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by on January 8, 2021


(music by Fleetwood Mac & Led Zeppelin)

Bristle as the vote implodes!….

Watch (fair & free) election demise….

Stealin’ in the shadows!…. (count stop ballot stuff midnight hour)

Damn your rules, damn your eyes…. (close observation)

& if you don’t govern now (wuss State Legislatures!)
You will never govern again (wuss Governors!)
I can still hear forsakin’ (SCOTUS “no standing”), as you weak links break The Chain (of Liberty)
(weak links break our Chain)…..


Hey!… Cops… (Barr sees nothing)
Stop what crook Dems doin’…

Hey!… Courts… (judges ignore hearing evidence)
They’ll drive our free & fair elections to ruin…

Our Founders knew what it would be like if abused, so they built in safe-guards…

But you let them own you now, let them steal our governin’ touch! (all 3 in radical control)…

Liberty System breakdown
Establishment always so lame…

Havin’ a freedom breakdown
Cloggin’ The Swamp drain!…

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