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“(insert) # DAYS IN THE HOLE”

by on March 29, 2021

“(insert) # DAYS IN THE HOLE”
(music by Humble Pie)

30 days in the hole!😖
(energy production stopped, massive job loss, now to China)

Yeah, that’s not nice..

50 days in the hole!😖
(border bust/illegal entry disaster, foreign policy threats)

100 days in the hole!😖
(green, brown & blackouts, race riots, fascist woke cupcakes run amok)

Lord have mercy🙏🏻🇺🇸

“c’mon in man (illegal aliens, terrorists etc), that’s it, yeah, right”😴


Not right, not right, not right, not right yeah…

Mexico green (light)..
Walkin’ ‘cross (southern border),
Let in disease🦠 (China Virus positive)😳

A dirty room (cages), and they sure will vote soon,
Give ‘em their release (into an interior town near you)😉

“C’mon man!”😴

Sack (dEfUnD) the police, they got to “woke” crime appease..

Sleaze can’t bust, but you get busted on (law abiding is the privileged oppressor),

Ya know it’s hard to believe! (‘cancel culture’)👎

Sleepy’s 1st day we’re in the hole!😖

30 days we’re in the hole!😖

60 days we’re in the hole!😖

That’s what radical commies give you-
at just 100 days in the hole!👎😴…..

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