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“NOVEMBER STAIN” #OxiCleanForensicAudit2020

by on March 31, 2021

“NOVEMBER STAIN” #OxiCleanForensicAudit2020

(music by Guns N’ Roses)


IntroEmoji& Piano….

They won’t look into this guise,

‘Cause we’d see a gov ill-gained… (Venezuela style)

& darlin’ what they told you,

(that Squatter Joe came back after count stop early Nov 4 exceeding massive Trump leads, anomalies & improbabiliites, in only a handful of key targeted counties)

Don’t you know was their rigged game… yeah

Mail-in votes forever,

& we all know States can change…

(swing-State laws manipulated & abused to steal elections)

Then it’s hard to hold accountable,

(refuse audits & ballot/machine access)

For this bold November stain…

(desperate & blatant election theft & safeguard/oversight inaction – see ‘Establishment’ Justice Dept, Courts, Legislators)👎

We’ve been through this such a wrong wrong crime (worst abuse of Liberty in our history),

Dems just tryin’ to kill MAGA gains… oh yeah

(gotta stop at ALL costs)

Ooh yeah…

But gov is always comin’ (TRUMP 2024), and gov is always goin’ (BYEden),

& no one’s for sure never lettin’ go this fraud, no way…

Not walkin’ away (CITIZEN AUDIT!)😠

Hell yes should take the time, to lay it out, their crime,

& arrest ‘sleepy head’😴 for just knowin’ that fraud was fine😉…

(“we have the most comprehensive vote fraud operation in history”)

All kinds…

Politically Incorrect Humor - Daily Memes, Jokes ...

(mail-in, machine, ballot dumps, multi scan, dead etc)

So if we want our gov free, then Brett, Neil & Amy don’t refrain!😠…

Or Texas’ll (& Pennsylvania Legislatures etc) just end up balkin’,

(Constitutional election duty)

From this bold (deep) November Stain😖…

We (The People) must take the time,

To expose… (Dems, SCOTUS, DOJ, aka corrupt Swampy bastards!)

We must make the time (forensic Audit ALL),

Not condone…

Ev’rybody should want to take the time (if you’re a freedom loving citizen),

To expose… (any @ all election fraud/corruption)

Patriots know at (pre & post) election time…

Can’t condone… (free & fair elections pillar of democracy)

I know it’s hard to lead when vote dumps start…(middle of the night impossible numbers)

When even friends seem out to harm you… (FOX, DOJ, SCOTUS, RINOs)

But if we don’t heal what they broke apart… (fix/restore voting laws & safeguards to ensure fair & free elections)

Future crime, fix in, strong arm you! (One-Party rule – see Communism, Fascism, Statism etc)😖


We must take the time (tighten/pass strong State election integrity laws),

Not condone…

Ev’rybody should want to take the time,

To expose (blatant in your face theft)…

Patriots know come election time,

Must atone (enforce election laws)…


& when this smear subsides (we won, nothing to see here, back to normal)🤤 but shadows still remain (HR1)… oh yeah

Ya know that they belove cheat, and they’ll still try Trump to blame…

But never mind their darkness, we still can find a way… (pass State election integrity laws ASAP!.. trash HR1!)

‘Cause nothin’ lasts forever (except American Liberty & Justice)💪😉🇺🇸

Deep clean mold November Stain

Don’t ya think that we need some Oxi (transparency)..

Don’t ya think that we need who won!😠 (TRUMP LANDSLIDE)

Everybody needs some Oxi (Justice)..

You’re (Faux Joe) not the rightful (legitimate) one!

You’re not the rightful one!😠..

Don’t ya think that we need some Oxi (audit)..

Don’t ya think that we need who won!..

Everybody needs some Oxi..

You’re not the rightful one!😠

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