 as we raid👺…

(dEfUnD THe pOliCe!)🤪

Reimagine there’s no countries (America)👍

Keep rioting, it’ll come true…

No borders to kill & die for (defending & crossing)…

All drugs & sex trafficking through😉

Reimagine all the sheeple, living life to least (gutter SOL)🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

Pew…eeeww…. Emoji

You may say, I’m a schemer…

But I’m not the only dumb dumb🤤🤤

I hope someday, you’ll join us.. (throwing bricks)

& the world will burn as one🌎🔥👍

Reimagine no possessions (private business, property etc)…

I wonder if you Capitalists can🤑

No need for wealth (creation) or profit (except for us “elites”)😉

A brotherhood of scam😏

Reimagine all the sheeple, bearing (the brunt of hurt) in the world🌍😖👍

(dEfUnD tHe miLiTaRy!)🤪

Pew…eeeww…. Emoji

You may say, I’m a schemer…

But I’m not the only scum bum🤤🤤

I hope someday, you’ll join us.. (throwing bricks)

& the world will burn as one🌏🔥👍

(DEfUnD LiBeRtY!)🗽👍

“VOTE” (Her Out Of My Woods!)

“VOTE” (Her Out Of My Woods!)

(mask hand-stitched by Sleepy Joe Biden)Emoji
(campfire tuneage by GG Sasquatch)Emoji


“MY KINDA GOV’NERS” (& Mayors)👍 # WhatStayIndoors?WhatSocialDistance?

“MY KINDA GOV’NERS” (& Mayors)👍 #WhatStayIndoors?WhatSocialDistance?

(music by Billy Squier)

INTRO Billy🎸.. .. ..


You left me runnin’ (lootin’ & pollutin’)👹🔥baby..

You let me do somethin’ (terrorize & destroy)👺🧨way beyond a curfew…

You let the tragic run free..

I deal the tragic when we, do what we do (my Antifa dirtbags riot / push anarchy)👍

& Bros (& comrade twisted sister Whitmer)…

I can’t loot (& pillage) without you for too long.. (Trump will identify & send military after us)😳

You allow this situation! (never let a good crisis go to waste)😉

You’re my kinda Gov’ners!…

My kinda Gov’ners!👍
My kinda Gov’ner….

My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’nerEmoji….

You keep me all protected🥰

You let me out (of jail) whenever, I’m taken down (by those racist pigs cops & then Joe Biden staffers put up my bail)🤑

You got, the Leftist Liberal notion baby..

I got the anarchist motion (violent/criminal rioting) maybe, I’ll stick around😉..

& Bros (& Twisted Sister)…

I can never doubt you, your love strong (for radicalism),

I can’t see (no commonsense) or reason!🤪 (“that’s me, twisted sister Whitmer in the blue”)

Your my kinda Gov’ners!👍

My kinda Gov’ners!…

My kinda Gov’ner!….

My kinda Gov’ners!Emoji
My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’ner….

When I come ‘round you never let down,

Shattered glass flies across the floors (& streets)👍

You stop police from comin’ down on me,

& I can’t ask for more.. (dEfUnD & DiSbAnD them too!)🤪

Rock ‘em, sock ‘em👊🏻😵
Baby you got me, riotin’ to the end😤😫

Berate ‘em, shake ‘em😠

baby you praise me, turn me loose again!👍🤪….

You got, my motor racin’ (& running down / driving over cops)..

I find your thoughts (& policy) embracin’, my every destructive move😉..

We want to set civil society reelin’😱

We want to make them feel the, way that freedom loving Americans should👎😞 (on their knees apologizing)

& Bros (& comrade Twisted Whitmer)🤪…

We been thinkin’ ‘bout violent capitalist overthrow for so long👍..

It’s our time to do it! (never let crisis go to waste)😉

You’re my kinda Gov’ners!😆

My kinda Gov’ners!..

My kinda Gov’ner!….

My kinda Gov’ners!👍

My kinda Gov’ners!…
My kinda Gov’ner…. Emoji

My kinda Gov’ner!…
My kinda Gov’ner!…
My kinda Gov’ner’sEmojiEmoji

(REPEAT CHORUS thru vandalism, lootings, beatings and killings in the streets & the nursing homes)EmojiEmoji

“NOT VERY GOOD PEOPLE” #10-15%Deplorable

“NOT VERY GOOD PEOPLE” #10-15%Deplorable
(music by Sly & the Family Stone)

Most times not right🤤 50 years I been wrong (& damn proud of that record)😊

I don’t believe, I snore all night long (but Jill does & keeps me in basement)🛌😴💤💤

The Republican, the Conservative, the Trump supporter, (anyone in a red hat) all them..

Makes no difference, that’s the group they’re in😝

They! (10-15%)…..

Not very good people😣👎 yeah yeah..

(at least Creepy Joe is more numerically specific than the other Deplorable)

They! (Leftist race-baiters and Marxists)…..
Not very good peopleEmojiEmoji


“WALK OF LIFE”⛪️📖🚶🏻‍♂️

“WALK OF LIFE”⛪️📖🚶🏻‍♂️

(music by Dire Straits)

Intro Riff…

Here comes Donny slingin’ an oldie goldie📖🙏🏻😇

Be Law & Order, country what I say!..

Here comes Donny sayin’ I’m goin’ walkin’,

Out White House front door, to St. John’s to pray⛪️🙏🏻..

He take the action, he gets in motion🚶🏻‍♂️,

Well, the boy don’t play😠

Dedication💪 devotion👍

Spurnin’ all this night slime🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️, he walks his way😉

He rights the wrong, out & about to the sweet little chapel⛪️..

He rights the wrong, out & about in the strife..

& he do the walk…

He do the walk for right…

Yeah, he do the walk of life🚶🏻‍♂️🙏🏻

“WE SEE YOU”😵 #ThxForShowingYourVerminSelves🎯

“WE SEE YOU”😵 #ThxForShowingYourVerminSelves🎯

(music by The Who)

see our: ‘RUMBLIN’ MIGHT’💪😉

(to be deployed against enemies foreign & domestic)

WE….. SEE U….

you you… crush you….

WE….. SEE U….

you you… crush you….

They broke up all the Soho doorways,

All policemen, called vile names😫

They say, we will come to your home tonight,

& then bust you up, won’t walk away..

Now pound ‘em back to their underground (sewers),

& tear gas breeze blew back their lice-infested hair😫

They’ll remember (some won’t) flyin’ live ammo around,

No more (anarchy) preachin’, best not dare🤫 (actually please do)👊🏻😉


you (dirtbags) you.. crush you!😵


you you.. you through!😳


“MY WAY” #CorruptAsHell

“MY WAY” #CorruptAsHell

(music by Paul Anka)


And now, the end is near…(Durham is putting a bow on it)🎁

& so I face, the final curtain😳 (pulled back on my admin of corruption)…

My friends (January 5th Oval Office Rats), Susan tried to clear (Inauguration Day cover our ass email)😒

She stated my case (“by the book!”), of which I’m guilty certain (‘OBAMAGATE’)😳

I’ve lived a life, that’s full (of Marxism)👍

I studied each, & every rule of radical way😉 (Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Rev Wright)

But more, much more than this…

I did it, My Way!… (Administration of scandal)😒


-Fast & Furious

-Eastern Europe missile shield dismantling


-Shovel Ready jobs

-Cash for Clunkers

-Occupy Wall St

-Black Panther poll stalking


-IRS Targeting

-Journalist spying

-Iraq cut & run


-Arab Spring



-Broken Red Lines

-isis JV team

-Nobel Peace PrizeEmoji
-Uranium One

-Crooked Hillary private server classified email trafficking & cover up

-Bo Bergdahl

-Gitmo detainee releases

-Israel election meddling

-Paris climate scam

-Iran nuke giveaway & billions in cash

-Lost energy production

-Extreme trade deficits
-Crony Capitalism
-Open Borders, Illegal Aliens

-Drug cartel, ms13 invasion

-Sanctuary cities

-Russian bogus dossier

-Targeting of & spying on Trump campaign

-Illegal unmasking & press leaking

-Trump Tower wire tapping

-FISA abuse

-Flynn entrapment

-Mueller Witch Hunt Hoax

Yes, all the time!..

I’m sure you knew…

That I bit off!..

More than I could chew (NO SHIT SHERLOCK)🙄

But through it all!..

There was no doubt!..

‘Low Info’s’ ate it up (Hopey Change)🤤🤤

& spit American-Exceptionalism out🤮

I embraced (& stoked) it all!..

& I stood tall (taking selfies)🤩

& did it, MY WAY!😉

“TOTAL ECLIPSE” #AFreshStart🇺🇸👍


(music by Air Supply)

From Obama Legacy👎 thru Crooked Hillary👎 thru Obamagate👎thru Witch Hunt & Impeachment Hoaxes👎 thru Chinese Virus Pandemic👎… A TOTAL TRUMP ECLIPSE💪😉

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then we got a little hit by phonies,

& now we’re comin’ back ‘round👍

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then we got a little bit tired of listening to the sound of their tears😫😢😤(TDS)

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then Obama is a little bit nervous that his best shot at me over last three years has gone awry😳

Turned it around…😉

Every now and then they (Comey, Brennan, McCabe etc) get a little bit terrified when they see the look in Durham’s eyesEmojiEmoji

Turned it around, their lies…Emoji

Every now and then their schemes fall apartEmoji

Turned it around, their demise… (not mine)Emoji

Every now and then I take them apart… (KICK THEIR ASS)Emoji

And we need the truth tonight!…

And we need justice more than ever…

And if you all vote for me twice…

We’ll keep making America great forever!Emoji

And we’ll always keep making things right (MADE IN USA)

‘Cause we’ll never go wrong,

Together we can take it, and in the end thrive!Emoji

Our gov was like a swamp, spying on me all of the time… (ALL of the time!… pre & post election!)

I sure know what to do, and I’m always gonna bark (defend!)…

We were livin’ with a power grab (Obama ‘fundamental transformation’ of America), and going real dark😵

I really reset things right! (& I’LL DO IT AGAIN)Emoji

Forever’s gonna restart tonight (rebuild economy, law-order-justice, health care & safety etc)…

Forever’s gonna be our fight! (Liberty & Freedom)🗽

Once upon a time we were falling because of gov💔😢

But now we’re reinstalling our heart❤️😁

There’s so much I can do (and redo!)👍

A Total Eclipse (of these maladies), a fresh start😉

Once upon a time there were blights in our lives… (see above header)Emoji

But now there’s only love & a lot of heart❤️💪

So much we can do (American Exceptionalism)

A Total Eclipse, a fresh start!💪😉👍



(music by ELVIS)👑

Return To Sender…

Return To Sender…

I gave my ballots to the postman..
He put ‘em in his sack..
Bright & early next mornin’..
He brought my ballots back..


Return To Sender!..
Citizenship unknown!..
No such persons!.. (no registrations, deceased, underage etc)
No such (voter) rolls🗳!..

We had a quarrel..
A process spat..
I send in early, but my ballots keep comin’ back!😒

(REQUIRED: MAIL IN PHOTO ID w/ BALLOT.. no mask or shades allowed!)EmojiEmojiEmoji

“BLUE-STATE BLUES”🤕 #PlayingPandemicPolitics

“BLUE-STATE BLUES”🤕 #PlayingPandemicPolitics

(music by The Doors)

(BLUE STATE INCOMPETENT GOVERNOR DICTATORS, who President Trump made look damn good😉):

A keep yourselves off the road, your hands washed dry skin will heal…🙌

A keep yourselves off the road (stay hunkered down), your hands washed🧼 (& constantly sanitized) dry skin will heal…🤝👎

Yeah, still lockin’ down the Blue States,

We’re gonna have some real..

Tough times (historic bankruptcy/out of business)…😳😉

(CNN Cuomo News Network Andrew & Fredo Show🤤🤤):

Yeah, back in our Blue State I put some (infected seniors most at risk) in nursing homes🤒🤧🤦🏻‍♂️…

Yeah, back in my Blue State I sent some to nursing homes🤒🤧🤦🏻‍♂️…

Put at risk all the people, who would have died real slow😵

(“older people, vulnerable people, are going to die from this virus.. that is going to happen, despite whatever you do”) he said that before he tried to blame Trump🤦🏻‍♂️


Stay indoors!… behind doors…

Stay indoors!… behind doors…

Stay indoors!… behinds doors…

Stay indoors!😠…..

All summer long!🥵🤦🏻‍♂️


Do it! Andy, do it!



Ya gotta mole, mole, mole🐭

Ya gotta dig deep holes, stay outta sight😒…


Mole, mole, mole, mole,

Still in my hole, til election night😴…

(Joe Mole Concession Speech):

“I gotta beep a gunk a chucha.. honk konk konk.. I gotta each you puna.. each ya bop a luba.. each yall bump a kechonk.. ease some konk.. ya ride”🤪…..

(North Carolina Gov- COOPEREmojiPOOPER):

RNC Chair-Lady…

RNC Chair-Lady…

Give up your (Convention) crowds…

Give up your crowds (Trump can be virtually nominated)🤤

Save my city (Charlotte)..
Savin’ my city..
(newsflash Gov Genius – you’ll lose millions in economic gains)

(Virginia GOV ‘Should’ve Been Aborted Post Birth’ NORTHAM):
Well, they woke up Sunday mornin’, church they got no where near…
Yeah, they woke up Sunday mornin’, and church they got nowhere near…Emoji
The future’s (mass) is uncertain, but on their cars tickets will be clearEmoji (no congregating in church parking lots while sitting in car!)

Stay indoors!… behind doors…
Stay indoors!… behind doors…
Stay indoors!… behind doors…
Stay indoors!Emoji….. (except for my husband’s boat)Emoji
All summer long!Emoji

“YOU AIN’T BLACK” #’JoeGoesLow’2020👎

“YOU AIN’T BLACK” #’JoeGoesLow’2020👎

(music by AC⚡️DC)

Intro ANGUS🎸

You Ain’t Black!..

I’m a Race hack!..

I’ve been for so long, I’m bad got no tact🤤

Yes I, let loose.. (“if you don’t vote for me over Trump, you ain’t Black”)

No excuse..

That’s been me puttin’ ‘em down.. (so many condescending racial slurs)🤤

I keep lookin’ for a bye, while I pander & lie..

Forget my slurs, just know I’m your guy..

I say- Black lives..

Vote wise (for me or else “you ain’t Black”)😠

Abusin’ (& usin’) every one of them & runnin’ my mouth wild (verbalizing his true racist self)👎

‘Cause if you…
(“Black parents need help with how to raise their children.. they don’t know quite what to do.. make sure you have the record player on at night.. make sure that kids hear words”)🤤

Yes, if you…
(“poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids”)🤤

Well, if you…
(“he’ll put ya’all back in chains”)🤤

Yes, if you…
(“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy.. I mean, that’s a storybook, man”)🤤

Well if, yooouu… yooouu…
(“if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump”)..

Well then,

Yes then,


ALL Americans of every race, creed and color, VOTE NO JOE 2020Emoji



(music by Bruce ‘Snowflake’ Springsteen & the E Street Band)

JANUARY 20, 2017-

(‘BUGGIN’ BARRY’👀 to Benghazi-Video-Babe Susan Rice):

Well Susan go online now, it’s gettin’ late.. (they’re swearing him in!)😠

Everything we say, document everything now.. (CMA memo to self “BY THE BOOK!” aaahh.. a bunch of times)

I’ll be leavin’ in the mornin’, from “Obamagate”..

We wouldn’t change this thing (“insurance policy”) even if we could somehow.. (Comey pushing ‘not by the book’ to a Special Counsel)😉

‘Cause the darkness (corruption) of this house (WH past 8 yrs), we got the best for us.. (Moochelle wants to return to in 2024),

There’s a darkness, in this swamp that got us through.. (DemocRat & Fake News Media)

But Flynn can’t touch me now, (fired)👍

& Sessions can’t touch me now, (recused)👍

Trump ain’t gonna do to me, what I’ve watched them (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Yates, Powers, Strzok & Page😘😘) do to his crew.. (Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Trump family etc)

So say (email memorialize) good lies, it’s Inauguration Day…

It’s his Inauguration Day😣

Special Counsel down the line😁…

Just say (email to self) good lies, it’s Inauguration Day..

It’s his Inauguration Day, ‘slime time’😉 (this incoming crew)…

Now we all know, what it always was with us..

He tweets his words (“Obama tapped my wires!”), & yeah I bugged his lines👀..

There was just no way this White House, could hold the two of us (no way smooth supportive transition of power),

I guess that we were just, too much of a different kind (Socialist vs Capitalist)…

Well say good lies (in the ‘CMA’ email) on Inauguration Day..

His Inauguration Day, all ploys must flush him away…

(Impeach 45! Impeach 45!)

So say good lies, it’s Inauguration Day…

This man must not have his way, (‘Resist!’) on Inauguration Day… (email self 15 minutes after sworn in)😏

‘Slick Willie’ WITCH-HUNT SAX…

JANUARY 20, 2021-


Now the basement bedroom isn’t empty, down at Sleepy’s joint (Creepy Joe still hunkered down)😴💤💤

& the info-highway (his zoom blooper sessions) is deserted, WiFi down, no talking points🤤 (except for honking geese in the background)🦆🤦🏻‍♂️

There’s a lot of swamp people leavin’ DC town now,

Leavin’ their lobbyin’ friends & their upscale suburb homes.. (Dems voted out)

At night they walk their former district highways, all alone😞… (shamed & shunned by constituents)

Well Susan, what you wrote is read now (unclassified), it’s sealin’ my fate😖

Nothin’ we can say (more lame excuses & lies) can change anything now (our blatant abuse of power)..

Because there’s just different people comin’ down here now (Republican majorities), and they see things in different ways (Pro-America)..

& soon everything we’ve sewn (legacy of Statism) will just be swept away (100%)😫

So say goodbye, it’s his 2nd Inauguration Day..

Susan now you know the things I wanted, that you emailed to self that day (& sounded so phony)🤤

But now we best say goodbye, it’s his 2nd Inauguration Day😫…

I swear I never thought, things would turn out this way😖 (our targeting corruption & power abuse fully exposed & documented!)😣


“OBAMAGATE U.S.🇺🇸/RUSSIA🇷🇺TOUR 2020” #ObamaLiedTrumpThrived

“OBAMAGATE U.S./RUSSIA TOUR 2020” #ObamaLiedTrumpThrived

(music by varied artists, lyrics/investigations by American Patriots)😉👍


🎙MC – PRESIDENT TRUMP: “He got caught, OBAMAGATE!.. OBAMAGATE makes Watergate look small time!”👊🏻😠

🎸INTRO “Why-Trump-Was-The-Target” TUNE:

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK (We Salute You!) #InaugurationProclamation:LetTheWinningBegin!

🎸SET 1:

BAROCK SPIES #UpdateTheSurveillanceSpreadsheet!
LAME JAMES – DOM Director (Diarrhea-Of-Mouth)
MUELLER NEEDS TO KNOW #WitchHuntPerjuryTrapQuestions
WITCH HUNT #NowWhoAreTheFascists?

🎸SET 2:

COUP ARE YOU #WitchHuntersBurnEachOther
BAD COMEY #LoveHateRelationshipAddict
WHEN WE WERE ALONE NOW #IWasSoScared&Uncomfortable!
TURN THE PAGE – on the Obama orchestrated ‘Destroy Trump Campaign’
IN THE MEMO #NowWeKnow’WhatHappened’
LET IT LEAK #LockThemUp!


🎸SET 3:

SPYGATE #ObamaDeepStateDelinquency
DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME #AttentionSeekingCheapShotDirtyCopPerjuryMemoBookTour
SQUEEZE PLOT #WitchHuntHailMary
LET IT BE #ComeyMemos&StickyNotesToSelf
FAITH #InMuellerWeTrust

🎸SET 4:

DIRTY DEEDS #DeepStateCreeps
CRUMBLIN’ DOWN #DirtyDemsHouseOfCards
TRUMPIN’ THAT TRASH #CrossfireBoomerang
DON’T CRY OUT LOUD #CollusionDelusionBlues
WE AIN’T SEEN NOTHIN YET #SoMuchScandalSoLittleInvestigation
NO SLEEP ‘TIL MOSCOW #TargetIndividual1

🎸“Lock Him Up!” ENCORE:

DESPERADO #CollusionDelusion
THE WRECK OF THE RUSSIAN FIASCO #&TurnsOutTrump’sFavoriteSaladDressingIsn’tEvenRussian
I LOVE THIS BARR #’WitchHunt’Hunter
TIME FOR ME TO FLY #FlynnFliesObamaFries

*”Yes We Scan” BONUS ENCORE:


“WE MAKE O’s SCHEMES”😍 #’O’IsSteamed😤

“WE MAKE O’s SCHEMES” #’O’IsSteamedEmoji

(music by Hall & Oates)

ODE to sexting lovebirds Strzok & Page😘

(LISA Snowflake-Trump-Hater PAGE):Emoji

What I want (Trump gone!), you’ve got (“insurance policy”)..

& it won’t be hard, we’ll handle😉..

We like to shame (dossier) and turn this scandal..

The scandal feeds the shame (peeing hookers etc)😍…

yeah yeahEmoji

(PETER Cupcake-Trump-Hater STRZOK):😫

What I’ve got’s, full crock of thoughts (smelly WalMart shoppers)😝
and schemes to scatter..

Andy (McCabe) pulled them all together (“insurance policy”),

& now I can explain (“the White House is running this, POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing”)👍👍

Oh yeah, well with you…

We make a O’s schemes come true😍

Ooo.. oo,, you you.. oo.. oo.. you youEmoji

Well well with you… oh yeah..

We make a O’s schemes come true👍😉..

Ooo.. oo.. you you.. well yeah.. oo.. ooEmoji

BACROCK Trump-Stalker OBAMA):😠

On ‘The Right’ now my, schemes become headline streamer..😳

Now they’re messin’, Deep State cleaners..

I can’t laugh, I am the face😖

Twist & shout (lame blame game), no way out😱

I wrapped your love-sick selves around me,

‘Cause this ain’t the way it was to be! (you idiots shouldn’t have texted about my overthrow plot!)😠
& my legacy’ll never be the same!😰 oh yeah

Well, ‘cause of you!😤

You make a my schemes fall through👎

Ooo.. oo.. you two.. oo.. oo.. Emoji

Well, well you two Dumbshits!.. ooh ooh😒

You make a my schemes fall through😠

Ooo.. oo.. you you..

whoa yeah.. Emoji





(music Led Zeppelin)



Hey!… Durham, stop what you’re doin’!…

Hey!… Barr, you’ll drive me to ruin😖…

I don’t want people to know what I did about you..(criminally targeted a duly elected president to remove from office)🤫

‘Cause it sure was a lot!😳(massive abuse of power)

Won’t you let me scold you (spin narrative to blame of investigation)😤

Let me field my lovin’ charms (cue my sycophant media mites to defend my honor)🥰🤤

Communication (Fake News cover up narrative) breakdown😝

It’s always shift blame🤥..

I’m havin’ a nervous breakdown!😱

My legacy (& freedom) down the drain!….👍😉

LOCK HIM & his ‘Unknown Teleprompter’ UP!

“TIME FOR ME TO FLY” #FlynnFliesObamaFries👍👍

“TIME FOR ME TO FLY” #FlynnFliesObamaFries👍👍

(music by REO Speedwagon)


I’ve been around, paid dues (3-Star)

I got taken down by ruse..

But I just, got some righteous relief👍

I swallowed my pride, for you (my son was threatened with prosecution)..

Lived (Trump campaign advocate), and lied (not really), got screwed😒

But Strzok still made me feel like a thief (Comey pushed bogus prosecution)…

They had me reelin’, put me away (bankruptcy, prison)..

‘Cause I’d blow them all in (as NSA)..

Stealin’ these years away (& reputation),

& I can’t relive ‘em (restore)😞

Now I get last laugh😂..

& truth’ll make them cry😩..

I believe it’s time for me to fly🦅👍😉….

(BACROCK ‘Abuse My Power To Save My Legacy From Trump’ HUSSEIN OBAMA):

I said we’d get/throw him out (JANUARY 5, 2017 Oval Office meeting to overthrow a duly elected president, aka TREASON)..

Comey said that he had no doubt..

With Deep State we were abusin’ gov..

Oh, and I wired (spied) their goin’ ons,

Had a legacy (to protect), I know would be gone (Paris climate, open border sanctuary, Iran nuke)👎

I do believe that I had reason enough (to perpetrate that biggest criminal political scandal in history!)😳

I had enough of the falseness,

Of his worn out MAGA elation😠

Enough of the fallacy,

That we’re an “exceptional” nation😒..

Oh I made Page & Strzok laugh (& sext)😍..

& with Brennan & Clapper spied👀..

I believe it’s time for me to lie!👍….


Time for Flynn to fly!🦅…

Truth and fight set the General freeEmoji

Time for Flynn to fly!…

That’s justice and got to be👍

I know it hurts Deep State bad guysEmojiEmoji

But it’s time for Flynn to fly..




Well don’t ya know it’s time for Obama to fry!..
Justice won’t let his ass be..
Time for Obama to fry!..
Oh, Barry,
That’s damn sure how it will be!Emoji

‘O’, I know it hurts his play to pry (me out of office),
But it’s time for Obama to fry!….

It’s time for Bacrock to fry…

Lie.. lie.. dirty guy…

It’s time for Obama to fry…


“AIN’T HE A SHAME” #TheSchiffHitsTheFan💩😳

“AIN’T HE A SHAME” #TheSchiffHitsTheFan💩😳

(music by Fats Domino)


You made, up lies..🤥

When you said, Trump spied!

Ain’t he a shame…✏️😳

His smears were so lame🤤

You are a shame…

You’re the one to blame!😠

You stoked, tore apart (divided)..

When you said, we’ll part! (impeach prez)..

Ain’t he a shame…😖

His smears were so lame👎

You are a shame…

You’re the one we blame!😠

Oh well, goodbye (documents/transcripts released)👋

Uh oh, you’ll fry🔥😳

Ain’t that a shame…😂🤣

Your smears were so lame🤤

Ain’t he a shame✏️😳

He’s the one to blame👍😉

“HYPOCRISY” #BelieveHypocrats

“HYPOCRISY” #BelieveHypocrats

(music by Billy Joel)


#MeToo search for truthfulness..

Blasey Ford was quite the find😝..

She got all their love to feed narrative.. (DiFi/Feinstein)😍

But if you look for same fairness..

Tara Reade might just as well be blind🤫..

It always seems for Dems, so hard to give!…


Is such a fitting word😉

Every one of them is such a ruse🤤…


Is the mentality of this herd!😩

& double standard is what we get from all of you (Crazy Nancy, Crooked Hillary, Pocahontas etc)…

They will always find (target) someone (Republican)..

To flay and demonize😠..

If they work with heart and honor to succeed (Justice Kavanaugh)👍…

‘Cause they just want some sleepy face😴

To tell them sleazy lies (I did not put my hand up under her skirt.. it never ever happened)💤💤

They all know this someone (Hidin’ Biden would never do that), so #WeBelieveJoe🤤


Is such a fitting word😉

Every one of them is such a ruse🤤…


Is the mentality of this herd!😩

& double standard is what we get from all of you (Fake News & Hollywood Women)🤫


“OLD TIME LEADERS WITH SOUL Redux” #21st CenturyThrowback

“OLD TIME LEADERS WITH SOUL Redux” #21stCenturyThrowback
(music by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band)


I took those old records off the shelf..

I sat (in Trump Tower) and read about ‘em by myself🧐

That lazy president (Obama) ain’t got the same goals (will never be a socialist country)..

I like them Old Time Leaders with soul👍

Don’t try to take Abe to a Fake-News shit show💩..

They could never even hold his hat🎩let alone the floor..

In ten minutes he’d win the ‘Twitter-Civil-War’📱

I’ll take those old time Leaders with Soul👍

Still like those Old Time Leaders With Soul..

Those kind of leaders just smooth and bold..

I reminisce (restore) about our traditions of old..

& those Old Time Leaders With Soul…


George won’t shy away from a witch-hunt tango😠

He’d rather make some news (history), founded a country with soul👍

There’s only one sure way an underdog rose (to beat the British & Crooked Hillary)💪😠👊🏻

Start playin’ (fightin’) like Old Time Leaders With Soul😉👍

Call Reagan a relic, call him what you will..

Say Conservatism’s old-fashioned, say The Gipper was over the hill..

Today’s Dem nom ain’t got no get-up-n-go😴💤💤

‘Sleepy’ not like those Old Time Leaders With Soul👍

Sure like those Old Time Leaders With Soul..

Those kind of leaders just smooth and bold😎..

I reminisce (restore) about our traditions of old (Merry Christmas!)

With those Old Time Leaders With Soul!👍😉




(music by The Blues Brothers)😎😎


Comin’ to ya..
From Honest Abe’s abode..

Good governin’..
I got a ship (USNS Comfort) load..

& when you get it (tax relief)..

You got somethin’ (economic growth & Jobs!Jobs!Jobs!)💪..

So don’t worry..
‘Cause it’s again comin’ (post virus shutdown boom! – “I built record economy once, we’ll do it again!)😉

I’m a Bold Man!👍

I’m a Bold Man!😎…

I’m a Bold Man!…

I’m a Bold Man!…

Got what we got (historic growth #’s)..

The hard way (while having to beatdown the Dirty Dems & Fake Newsies)🤤🤤👊🏻

& we make it better (Coronavirus task force)..

Each & ev’ry day (‘invisible enemy on the run & country re-opening)💪😉

So country..
Said don’t ya fret..

‘Cause we ain’t seen..
Nothin’ yet (quickly reach new highs)👍

I’m a Bold Man!…

I’m a Bold Man!😎…

I’m a Bold Man!…

I’m a Bold Man!Emoji

“I LIKE BIG TITS” #Jumpin’JoeWantedToJumpOnThose!🤗😛

“I LIKE BIG TITS” #Jumpin’JoeWantedToJumpOnThose!🤗😛

(music by Joe Walsh)

‘Ho Joe’ to minor Eva Murry at ‘08 political dinner event: “14?! you’re very well endowed for 14!!”🤗😛

(HO JOE 2008):

Uh huh..

I like BIG TITS🤗😛

Uh huh🤤..

Uh huh🤤..

I see ‘em on the DC streets..

Left & right👀

I like Big Tits, that’s right👐

I didn’t even try to look away (even after she said she was 14 yrs old!)😳

‘Cause I can’t resist😏 (& don’t want to)😛

All the time I try to maul, grab quick (at political events),

Here come some tits, uh huh..

That a big 10-4..

Big Tits (or a kiss, or hug, or rub)🤗..

Joe grabs his, uh huh..

Joe likes big tits🥰

Eva’s tits😍

I liked (ogled) her tits at the ‘First State Gridiron Dinner👀😋😏

“BIG FUCKING DEAL” Redux #YeahJumpin’JoeItSureIs!🤤

“BIG FUCKING DEAL” Redux #YeahJumpin’JoeItSureIs!🤤

(music by John Fogerty)

Intro Fogerty GUITAR RiffEmoji

Well a, beat the drum (BELIEVE!🤷🏻‍♀️BELIEVE!🤷🏻‍♀️)..

She’s not alone (#MeToo🙋🏼‍♀️)..

A victim came forth today..

He’s snorin’ again😴 (not addressing),

They’re coverin’ his ass, will not yield (hypocrite Dems & fake News)🤤🤤

Around ’93 heard (Tara Reade’s mother calling into Larry King Live), & told all at home (brother, mother neighbor & friend),
Bout’ this beady-eyed creepy-man😏

Anyone (of his countless female ‘squeezes’🤗😘😛) can understand, the way she feels😩…

(TARA READE – the victim):


He put me in a hold😘

Said, I’m ready to play☝🏻 ok?..

He put me in a hold😘

I didn’t want to play😳 no way!

Assaulted me🤦‍♀️..

This should be🤷🏻‍♀️..

(like Jumpin’ Joe demanded during Kavanaugh witch hunt & whispered to Bacrock about Obamacare),

“A Big Fucking Deal!”…

“GIMME SHELTER In Place” #OrElse!😠

“GIMME SHELTER In Place” #OrElse!😠

(music by The Rolling Stones)




A (peasant) storm is threat’nin…

My very power today…

If I don’t get some shelter (compliance)…

Oh yeah, I’m gonna lock ‘em away💪😠…

Law! (Martial)…

Children! (Subjects)…

It’s just a virus away…

It’s just a crisis away😉….


See the ‘bitter-clingers’ screamin’😫…

Trespassin’ on my streets today…

Spurn, get off State House carpets…

No bull, do my way!…

Rape!.. murder! (of our 1st Amendment)

It’s just a virus away…

It’s just a crisis away😳…


“TOUCH THEE AIDE” #Jumpin’Joe🤗😘

“TOUCH THEE AIDE” #Jumpin’Joe🤗😘

(music by The Doors)


C’mon! c’mon! c’mon! c’mon! I touched thee aide…

Told her freeze (pushed up against wall), darlin’ don’t be afraid😳…

What about that promise that you made🤔 (to keep your mouth shut!)

Why did your mother tell Larry King what I did😠

What happened to that promise that you made

(told your brother, friend, neighbor & colleague!!)…

(JUMPIN’ JOE 1993):

Now I’m, gonna rub you (“he put his hand up my skirt and he put his fingers inside me”),

Just like President Clinton does to his interns & aides🤗😘…

I’m, gonna rub you,

‘Cause I’m a political rockstar🤩 (like Ted Kennedy), and creepy guy, just keep it between you & i🤫…


“guess it’s time to get the ‘Bimbo Eruption Squad’ back together”👊🏻😍

C’mon! c’mon! c’mon! c’mon! I squash these babes👊🏻😠



(music by Aerosmith)


There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today..

& we know what it is: (Globalism, Statism, Socialism, Liberalism, PC, Fake News Media, DemocRats, RINO’s, Snowflakes w/ TDS, Antifa, China Virus, etc)..

Somethin’ wrong with their lies…

They’re seein’ (& spinnin’) things in a twisted way,

& God (& our Founding Fathers) knows it ain’t his..

They sure ain’t no surprise…

Push ‘em off the edge!… (& knock some sense into them!)

Push ‘em off the edge!…

(RED 2020 TSUNAMI!)🌊

Push ‘em off the edge!…

Push ’em off a ledgeEmojiEmoji

There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today..

The light bulb’s (AhOleC) gettin’ dim🤤..

There’s meltdown in her mind (of economy, energy, work, Green Scheme🤮etc)..

If Dems can pick their wise man (prez candidate)..

But if he speaks they won’t win😝..

They should be forever shunned and marginalized😔👍

Push ‘em off the edge!…


Quid-Pro-Joe can’t help himself from stallin,…

Push ‘em off the edge!..

Cuomo can’t help himself at all… (ignored a 2015 epidemic supply stock then begged Trump for 2020 help)😫

Push ‘em off the edge!…
Pelosi just helps herself to all!Emoji

Push ’em off the edge!…

W.H.O. tell us what you think about this situation??🤔

Abdication! no information!.. (no warning!)

Trump hammering you👊🏻😠

If Shifty Schiff✏️😳 tells you that Russia is callin’ (Trump),

Even if it wasn’t and impeachment stallin’..😫

Dems back again🤤

You know they will my friend (“never let a good crisis go to waste”, ie Corona Virus)😉

Again & again & again & again & again…..


Trump tells us what he thinks about our situation..

Dem abdication👎 biased investigations👎..

Not representing you!…

As health providers & economists tell us that the sky is fallin’..

Even as it is we know he’ll still be installin’, growth again👍

You bet, Makin’ America Great my friend 💪😉

Again! & again! & again! & again!….

There’s somethin’ right in the world today,

& everybody knows we’re strong! (American leadership & Exceptionalism)..

& we will tell ‘em know, never let it go! (hold accountable)..

‘Cause we will surely be a buildin’ on!……

Push ‘em off the edge!
Schiff can’t help himself, he’s appallin’😝…

Push her off the ledge!
Pelosi sure helps herself to all🍨Emoji🤗…

Push ‘em off the edge!
Biden can’t help himself from stallin’🤪…

Push ‘em off the edge!😳
Dems everybody, fake news everybody…



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah….

“MAGIC MAN😉v.s.TRAGIC MAN”😴 #2020Smackdown👊🏻😵

“MAGIC MAN😉v.s.TRAGIC MAN”😴 #2020Smackdown👊🏻😵

(music by ♥️Heart)


Bold, make right, not long ago (2016),

When we were not so strong you know (post Obama-Biden ruin)😖

A gritty man came to we,

Never seen a guy so red, white & blue(America 1st!)👍

You know, he did not run away, he leads💪😉,

He’d seen Obama-Biden schemes😝👎

Cleaned up their ruin,

We worked right through it (millions of new jobs) yeah!💪😉…

Build our home! lead world👍he did it with style😎(MAGA!)

They don’t have to love us,

But will respect us all the while (Peace thru strength💪 FAIR Trade, pay fair shares)😉

So TDS Cupcakes😩,

Try to understand…

Try to understand…

Cry, cry, cry😪…

But understand:


Oooh yeah👍…

He’s got the pro-growth, America 1st plan!😉

Debate nights, he sang out of tune (tough time even making coherent comments)🤤

He stayed inside hunkered down in basement bedroom🛌😴..

Never ever never let (prosecutor investigate Hunter),

Quid pro quo sell last forever😉 (elect me & I’ll make Hunter Ambassador to China)🤑..

Well, summer blunders drooled to fall🤤,

Dems finally realized their stall😖..

Obama says he’s worried, legacy dryin’ up in a hurry, yeah🥺

Stay at home! fool.. Obama cried on a burner obama-phone☎️..

For sure we’ll lose with Joey again, my girl (Moochelle) could bring it home😉..

‘Cause Bacrock understands…

Even AhOleC understands😳…

Cry, cry, cry😪 ‘cause Bernie’s Bros😡understand:


Obama aah🥺…

Joe’ s a tragic man…

(i shoulda left him on the trash heap of history)

“TWEET IT” #SocialMediaCounterpuncher👊🏻😵

“TWEET IT” #SocialMediaCounterpuncher👊🏻😵

(music by The Doors)

‘TWEET FIGHTIN’ MAN’📱😠 Locked-n-Loaded😉👍

C’mon!, c’mon!, c’mon!, c’mon! I’ll tweet it, babe..

Can’t you see, that I am not afraid (or PC)…

What was that comment fake news made😠…

Call out and tell you what they said (go directly / unfiltered to The People)😉..

Check out the response that I made💪📱…

Now, I’m… gonna punch (expose) you👊🏻…

Till your cred goes down the drain👎…

I’m… gonna punch you😵…

Put the truth😉 in front, of lies.. for you (lamestream) bye bye!😳👋

Image result for whoopi and joy behar mad angry

Image result for morning joe mad angry




“I LIKE CHINESE”🥠#&LoveTheirPropaganda🤤👍

“I LIKE CHINESE”🥠#&LoveTheirPropaganda🤤👍

(music by Monty Python)

(SLEEPY JOE from deep in his basement bunker):

The world (except for China) today seems absolutely crackers🤪..

With travel bans to slow us all, no fly.. (it’s racist! xenophobic!.. oh wait, now i guess i agree with)🤪

This fool & idiot (Trump), hitting on (China & WHO), has triggered (his virus)..

(Oh gee, why does he keep calling it the ‘Chinese Virus’)🤔

It’s depressing😣.. and I’m making sense less (& less)🤤.. but that’s why-

I like Chinese🥰…

I like Chinese😍…

Me & Bacrock (with trade & tech) would get down on our knees🤤🤤.. (& then bend over)

We were always friendly and were ready to please (allow a 1/2 trillion yr trade deficit)😉👍

I like Chinese😘…

I like Chinese🥰…

There’s 1.5 billion💵 from them, where’s Hunter in the world today🤑..

He sure learned to like them, “fire that prosecutor!” i say😉👍


We like Chinese🥰…

We like Chinese😍…

Trump’s racism goes a long way overseas..

But they’re cute, and they’re cuddly, and they didn’t spread this disease (it was Trump!)🤪

We like Chinese food (from ‘wet markets’)😋..

The W.H.O. is never rude🤓 (like Trump is!)

Think the many things they’ve done to depress (the USA)..

There’s: tech theft, trade deficit, Trump plays checkers & they play chess!

We like Chinese😍…

We like Chinese🥰…


(maybe the Chinese know)🤔

“SUNDAE WOMAN”🍨#GetYourHeadOutOfYourFreezer(Ass)!🥶

“SUNDAE WOMAN”🍨 #GetYourHeadOutOfYourFreezer(Ass)!🥶

(music by The Doors)

Intro FREEZER-BURN Groove…..

“I honestly don’t know what I would do without chocolate ice cream, hee hee”



Well, I won’t be leavin’town, back to DC won’t go!…

Took a look in freezer, went on the ‘Late Late Show’ (w/ douchebag James Corden)Emoji

Yummy all the gourmet pints in 24K frig at my humble abode😋…


You sure a lucky (entitled) little lady I’ve admired all my life🥰…


Just another lost (liberal) “angel”😝…

Livin’ the life🤪…

No PPP oversight (no Paycheck Protection Program funding)😖…

Double-fudge delight🤗…

Small business nite nite!😵👎…

Woo’.. c’mon! (back to DC & do your job!)


Sundae Women…

Sundae Women…

Sundae Woman, jeni’s has to do🍨

Sundae Woman, Dove bars have to do😋

Sundae Woman, small business just gonna have to make do😣

Hidin’ in your gated suburbs…

While we all lose👎…

Some close for good!…😖 yeah

You eat your high end food, food, food…🍧🍮

Americans lose!.. oh!… yeah😠

She sees our country hurtin’…

Towns are filled with no hires (going out of business)…

Her inaction says I never loved you…

Trump deranged is how she’s wired🤪…

Mrs. no dough providin’💵👎

Mrs. mo froze, (PPP funds) denyin’…

Mrs. no mo (small business) survivin’😵

Mrs. mofo we despisin’…😠

Got to keep freezer stockpilin’🍨🍧🍨🤗

“SIX TRILLION DOLLAR REBRAND” #BiggerBetterStronger🇺🇸👍😉


(Intro Six Million Dollar Man tv show)


Narration by President Donald J. Trump:

“United States of America, Superpower.. a nation barely alive.. Countrymen, we can rebuild her.. we have the eonomy.. we have the capability (resiliency& ingenuity) to remake the world’s first free & finest land.. The United States of America will again be that land.. better than we were before.. bigger.. stronger.. (wealth) faster”👍

Old Glory: Election 2020 Donald Trump Make America Great Again ...        Andre the Giant as Sasquatch, with Lee Majors on The Six Million ...




“THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND” #&RingingEndorsement🤮

“THANK YOU FOR BEING A FRIEND” #&RingingEndorsement🤮

(music by Andrew Gold)

‘Ode to all Schmoe’s true blue friends’🤮

Intro PIANO…

(SLEEPY JOE to Buddy Bacrock):

Thank you for being a friend..

Traveled down a hole (for 8 yrs), now our crap record’s under scrutiny again😖..

Your 1/2 hearted (response) is overdue,

Vibe of fail and no confidence😝….

(QUID PRO JOE to Brother Bernie):

You sound ashamed to say..

You hoped it all would not go this way (burned like in 2016)😡

AhOleC’s pissed off😠,

That you bent over and took another bow😳👎…

(CREEPY JOE to Pocahontas):

& you drew ‘gender card’ for Dem party..

Misogynists everyone, nothing new (including me!)..

Well, if you see the VP gift come from me,

Just discard my ex-aide’s sexual assault allegation, & say-

Thank you for being a friend🥰…

Thank you for being a friend😍…

Thank you for being a friend😘…

Thank you for being a friend😉👍…


“LEADER OF THE PACK” #Absolutely👑👍

“LEADER OF THE PACK” #Absolutely👑👍

(music by Twisted Sister)


(Michigan GOV ‘twisted sista’ WHITMER):

“hey, is he really going out with him??”…

(California GOV NEWSOM):

“there he is, let’s ask him”…

(GOV Twisted Sista):

“hey man, are those his masks you’re wearin’?😷

(New York GOV ANDREW):

“Uh huh”🤤…


“man, it must be great ridin’ (on that ship) with him😎

is he callin’ you up after the briefing today?”…


“uh uhEmoji

(GOV Twisted Sista):

“by the way, why’d you retweet him?”🤪


I texted him at the Federal Stockpile store!..

He brought companies around (private sector partnership) and stockpiled for me👍

They got the picture…(Defense Production Act)💪


Yeah, we see😳

That’s why they fell in line for…


“CROSSROADS” #BiggestDecisionOfMyLife🤔🙏🏻

“CROSSROADS” #BiggestDecisionOfMyLife🤔🙏🏻

(music by Cream / Robert Johnson)🎸🎸


I went down to the crossroads..

Tryin’ to make it right (decision when to re-open country)🤔🙏🏻…

I went down to the crossroads..

Tryin’ to make it right (doctor/military task force & re-open country council)😉…

Nobody seems to know exactlyEmoji..

Everybody consulting me wise👩🏻‍🔬👩🏾‍⚕️😇

I went down to the crossroads..

Shutdown from disease🦠😷… (the invisible genius enemy)

I went down to the crossroads..

Rebound, beat disease👍…

Ask the Lord above for mercy🙏🏻 (task force, council & ‘my genius metric’🧠)😉..

Save us, even the Fake News & Do Nothing Dem sleaze🥰


“I’M HUNKERED DOWN”😴 #&Goin’DownCome November😵

“I’M HUNKERED DOWN”😴 #&Goin’DownComeNovember😵

(music by Bruce Snowflake❄️😫 Springsteen)


I sit in basement, inside my house.. (all quiet)

I can feel the sleep a comin’ ‘round😑💤💤

Bernie Bros go to put their arms around me😘 (now have to support Quid Pro Joe)🥵

& AhOleC, gives them a look like they’re way outta bounds😠

Well, Obama let’s out one of his bored (detached no endorsement) sighs🙄

Well lately when supporters look into my closed eyes😴

I’m hunkered down, down, down, down💤💤

I’m hunkered down, down, down, down💤💤

I’m hunkered down, down, down, down💤💤

My campaign’s clunkerin’ down, down, sound, like a clown🤡….

I get mic’d up 💻🎙and I ‘zoom’, out, baby live on ‘skype’🤤

In their homes, everybody starts turnin’, turnin’ (the channel)👎

Yearnin’ for some fire & fight/life😝😑..

They’re sick & tired of DNC proppin’ me up🥺

Proppin’ me up for Trump to just go knock-a knock-a knock-a me👊🏻down, down, down, down😵..

Come November,
I’m goin’ down, down, down, down💤💤

Hidin’ Biden’s in his basement,

Hunkered down, down, down, down😳…

Jill won’t even come,
Down, down, down, down…Emoji

Hey! GOOD-NITEEmojiEmoji

“W.H.O. R U?? #NoMore🤑ForYouChinaStooge

W.H.O. R U?? #NoMore🤑ForYouChinaStooge

(music by The Who)


WHO….. R U??
(China) stooge stooge… stooge stooge…

WHO….. R U??
(China) stooge stooge… stooge stooge…


It started up, with a Wuhan ‘wet market’ flay,

The WHO Chieftain knew (but downplayed) it’s name (& infectious lethality)..

He said, “you can go fly back to homes tonight (in Italy, Spain, America etc)

No need to mask up, or keep six feet away” (minimal social distance)..

I staggered back 🤧🤒🤢 to my homeland ground,

& big sneeze🤧blew through the air😵..

I remember Trump throwin’ ventilators around (mostly to ill prepared Cuomo),

& WHO Chief clown preachin’ (CYA) like he cared😨

WHO….. R U??

(China) stooge stooge.. stooge stooge..🤤

I really wanna know,

WHO….. R U🤔

No more billions for you🤑👎.. you through👎😫..


“I THANK YOU” #THXMrPresident!🥰

“I THANK YOU” #THXMrPresident!🥰

(music by Honky Donkeys)

Performed by honky donkeys (aka Dem jackasses, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo w/ guest appearance by brother Fredo Cuomo…


“This is a true story”…


Well, you didn’t have to govern for me but you did (sent masks).. and you did (sent ventilators).. and you did (sent USNS Comfort!)⛑🚢..

I thank you!👍

You didn’t have to govern for me like you did (sent gowns).. but you did (sent respirators).. and you did (built hospitals!)🏥..

I thank you!👍

Then you took your gov, and gave to someone else (other states)..

I wouldn’t know what that meant, as being governor of death (turned down 2015 opportunity to stock 16,000 ventilators and other medical supplies for pandemic preparedness)👎

You made New Yorkers feel, like they’ve never felt (safe & secure)😉

Supplies so good even Fredo hollered for your help!😵…

You didn’t have to please me like you did (sent gloves).. but you did (sent medical staff).. and you did (built hospitals!)🏥..

I thank you!👍


You didn’t have to throw it, like you did (sent ventilators).. oh you did (sent masks).. but you did (sent USNS Comfort!)⛑🚢..

I thank you👍

Everyday you sent us something new.. (more supplies!)

You pulled out your doc bag, and hydroxychloroquine too..

You want me tryin’, these drugs too..

But no way I can, keep a up with you!😣….


“THEE ENTERTAINER” #&GreatLeader🇺🇸👍


( music by Billy Joel)

From Tweeting to Meetings to Press Briefings to Rallies: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!😉

I am thee Entertainer..

& I know just where America stands (1st!)..

Not another (pc political bs) serenader..

I’m my own stylin’ haired brand😎

Today (& for 8 yrs) I am your champion💪

Each day I work with all my heart..

& I know the game, haters want to impeach my name😠

‘Cause they know I’ll be here, for another 5 years👍

& they won’t play ‘majority’ part!😉

I am thee Entertainer..

& I’ve had them pay my price (trade restructure)🤑

These things I did, know put us first👍

They’ll learn I don’t play nice😵(tariff China)

Ah, and now they come to help me (27,000 Mexican troops on border)👍

Still for Wall they pay💰

‘Cause we’ve learned to dance, holdin’ hands we advance..

I stop ‘em drugs that trek, trade deficits in check,

Here we go, USMCA!😉

I am thee Entertainer..

Built all around the world🌏..

I’ve made all kinds of palaces (Trump properties)🏢

& I married one hell of a girl (1st-Lady Melania)😍

I can remember (‘The Apprentice’) faces..

I sure remember names (‘Celebrity Apprentice’)🤩

Ah, and what a sell,

You know show did so well👍

‘Cause after awhile, & lots of money piles💰

For charities, Big League gains💵💵💵😉

I am thee Entertainer..

I right for you much wrong..

I got to cut a tax or two,

Capital re-investment didn’t take that long😉..

No, on military can’t cut expenses💪

We’ve got to hold Red-Lines (unlike Bacrock Hussein)..

Gotta hit those fleas, in the Middle East (terrorists, mullahs etc)🚀

‘Cause we can’t forever stay, ‘cause there’s bills at home to pay (infrastructure etc)$$$..

Makin’ America Great all the time!👍…

I am thee Entertainer..

I come to do rally shows👏

You’ve heard my consistent rantings (against Fake-News media & Do-Nothing Dems)😝

I been on Hannity talk-radio📻..

It’ll take four more years to right it,

Obama was the worst years for our strife (economy, racial, security etc)😝👎

‘Hopey-Change was a siren song,

For Low-Info ding-dongs🤤..

Yeah we took a big hit,

But gotta MAGA fix👍..

& we built it back in 3.5 (yrs)😉…

I am thee Entertainer..

‘American Idol’ of this age (real world success)💪😉

I spent all my own money (no lobbyists)🤑

When I got on the stage (came down Trump Tower escalator)😎..

Ah, you’ve seen me troll the papers (Failing-NY-Times, Washington Compost)📰🤣

I’ve been rippin’ magazines (Time, Newsweek etc)📖🤤

But ‘Morning Schmoe’ gets old😭,

& CNN folds👎

As I get hit with attacks, from these biased hacks😫

I’ll hold another ‘daily brief’🎙😉 (TDS alive & well!)😫🤣

I am thee Entertainer..

& I know just where America stands (1st!)..
Not another (pc political bs) serenader..
I’m my own stylin’ haired brand😎
Today (& for 8 yrs) I am your champion💪
Each day I work with all my heart..
& I know the game, haters want to impeach my name😠
‘Cause they know I’ll be here, for another 5 years👍
& they won’t play ‘majority’ part!😉

“ALL BACKFIRES” #SeeDefinitionOfInsanity

“ALL BACKFIRES” #SeeDefinitionOfInsanity

(music by Bruce Snowflake😫❄️Springsteen)


Hey fake-news worms in your press room home,

Did Trump go and leave your bias exposed😲…

‘I gotcha’ questions desire🤔??…

Oh.. oh.. oh..🤭

They backfire🤫…

Tell me now Biden, was travel-ban good to fight flu (covid)??

Did Trump do for us things that you wouldn’t do.. (hypocrite do-nothing)🥴

He can make you tired😴 (you can’t keep up old fart)

Oh.. oh.. oh..🤭

It backfired…😮🤣

All the time,
It’s like Dems’ll take a gripe, bogus & dumb🤤,

& run a sound-bite volley, then have it all turn out null…😣

At night Schiff wakes up😳 with impeach ‘dreaming wet’😝,

Another fake game runnin’ during the middle of this dread…
All fools,
Pelosi fuels his desire😠

(a partisan virus oversight committee to undermine Trump)🤤

Oh.. oh.. oh.. it’ll backfire😤

Oh.. oh.. oh.. more backfireEmojiEmoji

Oh.. oh.. oh.. all backfires😫

“COVER ME” #Mask/ScarfUp!😷

“COVER ME” #Mask/ScarfUp!😷

(music by Bruce ‘Snowflake’❄️Springsteen)


This slime is tough now, just gettin’ tougher🤧

This pandemic is rough it’s, just gettin’ rougher🤒

Cover me😷…

Come on country

Cover sneeze🤧…

Well, we’re lookin’ for our governors who will,

Ship masks on in, to cover me🤕…

Now, promise me country you won’t, let Dems bind us (they never let a good crisis go to waste without pushing Statism)😳..

Hold us in your arms (Healthcare Heroes)⛑👍

Let’s let, our free-markets get behind us💪

Cover me😷…

Stay indoors (hunker down)😉

& cover sneeze🤧…

Aaah, we’re lookin’ for our governors who will,

Ship masks on in, to cover me🤕…

Outside covid😳

This thrivin’ foe (‘the invisible enemy’)🦠

We can stop the, vile, spread, growin’😷…

Scarf up real tight..

Stay indoors..

Don’t be goin’ out, hoardin’ TP no more!🛒🧻🧻🧻🧻

Whole world is out there, masks, tryin’ to score..

Don’t got enough, Trump wants to (Defense Production Act),

See many more! 3M😠

Cover me😷…

Put on! and cover sneeze🤧…

We’re not lookin’ for our governors to, lock us in (shelter at home order)😲

& smother me😞

Lookin’ for our governors who will,

Ship masks on in, to cover me😷


PREZ T: “this is voluntary.. I won’t be wearing one”😉



(music by The Babys)

I love how your eyes narrow😠…

Whenever he’s on tv📺🎙…

& when he takes the spotlight away from you…

I love how you get pissed & freak😫…

I love the way you always treat (Trump supporters aka American majority),


But darlin’s most of all…

I love how you…..😤🤣

I love how you hate his tweets😠…

Whenever he trolls you (on twitter)…

I love how you instinctively…

Scream at the sky without being told to⛈😩…

I love the way you touch (antifa) us always,

But darlin’s most of all…

I love how you…..😤🤣


I love the way you’re such in all ways,

But snowflakes, most of all…

I love how you schlubs seethe😤🤣…

I love how you schlubs seethe…EmojiEmoji

I love how you’re cheesy, weezy, sleazy,

I love the way you’re stuck in all ways,
But cupcakes, most of all…
I love how you schlubs seetheEmojiEmoji

I love how you schlubs seethe😤🤣…


“FORGET YOU” #ForgetTheseDeplorables

“FORGET YOU” #ForgetTheseDeplorables

(music by CeeLo Green)


You see her whinin’ ‘round town😫

‘Bout the prez we love & I’m like F U!🖕🏻

& you.. you.. you! (Fake/Hate News, Dem Lunatics, Deranged Snowflakes etc)

Try to put change in people’s pockets (stimulus),

But wasn’t enough (didn’t include their Green New Scam),

I’m like, F U!🖕🏻

& fuck Dems too!😠

Said, deny this bitcher, (come November, majority) won’t still be with ya..
Ha! now ain’t that some shit💩🤣
(dethrone this witch)👍

& all down the drain, swamp infest..
We still swish all her mess with a,
MAGA flush you!
Oo ooo oo!…

Yeah, not sorry, we can’t afford your spendin’ safari🤑
& that don’t mean more stimulus you’ll get there..
You bet Trump’s an Xbox (new tech/graphics), and Sick-Puppy’s more Atari (old broken joystick),
& the way she plays political games, she don’t care (as Sick-Puppy fiddled w/ impeachment & stimulus pet pork projects, people died)😵

Real shitty the fools, that vote for gov with you👎
(No shit she’s an old swamp figure)🧟‍♀️
(just thought you should know ‘SOTU Ripper’),
Voters got some bad news for you (NOV 2020)😳
Yeah, go run & tell your little boyfriend (Cryin’ Chuckie)😢


You see her (STILL – who won’t accept election result?)🤣 whinin’ ‘round town😫
‘Bout the prez we love & I’m like F U!🖕🏻

& you.. you.. you!

You filled will change💰all your pantsuit pockets (Clinton Crime Foundation)💵
But never enough (Uranium One),
I’m like F U!🖕🏻
& fuck Slick too!😠

Said, despise this bitcher, (even Sasquatch threw her crooked ass outta his woods)👹
Lame excuses still are with ya..
Ha! now ain’t that some shit💩🤣
(what a sorry sac bitch)🤤

& although refrain no arrest,
We still think LOCK HER UP’s the best😉👍
With a, FUCK U!
Oo ooo oo!…

Now we know, that you were glad to borrow,
Beg & steal & lie & cheat… (professional political parasite)
Tried to cheat us (illegal server, classified emails)..
Tried to sleaze is (“Deplorables”)..
‘Cause being in gov with your ass, would reek!💩😳

Real pity (pathetic), the snowflake fools❄️😫 that wanted gov with you👎
(No shit she’s a gold digger)
(just thought you should know digger)
I’ve got some news for you,
We really hate your despicable ass😉



“DIRTY LAUNDRY”🤤 #DailyBriefingDetergent👊🏻

“DIRTY LAUNDRY”🤤 #DailyBriefingDetergent👊🏻

(music by Don Henley)

Ode to the White House press fakecakes🤤😫

(CNN hatecakes):

I make my livin’ off the task-force news..

Just give me somethin’, somethin’ I can abuse..

Snowflakes love it, want Trump to lose,

They want dirty laundry (aka negative/untruthful press)…

Well I coulda been a (dipshit) actor🤤, but I wound up here..

I just have to lie good, nasty questions, my bias clear..

Come and watch me sensationalize fear😳

I create dirty laundry…


They, kick me when we’re up..

They, kick me when we’re down..

Kick me when we’re up..
Kick me when we’re down..
Kick me when we’re up..
Kick me when we’re down..
I kick these phony stiffs👊🏻
Kick ‘em expose these clowns!🤡

We got the Medusa headed Rachel Maddow,

Comes on and cries/lies😫

She can tell ya ‘bout the stock crash,

With a gleam in her eye😏

It’s interesting when people die (she falsely stated Trump said virus was a hoax)😵

She spins dirty laundry…

Can we bloat (w/ pork) this (2 trillion) operation, (take advantage of, don’t let a good crisis go to waste!)

Is our ‘Green New Scam’ included yet??🤮

You know, The Squad’s in Dem warroom,

AhOleC & motherfucker Tlaib’s got a running bet..

Get to blackmailing & as much as we can get🤑

Slime Trump with dirty laundry…


They don’t really want to find out, what’s goin’ on (our tremendous effort & energy)..
They don’t really want to know just how far we’ve gone (tremendous production & care)…
Just leave well enough alone (don’t report successes),
Repeat their dirty laundry🤤

They, kick me when we’re up..
They, kick me when we’re down..
Kick me when we’re up..
Kick me when we’re down..
Kick me when we’re up..
Kick me when we’re down..
I kick these phony stiffs👊🏻
Kick ’em expose these clowns!🤡

Dirty little secretions (made up, out of context, anonymous sources etc)…

Dirty little flies🦟💩

They got their dirty little questions, with every biased lie…

I love to cut them down to size!😠

Make ‘em eat their dirty laundry🤢👍

“TRUMP-TIME” #LightspeedLeadership🛸

“TRUMP-TIME” #LightspeedLeadership🛸

(music by The Rolling Stones)

24 hrs TrumpTime = 2 wks Standard Time


Early travel bans & quarantines, task force expertise, private business partnering, resource supply production etc…


Is on our side.. yes it is!👍


Is on our side.. yes it is!😉

Now he always says…

We’re the greatest & free…

& we’ll, come rushin’ back (health & way of life)…

Yeah we will country👍

It’ll, come rushin’ back (record economy)…

Like he’s said so many times before🤑

We’ll, come rocketing back🚀victory!…..



Is on our side.. yes it is!👍


Is on our side.. yes it is😉

We’re fighting for good (healthy) times…

So just help and heed (abide by public policy)…

We’ll, come rushin’ back (health & way of life)…

We won’t have to worry no more😉

It’ll, come rushin’ back (JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!)…

Spend the rest of five yrs creating jobs for you, country!😉

We’ll, come rocketing back🚀victory!👍👍…..




(music by The Spaniels)


(ber, ber, ber, bern, out)…

Goodnight, old fart well, it’s time you go… (get out of race or I’ll do you like Cornpop!)😠

(ber, ber, ber, bern, out)…

Goodnight, old fart well, it’s time for Joe🤪

(bern, bern, bern, out)…

We hate to deceive you (screw again), but we (DNC) really must say,

Oh, not your fight, old fart, take a hike…😡


(quid, quid, quid, pro, joe)…

Goodnight, old fart well, where’d Hunter go??🤔

(quid, quid, quid, pro, joe)…

Goodnight, old fart well,

bedtime Joe Blow😴..

(quid, quid, pro, joe)…

Trump can’t wait to deep-freeze you👊🏻😵, and down you really best stay..

Oh, goodnight, old fart, sleep tight😔💤💤💤


Well, it’s three o’clock, convention mornin’,

& Joey, I just can’t endorse plight😖

Well, I hate to flee you Joey,

& I don’t mean maybe, because I shove you bro…

(doo doo doo, doo doo doo, doo doo doo, joe blow)🥴…

Goodnight, old fart well, where’d Hunter go??🤔

(quid, quid, quid, pro joe)…

Goodnight, old fart well, bedtime you schmoe😴…

(quid, quid, pro joe)…

Trump can’t wait to deep-freeze you👊🏻😵, and down you really best stay..

Oh, goodnight, old fart, sleep tight😔💤💤💤


“HIT THE SINK ON ME”🧴🙌 #ThenHave ADrinkOnMe🥃😜

“HIT THE SINK ON ME”🧴🙌 #ThenHaveADrinkOnMe🥃😜

(music by AC⚡️DC)

‘Salute to American alcohol distillers converting to hand sanitizer production’👍

Intro ANGUS🎸…


Whiskey, gin & brandy..

Fill your glass, we’re pretty handy🥃

Now, tryin’ to block a sick slime🤢

With enthanol, aloe & lavender combine🙌😉

So join in, scrub and wash more.. (for at least 20 seconds)

It’s gonna help keep employed👍

For less, worry about tomorrow,

Makin’ it today🧼

Don’t forget to refill check🧴

We’ll keep swell (spread) at bay…

Ah, hit the sink on me🧴

Yeah hit the sink, scrub clean🧼

Then, have a drink on me.. (we’re gonna have a hell of a future happy hour)😁🥃

(but for now),

Hit the sink, hands clean🙌 (on me)

C’mon! (scrub then shots)🧼🧴🥃😉



(music by Carl Douglas)

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….😳

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….🤫

(‘Corona-CHINESE-VIRUS’ Chorus):

Everybody (in China) was Wuhan Sleighting🤥🤫…

Those gooks were last highlighting (the danger)😒🤫…

In fact, it was a little bit igniting (virus spread)😳🤫

& they fought (propaganda war) with expert whining (blaming others)😫🤫

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….😳

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….🤫


Everybody was Wuhan Slighting😉👍…

Those gooks, I’m fast indicting😉👍…

In fact, it was a little bit enlightening🤔(we now know how they roll)😠

But I fight (commie propaganda) with expert (non pc/truthful) sliming👍 (‘Chinese-Virus’)😉…

“WAR GIG” #EnlistOrMoveToChina😠

“WAR GIG” #EnlistOrMoveToChina😠

(music by Black Sabbath)

ATTENTION TRUMP HATERS: Enlist now, or blast off to permanent quarantine on Jupiter with Cher🚀🤪

(WARTIME PRESIDENT): “we are now at war with an invisible enemy, and we will achieve total victory!”

Intro IOMMI🎸…

People hunkered in their (social distanced) masses!…

Stocked up niches (pantries)🥫, TP stashes🧻…

Science minds👩🏻‍🔬now plot (virus) destruction! (vaccine)…

Healthcare providers👩🏾‍⚕️for death reduction…

In the field, the businesses yearning (healthcare equipment production)👍…

As the ‘war machine’ starts churning (Defense Production Act)💪…

Health & unity of mankind!🤝…

Protecting all, quarantine time🤕…

Oh Lord yeah!🙏🏻

Politicians put their games (partisanship) away…

That’s what’s needed in this war!…

Bind must they with clout, to bring this fight👊🏻…

They lead, that role elected for!…


Time will tell, our great science minds…

Finding cure, git ‘er done!…

(Healthcare professionals) Treating people just like kings in chess (protect most vulnerable)👍…

Great, ‘til our victory day comes!




Now in sickness, country stops turning (traveling)…

Cash to where the businesses hurting (stimulus)🤑…

Now our War Gig has much power!💪…

Hand of Trump, he does not cower👍😉… (unlike Obama)😝

Day of action, Trump installing!👍 (early travel ban, quarantine, testing, equipment etc)…

(Chinese Virus) On it’s knees, our War Gig’s stalling! (defeating)👊🏻😠

Beg our mercy, for their sins (commie bastards let spread!)…

‘Lady Liberty’ leading spreads & freedom rings!💪😉


“IMAGINE” #IfObamaCrookedHillaryOrBidenWereInCharge!😳

“IMAGINE” #IfObamaCrookedHillaryOrBidenWereInCharge!😳

(music by John Lennon)


Imagine there’s no travel ban..

It’s easy, more would die..

No quarantined among us..

From gov to us, virus rise🤧🤒.. (see H1N1 or as Joe says, N1H1)🤤

Imagine all the people, infected every day!😲

Imagine there’s no love of country (America 1st: closed/secured borders, federal /state/private business collaboration)..

It isn’t hard to do.. (Dem open borders, sanctuary country)

Nothing to stand or die for (no Freedom & Liberty, just Statism/Globalism)..

& no religion, 1st Amendment through..

Imagine We The People, having our Rights cease!😲


You may say Obama was a leader..

But you’d be the only one (aside from the low-info dopes)🤤

I hope someday you’ll (wise up) join us..

& the country will be as one👍

Imagine no incentive..

Bernie Bros sure can🤤🤤🤤

No need for partisan greed or political hunger..

No brotherhood of Democrat & fake-news scams..

Imagine all the people, pulling for all the world..(Make The World Great via Freedom & Liberty)🌎👍


You may say Trump is no leader..

But you’d be the only one (outside of The Swamp)🧟‍♂️

I hope someday we’ll drain you mucks💩

& our country will be a fragrant one🌺🌸🌼👍


“OLD MEN” #Old&Older(Dumb&Dumber

“OLD MEN” #Old&Older(Dumb&Dumber)

(music by Neil Young)


Old men, look at your life..

We, do not like your work👎

Old men, look at your gripes..

We, do not like your words🤤

Old men, look at your life (resumes of not/rot)😝

Trump four more👍 ‘cause they’re so damn poor (been wrong on virtually every major issue)👎

Leave alone our great paradise (KAG!)..

Keep away from these two☠️😉

Gov lost.. (Obama/ Biden Era/Error of fundamental transformational rot)💩

Such a cost.. (debt doubled, military gutted, terror & crime rise etc)..

Gave us things (isis, Iran nuke path, epic lost manufacturing etc)..

Made sure we lost😩 (on trade, energy, immigration etc)..

Like a coin, they both get tossed (into trash bin)

Heads or tails we lose👎👎

Old men we took a look at your lives,

& we do not like you!😝

We need someone to govern,

The whole term through (not die midstream)😵

Ah, one look in your eyes,

& we can tell you’re a loon (Crazy Bernie)🤪 / you’d snooze (Sleepy Joe)😴…

Lullabies (Socialist fantasies),

Statist disguise..

Run around the same old towns (honeymoon in Soviet Union, vaca in Cuba)..

Your history reveals so much to me😳,

(Your admiration of communism) means so much to you😍

Now you’re 1st, was last,

Look at how Establishment moved past (circled wagons & screwed Bern again)😡

Now Joe’s all alone (in delegate field) real fast (Dem dropouts & endorsements),

Rollin’ throne🧻🚽 to you…

Old men we took a look at your lives,
& we do not like you!Emoji
We need someone to govern,
The whole term through (not die midstream)Emoji
Ah, one look in your eyes,
& we can tell you’re a loon (Crazy Bernie)Emoji / you’d snooze (Sleepy Joe)Emoji

Old men, look at your life..

We, do not like your workEmoji

Old men, look at your gripes..

We, do not like your wordsEmoji



(music by Monty Python)

The world today is absolutely crackers…🤧😷

With viral spread, to lay us all down to die…😵

There’s fools & idiots eating bat-soup🦇🥡which triggers…🤒🤢

It’s frustrating (unhealthy!), and it’s senseless (risky, selfish etc), so here’s why-

I Dislike Chinese😠

I Dislike Chinese…

They weren’t honest about disease (commie bastards!)..

& with trade not friendly, and they didn’t travel ban freeze!Emoji

I Dislike Chinese😠

I Dislike Chinese…

There’s 1.5 billion of them in the world today (too many communist polluters!)..

Their cheap products we never liked them👎 Trump keeping them the hell away👍

I Dislike Chinese😠

I Dislike Chinese…

Their virus comes from a long way overseas..

& they’re not cute👿 & they’re not cuddly☠️ & they’re ready to sneeze🤧😱

“LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER”🙏🏻#Health&ScienceTooBu tDon’tTellTrumpDerangedLibs&AtheistDopes😱🤣

“LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER”🙏🏻 #Health&ScienceTooButDon’tTellTrumpDerangedLibs&AtheistDopesEmoji🤣
(music by Bon Jovi)

Once upon a time… a month or so ago…

Trump/Pence says,
We gotta go on (with our lives),
But wash hands a lot (stay home & get tested too!)🤒

Our early action made the difference if we make it or not (China ban, quarantine)😷

We got each other (best scientists & doctors), and that’s a lot,

From gov –
We’ll give travel ban a shot!

We’re halfway there (to Italy status)🤧
Whooa… ooh!..
Livin’ on a prayer!🙏🏻

Embrace my plan,
& we’ll get vaccine I swear⛑

Whooa… ooh!..
Livin’ on a prayer!😇
(health & science too of course)😉

(but don’t tell Trump deranged Libs😩or Atheist Dopes🤤) 😂🤣



(music by Foghat)


“Folks!.. re-elect me, i’m joe O’Biden!”🤪

Joe’s rise…

Prop up ain’t easy…😒

Slow guy…

Gaffes come easy🤪…

Joe’s slide…

Dementia makes most uneasy😳…

Slow guy…🤤

50 years being wrong ain’t easy👎…

He hit the snooze😴…

But Dem field was light😝…

Clyburn then juiced it🤩…

‘Super Thursday’, he rolled all night!🤪…

Oooooooo….. joe hide…. oooooo….

Joe’s rise!…

Prop up ain’t easy… (just ask his recent endorsement/debate attackers)🙄

Quid Pro Quo guy!🤤…

Prosecution easy😉👍 (see video cameo)🤩


Slow down!…Emoji

This clown!Emoji

Got to limit rally speech to 7 minute time!….

Hold me!… (prop up)

Patrol me!… (protect)

Slow Biden’s woman you’re so fineEmojiEmoji

GUITAREmoji wooo!…

“BERNIE” #FeelDaBurnAgain🔥😤

“BERNIE” #FeelDaBurnAgain🔥😤

(music by The Rolling Stones)





Why did those delegates all disappear?…



You will not lead us, we fear (feelin’ burn again)😩

With no governin’ that is bold (Socialist revolt),

& no money that we stole (confiscate & redistribute)..

We can’t say (with Biden) we’re satisfied!😞…



Castro can’t say you never tried!😡…

Bernie, free everything is beautiful😍,

& ain’t it time to Capitalism we say goodbye (& an exceptional SOL)👋

Bernie, we still love ya🥰(socialist dumbdumb cult)🤤

Remember all those on ‘the Right’ you demonized👹👍

All the dreams we held so close (Green Nasty Deal, Gov HC, open borders etc),

Seemed to all go up in (legalized pot) smoke😝

As AhOleC babbled out her rear🤤…



You will not lead us, we fear😩

(burned by Establishment again)😡

“MONEY FOR NOTHIN’”💵🔥#AssKickedForFree🤑

“MONEY FOR NOTHIN’”💵🔥 #AssKickedForFree🤑

(music by Dire Straits)

FUNDED BY ‘Mini Mike’ & ‘Wacky Tom Steyer’🤤🤪
(a billion between these two douchebags)


I want my…

I want my ultra expensive ultra cheesy ads on tv….

I want my….

I want my ultra expensive ultra cheesy ads on tv….


INTRO Knopfler🎸RIFF…


Now look at them yoyo’s..

That ain’t the way you do it..

Run for President with cheesy ads on tv😝..

They ain’t workin’, that ain’t the way you do it.. (nor getting throttled at debates)😣

Money (hundreds of millions!) for nothin’, & Pocahontas kicks your ass for free!😖

Now, ads ain’t workin’, that ain’t the way you do it..

Lemme tell ya, them guys are dumb..

Maybe get a box to stand your, little figure..

Maybe sayin’ impeach 1,000 times was dumb🙄

(MAYOR PEEP & AMY “what you want to do?”):

We got campaign stall, no delegate lovin’..

Debate bitchin’, irrelevancy!😑

Now we got to endorse this dumbass bloviator..

We got to praise him on fake news tv!😝

“BERNIE AND HIS BROS” #CrazyBernie&HisPajamaBoyComrades

“BERNIE AND HIS BROS” #CrazyBernie&HisPajamaBoyComrades

(music by Elton John)

INTRO ‘Slow Bernout’ Emoji PIANO RIFF….

Hey Libs, light this fuse together..

The spotlight’s heatin’ something, we’ve been known to change the weather (status quo breeze to Feel The Bern storm),

We’ll kill the fat cats alright, spread their wealth around..

You’re gonna hear expenses muted, revolt calls resound!…

Say, Castro’s and commies, have you seen their best (literacy program/indoctrination, gun grab, socialized med/oops! patient died)Emoji
Oooo, now they’re so crazed about,
B-B-B-Bernie and his Bros…

Image result for bernie bros free stuff
Oh, yeah they’re feared, but they’re wonderful.. (idolize dictators)Emoji
Oh Bernie, he’s really keen (on Socialism & Soviet Union)
He’s got expensive loots (Greenie Weenie New Deal, free college tuition),
& bros that group (Twitter mobs & rally assaults),
You know they read it (Rules For Radicals) by Saul Alinsky!.. oooh..
B-B-B-Bernie and his Bros…. EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji

Hey Libs, plugged into, are his Marxists..
Maybe they’re blinded (indoctrinated by educational institutions)Emoji
But Bernie makes them rage, yes! (FEEL DA BERN!)EmojiEmoji
“Greed” won’t survive, watch ’em take free-markets apart..
There they fight their parents out in the streets (leave occupy-parent-basement to occupy-in-street),
To find who’s right (record stocks & funds)Emoji and who’s wrong (these dopey bernouts)Emoji

Say, Castro’s and commies, have you seen their best (literacy program/indoctrination, gun grab, socialized med)Emoji
Ooo, how they’re so crazed about,
B-B-B-Bernie and his Bros…

Oh, yeah they’re feared, but they’re wonderful (idolize dictators),
Oh Bernie, he’s really keen (on Communism & Soviet Union)Emoji
He’s got expensive loots (Greenie Weenie New Deal, free college tuition),
& bros that group (twitter mobs & rally assaults),
You know they read it (Rules For Radicals) by Saul Alinsky!.. oooh..
B-B-B-Bernie and his Bros…. EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji




BERNIE & his BROS… EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji




BERNIE!… Bernie!

BERNIE & his BROS… EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji


“misFIRE” #FeelTheNap😑(HitTheSnooze)😴

“misFIRE” #FeelTheNapEmoji (HitTheSnooze)Emoji
(music by Bruce ‘Snowflake’ Springsteen)

INTRO Biden Supporter RIFF: “I’m wondering what is your fire? you see Bernie and Pocahontas, you see their fire.. that’s what I’m looking for.. where is your Fire???”

Image result for birthday candles blown out

(QUID PRO JOE): “get out & vote folks!.. it’s Super Thursday!”Emoji

Image result for biden malarkey tour bus

I’m ridin’ on my bus… (the ‘No Malarkey’ tour)

I look out the window… (sign says ‘Entering Iowa’)

I’m pollin’ real close… (’cause I’m a caucus)

But then say “I’m in Ohio”… Emoji

Supporter says she don’t like it… (my lame 4th place finish)

But girl, I know you’re a (dog-faced pony soldier) liar!…

‘Cause when I speak… ooh… misFire…🥴

Image result for biden confused

Well, early on (NH primary) night…

I’m takin’ off for (SC) home… (the ‘Gaffe-Arsonist’s firewall’)

I say, I don’t wanna stay!… (campaign in hostile States – most)

Voters say, “we want you to leave us alone!”

Obama not sayin’ he loves me???

DNC can’t hide their Convention quagmire…

‘Cause when I speak… ooh… misFire…🤪

Image result for biden sleeping


They had low (enthusiasm) polls on me, right from the start…
With hype so high, I couldn’t bear it or play the partEmoji
My nerves all jumpin’ (forehead veins pumpin’), actin’ like a fool (the 5 decade jester)Emoji
Well his kisses they BERNEmoji(his campaign red hot!), but mine won’t start…
I just drool……..Emoji

Mayor Peep and Amyette… (drop outs to prop my sorry ass up)

Mini and Lieawatha…

Baby, you can bet…

My DNC thugs they will deny… (Feel The Bern AGAIN)Emoji

My words, I may spitEmoji

But take my word, I’m their guy…Emoji
(last desperate hope verses socialist revolt)Emoji

but when I speak… ooh… misfire…🤮

Image result for birthday candles blown out




(music by ACEEmoji (Frehley KISS solo album)


Many years that I ruled there…

On the street, my guys were friskin’ Black’s Rights away… (“just Xerox their description and throw them up against a wall”)

To the left and to the right,

Banning ‘Big Gulps’, don’t question why🤔😠

Got ‘em outta sight, control is my Right (true Statist)…


Here I am! (“look down behind the debate podium, they would not give me a box to stand on!”)🤤

Buyin’ this country (Dem nomination first up)🤑


With a fistful of dollars (billions)💰

& Farmers! you’d better believe! –

I’m back!.. back in my New York groove….

I’m back!.. back in my New York groove….

I’m back!.. back in my New York groove….


“MY CORONA” #TrumpVirus

“MY CORONA” #TrumpVirus
(music by The Knack)

INTRO “Deplorable Dems”:

NYTimes – “If you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame.. Let’s call it Trumpvirus”

Cryin’ Chuck & Nervous Nancy – “Trump Admin is showing towering and dangerous incompetence”

Mayor Doomberg & Quid Pro Joe🤤🤤 – “Trump’s cut CDC funding!”

Ooh, my little icky one.. my deadly one..

When you gonna get here, in time! Corona! (meantime racist travel ban)👍

Ooh, you make the markets plunge.. the markets plunge😳

Got my poll numbers in decline! Corona!…

Dems never gonna stop, play it up (“never let a crisis go to waste”),
Such despicable minds,Emoji

Always wash ’em up (hands), do not touch! (every hand rail!),
I’m the ‘germ-a-phobe’ kind…

My, my, my, aye.. woo!…

mm, mm, mm, My! Corona!Emoji

“the only way we beat Trump, is for his virus to spread!”…


“WORKIN’ for us🇺🇸 MAN” # PromisesMadePromisesKept😉

“WORKIN’ for us🇺🇸 MAN” #PromisesMadePromisesKept😉

(music by RUSH)


Well my tweets start up, ‘bout 7 am (direct communication to The People),

& I, get to work ‘round 9…

I got no time for (do nothing pc) politicians,

Yes, I’m workin’ (for citizens) all the time!..

It seems to me, we’ve been livin’ our lives (last 3 plus yrs)👍

A lot better than with that ‘Hopey-Change’ man😝

I guess that’s why they call me…

They call me their Workin’ Man🇺🇸👍

They call me their Workin’ manEmoji

You bet that’s what I am!🇺🇸😉

Well our great home, despite Bacrock (MAGA!),
& you bet myself touts some nice growth years (record economy, GDP, security, JOBS! etc)…
‘O’ always seemed to be wonderin’ why there was nothin’ goin’ on hereEmoji
(‘magic wand’ found!)EmojiEmoji

It seems to me, we’ve been livin’ our lives…
A lot better than with that with that ‘Dopey-Chains’ planEmoji

I guess that’s why they call me…
Their Workin’ Man!

Well they call me their Workin’ Man…

You bet that’s what I am!EmojiEmoji


“T-20” (TRUMP🇺🇸2020👍) #45in’&Thrivin’

“T-20” (TRUMP2020👍) #45in’&Thrivin’

(music by AC⚡️DC)

employ! employ! employ! employ! employ! employ!…

See me rally about and trumpet,
All our, winning policies..
Out for all that we can get (America 1st!)
Patriots know what I mean..
Winners to the left of me.. (women)
& winners to the right.. (all minorities)
Rebuilt our guns (military superpower),
Rebuilt our (way of) life (American Dream/Exceptionalism),

’cause its,

T – 20!

It’s MAGA might💪

T – TWEN – TY!
It’s our God given Right!..

T – 20!
It’s our power re-load..

T – TWEN – TY!
Watch growth explode!….

‘The Swamp’ is dirty, mean, mighty unclean (see rabid DemocRats & MediaMites)🐀🐜
I’m a targeted man (“they’re targeting you, I’m just in their way!”)..
(Capitalism’s) public enemy #1,
‘The Squad’ understands..
So I unlocked our markets (tax cuts)👍
Unlocked our might (de-reg)👍
Unlocked our vast stores (energy independence)👍
& reset trade deals right!👍
This man’s got your back & ground (law enforcement & secure borders)..
No more messin’ around! (“we will never be a socialist nation”, extreme vetting, end of sancturary cities)….

’cause it’s,
T – 20!
It’s K.A.G. might💪

T – TWEN – TY!
It’s out God given Right!..

T – 20!
It’s our power re-load..

T – TWEN – TY!
Watch growth explode!….

employ! employ! employ! employ! employ! employ!…


“I GOT MY GAME ON” #DemsTake TheField😵😆

“I GOT MY GAME ON” #DemsTakeTheField😵😆

(music by Trace Adkins)




I step up on my tower(📦), careenin’ in my place🎙..

Wipe out, got smeared😵 glazed my, double-face🤤..
Can’t help but smile😏, hey my billions still have a lot to say🤑..


(BERNIE the ‘FatCat Socialist’):
Put on my wrinkled shirt, my JCPenney suit, (leave the silk shirts & Armani suits in the walk-in closets at my 3 mansions)Emoji
My “free stuff” made rap, my Communism tootEmoji
Slip the rings off ‘The Rich’ fingers, onto my new ‘Squad mates’, woo!..


Yeah, They Got Their Game On🤪…

Why I’m so uptight🤣…

I guarantee it’s gonna be an entertaining ride😂…

They got their groove on (screwin’ Bernie again)😡…

They got their smooth on (The Sleepy Joe gaffe machine)😜…
Yeah, DNC better watch out tonight!…😳

(“the peace-pipe is snuffed out” POCAHONTAS):
Got to go club (tomahawk), all these daddy’s (old pale-faced white guys), with my custom spin class-war..
Raise my hand (continually all night) to the moderators, ’cause I’m ready to roar!Emoji
They’re gonna know the second, I smash ’em all into the floor (& leave their scalps on the door),

Yeah, They Got Their Game On🤪
Why I’m so uptight🤣
I guarantee it’s gonna be an entertaining ride😂
They got there groove on (screwin’ Bernie again)😡
They got their smooth on (The Sleepy Joe gaffe machine)🤤
Yeah, DNC in for some trouble tonight!…😳

That little hottie at my left arm😘 just waitin’ in the wings (Establishment go to when Schmoe and Black&Bloom fade)🤤🤤
Donors pullin’ Platinum cards, and now buyin’ him the drinks!..
From the look polls givin’ me son, it’s another blown thing (even Bacrock didn’t support JoeBlow)😝
Lead’s slippin’ outta sight..
I guarantee it’s gonna be another stalled ride👎
I got my groove on (what state are we in??)😴
I got my smooth on (hugging & kissing everything that moves)😍
Sinkin’ Barock Star legacy tonight!😳


GAME ON now crazies..👍


“OLD MikeBloomberg”🌽🍆🥔🥬 🍅👨‍🌾 #PompousAssPlantation

“OLD MikeBloomberg”🌽🍆🥔🥬🍅👨‍🌾 #PompousAssPlantation

(music by American Farmers💪)


Old MikeBloomberg had a farm..

min-i-min-i-low.. (but he shouldn’t get a box to debate on!)📦

& on his farm he had some (pompous) pigs🤑..


With a gaffe, gaffe here..

& an insult there..

Here a (class) slur,

There a (racial) slur,

Everywhere a put down👎

Old MikeBloomberg had a farm..


“STARTED UP” #AmericaStartYourEngines!🇺🇸👍

“STARTED UP” #AmericaStartYourEngines!👍

(music by The Rolling Stones)


Yeah, we started up! (2016)👊🏻

Yeah we started up and never stopped💪😉

You can rev me up! (2020 supercharge)👊🏻👊🏻

You can rev me up, I’ll never stop💪😉….

We’ve been runnin’ hot..

We got it (economy) clickin’, gonna grow record stock🤑

Yeah, we started up(supercharged energy, tax cuts, de-reg, trade, military etc)💪😉

Yeah we started up, we’ll never stop!…




I make a grown man lie (Shifty Schiff)✏️🤥…

I make a grown man fry (Mini Mike)📦😫…

I make a grown man cry (Cryin’ Chuck)😥…

Strong, and we’re loyal, Land of the Free..

Trade talks smooth, Armed Forces mean mean machine! 💪😠 (PEACE THRU STRENGTH)

Started Up!👍….


(music by Eric Clapton)


It’s late in the evening… (& throughout following week)

They’re wonderin’ whose votes went where🤔

Results, might just make-up?🤫

& everyone but Bloomberg cares🤑

& then caucus asks Perez..

What’s up with oversight??🤓

& Trump tweets, Democrats – you did wonderful tonight🤣


They go as a party…🤡

To New Hampshire with new energy..😑

But the beautiful rally…

Is goin’ on with Trump up the street🤭

& then Bernie asks Mayor Peep…
“Do you think Billionaires are alright?”Emoji
& Peep says, “yes, and you’ll get screwed again by their mightEmoji

They poll wonderful (Trump dominates them)Emoji

Because voters see new gov heights in their lies🤥… (Green New Deal, Socialized Med, open borders & benefits)

& the wonder, of it all…

Is that they just don’t realize, how much, Socialism’s not loved here👎Emoji


It’s time Joe goes home now…
‘Cause his campaign is dead… (R.I.P. you lyin’ dog-faced pony soldier)
So he stops his malarkey…Emoji
& Sleepy heads off to bedEmoji

& then DNC tells him…
As they pull him from fight… (this ain’t like with Corn-Pop)Emoji
& Barock says bro,
You didn’t do wonderful tonightEmoji (NO ENDORSEMENT FOR U SCHMOE!)

Oh, Dem darlings, you so wonderful on primary nightsEmoji…..

“GOT NO PLAN”😲 #MachoManWithNoPlan👎

“GOT NO PLAN”😲 #MachoManWithNoPlan👎

(music by Village People)


Intro Drums…..


Body.. body… (of work)

I got no body of work….Emojibaby

Talkin’ ’bout my body.. check it out ev’rybody😞

Body.. baby, my body..

I got no body (of work)👎

Body.. check it out ev’rybodyEmoji….
Body.. baby, body…. (no body of work)Emoji


Every city (including South Bend) wants to have a,

Macho mayor man💪

To have the kind of action (business, tourism etc),

Always in demand👍

Hobnobbin’ in the mornings,

Go man go..

Hangout in the health spa,

With your bro😘

You can best believe us,

He don’t got no plan (crime, poverty etc)😝

Glad that schnook left town,

We were not big fans🖕🏻

Hey!.. hey!.. hey! hey! hey!…

Got no, Macho’s, got no plan…👎 (yeah)

I’ve got to cede, I got no plan😲 (i got to cede that)

Got no, Macho’s, got no plan… (yeah)

I’ve got to cede, I got no!😣 (ooow)

Got no, Macho’s, got no plan…Emoji
I’ve got to cede, I got no planEmoji
Got no, Macho’s, got no plan…
I’ve got to cede, I got no!Emoji

Got no, Macho’s, got no planEmoji
I’ve got to cede, I got no plan…
Got no, Macho’s, got no plan…
I’ve got to cede, I got no!Emoji

Got no, Macho’s, got no plan…Emoji
I’ve got to cede, I got no plan…
Got no, Macho’s, got no planEmoji
I’ve got to cede, I got no!Emoji.….


“GOV HURTS” #SnowflakeSlowSkate😥

“GOV HURTS” #SnowflakeSlowSkate😥

(music by Nazareth)



Gov hurts… (how is Trump still president?!!)😫

Gov scars… (2016)😪

Gov wounds… (self-inflicted witch-hunt fails)😣

& marks… (with that giant wall! and Mexico is really paying for it!)🤯

Any tart😲…

Not tough…😳

Or strong…🤓


Can’t take a lot of pain😵

Just make a lot of blame…

(Trump) Gov is like a cloud…

Rains on our gravy-train…

Gov hurts…

Oooh! ooh!.. Gov hurts…..

I’m dumb🤤…

It shows… (I support Socialism)👍

But even, so…

I know a thing…

Or two…

I learned…

From profs at the “U”…Emoji

I really learned a lot… (marxism/socialism)

Really learned a lot… (rules for radicals)

Gov should be free reign…

To BERN you, freebies a lot… (FEEL THE BERN!)EmojiEmoji

(but now) Gov hurts…Emoji

Oooh! ooh.. Gov hurts…..

Some fools think, of “MAGA” happiness…

“MAGA” blissfulness…

“MAGA” togetherness…

Some fools, fool themselves I guess…

But they’re not foolin’ me (I wanna get me some of what Venezuela has!)Emoji

I know it isn’t true!… (TRUMP EXONERATED)

I know it isn’t true!… (TRUMP ACQUITTED)

His Gov is just a lie…

Made to make us blue… (& DERANGED)

Gov hurts…

Oooh! ooh.. Gov hurts…Emoji

Oooh! ooh.. Gov hurts…


I know it isn’t true!… (TRUMP CLEARED)

I know it isn’t true!… (TRUMP VINDICATED)

His Gov is just a lie…

Made to make us blue… (& LUNATICS)

Oooh! ooh.. Gov hurts…Emoji

Oooh! ooh.. Gov hurts….Emoji

Ooooohh!… oooh!…..Emoji



(music by ELVIS👑)

Hey Nancy… I ain’t thinkin’ much of you…

(“I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. Nor do I like people who say ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so”)

No no no no no no no no…

Baby.. I ain’t thinkin’ much of you…

Just a big a big a big a hunk o’ Gov/Love (ACQUITTAL)👍

A will do!😘😉…….

A Nancy, let me be…

Your lovin’ Donny Bear…

Ya put impeachment chain, around my neck,

Didn’t lead you anywhere (but got me ACQUITTED FOREVER!)🤣

Oh let me be, (oh now he’ll be)

Your, Donny Bear🐻💔

(Investigate the investigators!)🧐……..

Wise.. men (Republican Senators minus Pierre DeFecto).. say…

Only fools.. rush.. in (to their chamber w/ bogus articles)…

& I.. don’t.. need help.. running our gov.. from.. you…

& voters.. can.. help.. taking back their gov.. from.. you💔…..


“MAMMAS DON’T LET YOUR BABIES GROW UP TO BE”😫🤤 #Demo crats&NeverTrumpers


(music by Waylon Jennings)


Democrats ain’t easy to love, and they’re hatred is bold…


They’d rather keep bein’ wrong, than man-up and fold…✏️😳

Partisan bare knuckles and old jaded hoaxes,

& each fight begins a new (investigative) play…

If you don’t stand against them, ‘an they let lies run…

They’ll prob’ly won’t (never) go away🙄…..

Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be DemocRats…🐀

Don’t let ‘em pick (harass) judges or spy on ‘ol Trump👀

Let ‘em be Republicans and Independents and such👍👍

Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be DemocRats…😫

‘Cause they’ll never atone and they’ll always go rogue…

Even with one House of gov…..

Never-Trumpers like smokey ‘Establishment’ backrooms and clear DC mornin’s…

Travel top puppies (family pooch on car roof 12 hr trek)🐶🚙with children and wife all uptight🙊🙉🙈…

Girls that don’t know him might like him🥰

But them that do ‘in binds’📒📕📗📘📙sure know how to take him🤦‍♀️

He ain’t wrong (on 80’s foreign policy)

He just votes different (1st douchebag in history)🤤

‘Cause his pride (jealous rage) won’t let him do things that we all know are right (support for President & country!)👍

Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Never-Trumpers…🤤

Don’t let ‘em pick Articles (of impeachment) and side with Dem schmucks…

Let ‘em be strong presidential candidates💪 not ‘Mittens’ and such👍

Mammas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Never-Trumpers…🤤

‘Cause he’ll never vote pro (Trump), now Pierre’s all alone😢

Even from Murkowski no love💔




(music by Sammy Hagar)

Intro Sammy ‘RED ROCKER’ GUITAR Riff….Emoji

(CAPTAIN AMERICA🇺🇸aka President Trump):

I’ve heard it called by different names (democratic-socialism, marxism, communism, statism),
All over the world (& through history), but it’s all the same!👎😝

Now there’s only one way, to run gov,
Free-Market way, I’ve been thinkin’ of!👍😉

Oh yeah!

‘Cause there’s only one way…
There’s only one way, to the top!👍


Now, so many things, to raise you high (tax cuts, jobs, de-reg, stock market, healthcare, security),
We’re gonna try ‘em all for once, and Capitalize!…

& Dems can demonize our situation,
To me it’s all just their mental, disintegration!Emoji


There’s only one way…
There’s only one way, to the top!…EmojiEmoji

There’s only one way…
There’s only one way, to the top!…

Now quickly, check the WINS..Emoji
Check the Stocks.. $$$$$$$
We set to thrive..
We set to ROCK!……

In this swamp they disagree (shocker!), Emoji
They (Statists) don’t (want to) understand, how prosperous we can be… Emoji

& it’s not only my point of view,
It’s a fact! and you know, that with Liberty it all comes true!Emoji

Oh yeah!
There’s only one way…
There’s only one way, to the top!Emoji

There’s only one way…
There’s only one way, to the top!Emoji

Crank up oil drums (Energy Independence)Emoji

Crank up job pace (historic employment)Emoji

Crank up my ACQUITTAL… in Dems face!Emoji


There’s only one way!…

There’s only one way, to the top!… Emoji

There’s only one way…
There’s only one way, to the top!…

(REPEAT CHORUS THRU 2032 and beyond)

“RIP, WHININ’ & CRAZED” #DemHopesAreSlipSlidin’Away

“RIP, WHININ’ & CRAZED” #DemHopesAreSlipSlidin’Away
(music by Paul Simon)


Rip, Whinin’ and Crazed…. Emoji

(Dem hopes are) slip. slidin’, away….

You know the nearer his re-election,

The more they rip (up SOTU speech), cryin’ and crazed….. Emoji

I know a man (DON SAWYER)…
He came from the big town (NYC)…
He wore his passion for his country,
A red MAGA crown… Emoji
He said, “Deplorables”…
Don’t live in fear…
My love for you is so overpowering,
Dems afraid that they will disappear….

Rip, Whinin’ and Crazed….

(Dem hopes are) slip, slidin’, away…. Emoji

You know the nearer his re-election,

The more they rip (up American success), cryin’ and crazed…..

& I know a woman…
Became House snipe…
These are the very words she uses,
To describe her gripes…
She said a good day…
Ain’t got Trump migraine… Emoji
She said a bad day is when I sit in dread (melting down behind POTUS @ SOTU),
& think of things that might have been (successful impeachment) uuugh!

Rip, Whinin’ and Crazed…. Emoji

(Dem hope are) slip, slidin’, away….

You know the nearer his re-election,

The more they rip (up Impeachment Articles), cryin’ and crazed…..