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"Let the American youth never forget, that they possess a noble inheritance, bought by the toils, and sufferings, and blood of their ancestors; and capacity, if wisely improved, and faithfully guarded, of transmitting to their latest posterity all the substantial blessings of life, the peaceful enjoyment of liberty, property, religion, and independence."
--Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution, 1833

“HIT THE SINK ON ME”🧴🙌 #ThenHave ADrinkOnMe🥃😜

“HIT THE SINK ON ME”🧴🙌 #ThenHaveADrinkOnMe🥃😜

(music by AC⚡️DC)

‘Salute to American alcohol distillers converting to hand sanitizer production’👍

Intro ANGUS🎸…


Whiskey, gin & brandy..

Fill your glass, we’re pretty handy🥃

Now, tryin’ to block a sick slime🤢

With enthanol, aloe & lavender combine🙌😉

So join in, scrub and wash more.. (for at least 20 seconds)

It’s gonna help keep employed👍

For less, worry about tomorrow,

Makin’ it today🧼

Don’t forget to refill check🧴

We’ll keep swell (spread) at bay…

Ah, hit the sink on me🧴

Yeah hit the sink, scrub clean🧼

Then, have a drink on me.. (we’re gonna have a hell of a future happy hour)😁🥃

(but for now),

Hit the sink, hands clean🙌 (on me)

C’mon! (scrub then shots)🧼🧴🥃😉



(music by Carl Douglas)

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….😳

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….🤫

(‘Corona-CHINESE-VIRUS’ Chorus):

Everybody (in China) was Wuhan Sleighting🤥🤫…

Those gooks were last highlighting (the danger)😒🤫…

In fact, it was a little bit igniting (virus spread)😳🤫

& they fought (propaganda war) with expert whining (blaming others)😫🤫

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….😳

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….

Oh.. ho.. ho.. ho!….🤫


Everybody was Wuhan Slighting😉👍…

Those gooks, I’m fast indicting😉👍…

In fact, it was a little bit enlightening🤔(we now know how they roll)😠

But I fight (commie propaganda) with expert (non pc/truthful) sliming👍 (‘Chinese-Virus’)😉…

“WAR GIG” #EnlistOrMoveToChina😠

“WAR GIG” #EnlistOrMoveToChina😠

(music by Black Sabbath)

ATTENTION TRUMP HATERS: Enlist now, or blast off to permanent quarantine on Jupiter with Cher🚀🤪

(WARTIME PRESIDENT): “we are now at war with an invisible enemy, and we will achieve total victory!”

Intro IOMMI🎸…

People hunkered in their (social distanced) masses!…

Stocked up niches (pantries)🥫, TP stashes🧻…

Science minds👩🏻‍🔬now plot (virus) destruction! (vaccine)…

Healthcare providers👩🏾‍⚕️for death reduction…

In the field, the businesses yearning (healthcare equipment production)👍…

As the ‘war machine’ starts churning (Defense Production Act)💪…

Health & unity of mankind!🤝…

Protecting all, quarantine time🤕…

Oh Lord yeah!🙏🏻

Politicians put their games (partisanship) away…

That’s what’s needed in this war!…

Bind must they with clout, to bring this fight👊🏻…

They lead, that role elected for!…


Time will tell, our great science minds…

Finding cure, git ‘er done!…

(Healthcare professionals) Treating people just like kings in chess (protect most vulnerable)👍…

Great, ‘til our victory day comes!




Now in sickness, country stops turning (traveling)…

Cash to where the businesses hurting (stimulus)🤑…

Now our War Gig has much power!💪…

Hand of Trump, he does not cower👍😉… (unlike Obama)😝

Day of action, Trump installing!👍 (early travel ban, quarantine, testing, equipment etc)…

(Chinese Virus) On it’s knees, our War Gig’s stalling! (defeating)👊🏻😠

Beg our mercy, for their sins (commie bastards let spread!)…

‘Lady Liberty’ leading spreads & freedom rings!💪😉


“IMAGINE” #IfObamaCrookedHillaryOrBidenWereInCharge!😳

“IMAGINE” #IfObamaCrookedHillaryOrBidenWereInCharge!😳

(music by John Lennon)


Imagine there’s no travel ban..

It’s easy, more would die..

No quarantined among us..

From gov to us, virus rise🤧🤒.. (see H1N1 or as Joe says, N1H1)🤤

Imagine all the people, infected every day!😲

Imagine there’s no love of country (America 1st: closed/secured borders, federal /state/private business collaboration)..

It isn’t hard to do.. (Dem open borders, sanctuary country)

Nothing to stand or die for (no Freedom & Liberty, just Statism/Globalism)..

& no religion, 1st Amendment through..

Imagine We The People, having our Rights cease!😲


You may say Obama was a leader..

But you’d be the only one (aside from the low-info dopes)🤤

I hope someday you’ll (wise up) join us..

& the country will be as one👍

Imagine no incentive..

Bernie Bros sure can🤤🤤🤤

No need for partisan greed or political hunger..

No brotherhood of Democrat & fake-news scams..

Imagine all the people, pulling for all the world..(Make The World Great via Freedom & Liberty)🌎👍


You may say Trump is no leader..

But you’d be the only one (outside of The Swamp)🧟‍♂️

I hope someday we’ll drain you mucks💩

& our country will be a fragrant one🌺🌸🌼👍


“OLD MEN” #Old&Older(Dumb&Dumber

“OLD MEN” #Old&Older(Dumb&Dumber)

(music by Neil Young)


Old men, look at your life..

We, do not like your work👎

Old men, look at your gripes..

We, do not like your words🤤

Old men, look at your life (resumes of not/rot)😝

Trump four more👍 ‘cause they’re so damn poor (been wrong on virtually every major issue)👎

Leave alone our great paradise (KAG!)..

Keep away from these two☠️😉

Gov lost.. (Obama/ Biden Era/Error of fundamental transformational rot)💩

Such a cost.. (debt doubled, military gutted, terror & crime rise etc)..

Gave us things (isis, Iran nuke path, epic lost manufacturing etc)..

Made sure we lost😩 (on trade, energy, immigration etc)..

Like a coin, they both get tossed (into trash bin)

Heads or tails we lose👎👎

Old men we took a look at your lives,

& we do not like you!😝

We need someone to govern,

The whole term through (not die midstream)😵

Ah, one look in your eyes,

& we can tell you’re a loon (Crazy Bernie)🤪 / you’d snooze (Sleepy Joe)😴…

Lullabies (Socialist fantasies),

Statist disguise..

Run around the same old towns (honeymoon in Soviet Union, vaca in Cuba)..

Your history reveals so much to me😳,

(Your admiration of communism) means so much to you😍

Now you’re 1st, was last,

Look at how Establishment moved past (circled wagons & screwed Bern again)😡

Now Joe’s all alone (in delegate field) real fast (Dem dropouts & endorsements),

Rollin’ throne🧻🚽 to you…

Old men we took a look at your lives,
& we do not like you!Emoji
We need someone to govern,
The whole term through (not die midstream)Emoji
Ah, one look in your eyes,
& we can tell you’re a loon (Crazy Bernie)Emoji / you’d snooze (Sleepy Joe)Emoji

Old men, look at your life..

We, do not like your workEmoji

Old men, look at your gripes..

We, do not like your wordsEmoji



(music by Monty Python)

The world today is absolutely crackers…🤧😷

With viral spread, to lay us all down to die…😵

There’s fools & idiots eating bat-soup🦇🥡which triggers…🤒🤢

It’s frustrating (unhealthy!), and it’s senseless (risky, selfish etc), so here’s why-

I Dislike Chinese😠

I Dislike Chinese…

They weren’t honest about disease (commie bastards!)..

& with trade not friendly, and they didn’t travel ban freeze!Emoji

I Dislike Chinese😠

I Dislike Chinese…

There’s 1.5 billion of them in the world today (too many communist polluters!)..

Their cheap products we never liked them👎 Trump keeping them the hell away👍

I Dislike Chinese😠

I Dislike Chinese…

Their virus comes from a long way overseas..

& they’re not cute👿 & they’re not cuddly☠️ & they’re ready to sneeze🤧😱

“LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER”🙏🏻#Health&ScienceTooBu tDon’tTellTrumpDerangedLibs&AtheistDopes😱🤣

“LIVIN’ ON A PRAYER”🙏🏻 #Health&ScienceTooButDon’tTellTrumpDerangedLibs&AtheistDopesEmoji🤣
(music by Bon Jovi)

Once upon a time… a month or so ago…

Trump/Pence says,
We gotta go on (with our lives),
But wash hands a lot (stay home & get tested too!)🤒

Our early action made the difference if we make it or not (China ban, quarantine)😷

We got each other (best scientists & doctors), and that’s a lot,

From gov –
We’ll give travel ban a shot!

We’re halfway there (to Italy status)🤧
Whooa… ooh!..
Livin’ on a prayer!🙏🏻

Embrace my plan,
& we’ll get vaccine I swear⛑

Whooa… ooh!..
Livin’ on a prayer!😇
(health & science too of course)😉

(but don’t tell Trump deranged Libs😩or Atheist Dopes🤤) 😂🤣

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