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“IF YOU WANT BLOOD” #BloodRedWave’21’22’24YouGotIt!

by on November 11, 2021

“IF YOU WANT BLOOD” #BloodRedWave’21’22’24YouGotIt!(music by AC⚡️DC)

Unstoppable (Freedom & Liberty)…

It’s sought, justice and law…

Criminals (DemocRats & RINOs)…

They’re sought, will be a whole lot more…

They get nothin’ (but an ass kickin’), they’re nothin’ (but corrupt Statist parasites)…

Tell ya, we you can trust (75 MILLION freedom loving Americans)🇺🇸😉

We got what they want (historic # LEGAL votes)👍

& they got a bust (81 parking lot circles)🤤🤣

If you want blood…
You got it! 👊🏻😠

If you want blood…
You got it!…

Blood, swing-state sweep..

Blood, our guys ROCK!🎸..

Blood, Dems back to gutter🐀..

Every last flop🤤..

If you want blood…
You got it!👊🏻😠

Yeah, you have😵🇺🇸😉

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