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“VERIFY” #AuditAll50States

by on November 11, 2021

“VERIFY” #AuditAll50States (music by Fleetwood Mac)

It’s the same kind of story,

That seems to go down from long ago…
(longtime Democrat big city/county election fraud machine)��

Two Dems countin’ ballots together, (stuffin’ drop boxes, multi machine scannin’, “curing” ballots etc)��

Do anything to prop up Faux Joe (81 million circles)��

They might kick out (all Republican poll watchers), cheat ‘til dawn,

Suitcases hide (beneath tables), at least half of their mail-in yield (bogus ballots)…

Because there’s Joe explaining their fraud operation,
(Brandon: “we’ve got the most comprehensive voter fraud system in our history folks”)🤤🤫🤦🏻‍♂️

Can break it with ease and steal😏…

Seems like a scheme (ah, ya think!)…

Got to verify…
(Canvas & Forensics Audits, an absolute requirement for free & fair elections)

Screams of a scheme😱…

Got to rectify…
(Decertify election, count actual legal votes, return President Trump to WH, kick Brandon back down basement stairs)👍👍

FIX 2020!😠

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