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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833



(music by Lou Reed)


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Hill’ry came to carpet-bag & overstay…

Bitch, hyped her way across, the U.S.A… (2 failed ‘MY TURN’ presidential campaigns)
Stuffed her (pantsuit) pockets on the way, $$$
Smashed her phones & then email delete,
She says, hey babe,
Take a walk on the vile side… (still bitchin’ about her loss)
Said hey Quid-Pro-Hoe,
Take a walk on the vile side… 😦

Comey shamed, left out on an island…
In the press room he was everybody’s target… (Dems & Repubs hate this weasel)
But he never lost his cred,
Because he never had any cred,
He says, hey babe,
Take a book-tour on the vile side… 😦
We said hey Jimmy..

Take a walk on the vile side,

& the Antifa ghouls go – pooh pooh pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh pooh pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh…

Mornin’ Joe, never once wise thing to say…
All his viewers, hate Trump & deranged 😫
Some fake-news here & some fake-news there,
From New York City, Mika’s empty glare 🀀
We said, hey Joe,
Take a walk on the vile side…
I said, hey Schmoe..
Take a walk on the vile side….

Sugar-dad Barry came from agitating on the streets… (Alinsky disciple)
Lookin’ for Low-Info’s, & a place to mistreat… (“fundamentally transform the USA”)
Went on the, (world bowing tour) fiasco,
Ya should’ve seen our new low, low, low’s,
He said, hey sheeple,
Take a walk on the vile side…
We said, Hey Barry,
Take a walk on the vile side…. 😦
All right… huh

Bernie is just, bernin’ away…
Thought he was Karl Marx, for a day…
But I guess she rigged to crash, (Hillary/DNC Primary)
Delegates would’ve helped that rash 😑 (FEEL THE BERN!)
He said, hey babe,
Take a walk on the vile side…
I said, hey Bernie,
Take a walk on the vile side,

& the Antifa ghouls say – pooh pooh pooh pooh, pooh, pooh pooh pooh pooh, pooh, pooh, pooh…..

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“YOUR RED-LINE” #GoAheadPunkMakeMyDay

“YOUR RED-LINE” #GoAheadPunkMakeMyDay
(music by Toto)

UN Ambassador Haley: “President Trump said that if the Syrian regime uses this poisonous gas again, the United States is LOCKED & LOADED, when our president draws a red-line, our president enforces the red-line.”

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It’s all in the way, that you scold enemies… (tariffs, withdrawl from bad deals, bombs) πŸ™‚

It’a all in the way, you say you care… (“MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”) πŸ™‚

It’s all in the way you’ve been treatin’ our friends… (Israel, Japan, S. Korea) πŸ™‚

It’s all in the way that you’ll stay till the end… (Kill terrorists in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan) πŸ™‚

It’s all in the way you look (hair & glare)
& the things that you say, then you do! (“Mexico will pay for wall”, drop some MOAB’s) πŸ™‚


Know they can’t cross it, anytime!…

No, no, foes 😦


Know they best not cross it, anytime!…

No, no, woes 😦

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“DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME” #AttentionSeekingCheapShotDirtyCopPerjuryMemoBookTour



(music by Simple Minds)

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Leak! leak! leak! leak!….



Won’t you, come fawn over me,

I’m not alone, book signin’, you know it baby…

Wrote down, my troubles & doubts,

Leakin’ out everything, from inside White House (to get a Special Counsel)… and
A..rranged, Hill’s deal in the dark,
Stink from the ‘”matter” thing, that we were covering-up on…
Email chain, exonerate her from start, (grossly negligent changed to extremely careless)
New spotlight, my book tour embark! baby… πŸ™‚

Don’t you (swamp groupies)… forget about me…
don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t…

Hope you (Inspector General)… forget about me…

Will you buy books from me?..
Overlook my (corrupt) ways, or never love me? (Hillary Dems & Trump Repubs all hate him)
FAME keeps callin’, (new CNN host) πŸ™‚
Blame keeps fallin’, (on me)
down.. down.. down 😦

Will you lionize me?..
Or curse my name, and book not buy?..
Blame keeps fallin’, (on me) 😦
FAME keeps callin’, (my own CNN show) πŸ™‚
now.. now.. now.. now….

Image result for comey book tourImage result for mueller and comey and obama

Leak! leak! leak! leak!….



Don’t you, try and defend, (firing me on Rosenstein recommendation)
It hurt my feelings 😦 but, Swamp wins in the end πŸ™‚ I will,
Harm you (prosecute & impeach),
Make up your offenses, insanity, criminality… ah ha
Don’t you, forget about me… (Deep-State has six ways from Sunday to get back at you)
I’m not alone (Mueller’s hit squad), advancin’, you know it Donny..
Goin’ to, take you apart,
I’ll put Establishment back together fresh start! πŸ™‚ baby

Don’t you… forget about me…

don’t don’t don’t don’t!
Don’t you… forget about me… (you won’t – I’ll be on all the fake/clown news networks!)

Won’t you my book buy?..
Will you praise my name?..
As you hear my lies…
Please don’t curse my name…

Make Trump go away…..

Ah why won’t Trump go away?….. 😦

Won’t let Witch Hunt die…..

Come on Stephanopoulos, let’s Trump blame….

Will you, curse Trump name….. (’cause he’s like a MOB BOSS!)

I say,

Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie
Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie,
(Repeat Lies)

Image result for liar comey
(Don’t worry James, the new Special Prosecutor won’t forget about you)

“Ooh LORDY” 😦

Naval Aviators Say They Were Kicked Out of Training Due to Racial Bias

yeah, The Man is everywhere…

considering only about .01% of the population ever serves as a military officer and blacks are about 15% of the overall population, it’s no wonder that there are so few that actually become fighter pilots. let’s take skin color out of it and look at actual performance. better to be safe than sorry and not put someone in a plane if there is doubt about their ability to perform, regardless of ethnicity

courtland-savage-fa18-1800.jpg Naval Aviators Say They Were Kicked Out of Training Due to Racial Bias spoke with three naval aviators and trainees who believe the deck was stacked against them because of race.

Egg decor, Trump style

The 2018 design comes from Deborah Grassel, who resides in Austin, Texas, and holds a Masters in Egg Art from the International Egg Art Guild. Over the course of her 21 year career, Grassel has decorated more than 400 eggs β€” and surprisingly, she has only broken one in that whole time.

vlcsnap egg board

The 2018 design comes from Deborah Grassel, who resides in Austin, Texas.

Grassel’s 2018 design, dubbed β€œWings of Prayer,” features angel wings that actually open to unveil a handmade bridge holding President Trump and first lady Melania Trump. Grassel says she was inspired by Melania’s elegance.

th?id=OVF.yNme7Mct9KGFfFAoWv3gWw&pid=Api The 2018 White House Easter Egg Roll offers fun, games, and plenty of ‘egg pops’
It’s a hot ticket, says Anne Alonzo, the president and CEO of the American Egg Board.



(music by Lynyrd Skynyrd)

(PRESIDENT BUILDER): “I have been in construction and building all my life. I love it. I love the smell of a construction site. Right? There’s just something about it!”

Flowin’ pipelines, a brand new Wall..

Got regs out of our way.. πŸ‘

Bad trade revoked, ‘MADE IN USA’ invoked πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Look at all the winning goin’ on around you!πŸ˜‰

Ooo ooo, That Smell!..

I just love That Smell 😍

Ooo ooo, That Smell!..

The smell of construction (economic growth) that surrounds you!πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ



‘Twisted Resister’ – “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!”

‘Twisted Resister’ – “WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT!”
(music by Twisted Sister)


We’re not gonna take it!…

No! we ain’t gonna take it!…

We’re not gonna take it, WE WANT MORE!….. (centralized control)

We’ve got the right to lose it (Repeal 2nd-Amendment),
There ain’t no way we’ll use it.. (gun-free-zone-safe-spaces for all.. except out celebrity & politico heroes)
This is our life (sheltered/entitled), NRA so wrong (evil kid killers)….

Image result for maxine waters impeach 45
We’ll fight Trump’s power & greed, obstruct, (‘LOVE TRUMP’S HATE’)
Impeach his destiny, ’cause, (IMPEACH 45! IMPEACH 45!)
Globalism a must, MAGA don’t belong!….

We’re not gonna take it!…

No! we ain’t gonna take it!…

We’re not gonna take it, WE WANT MORE!……

Oh he’s so condescending, (“Dems are weak”)
His tweets are never ending!… (“Dems don’t want to make good deals”)
We don’t want DACA, no Border Wall for you!….

Image result for student safe spaces
Our life ‘Trans’ Rights, safe-spaces,
NaΓ―ve, indoctrinated…
UN’s the best, ‘America 1st’ won’t do! 😦



We’re right! yeah!
P C! yeah!
We’ll gripe! yeah!
Diversity!….. yeah..

We’re not gonna take it!
No! we ain’t gonna take it!
We’re not gonna take it, WE WANT MORE!… (ALL THE GUNS!)


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