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“LET IT BREAK (for now)” #DemsBreakItDemsOwnIt

by on March 27, 2021

“LET IT BREAK (for now)” #DemsBreakItDemsOwnIt
(music by The Rolling Stones)



Well they all (DEMS) need, someone, they can feed on (Illegal Aliens)…

& when they want it (Illegal Immigration flood/border crisis), well they feed illegally… (dependents & voting block)

Yeah they all need, something, they can cheat on (HR1-legalize election fraud)…

& they sure want it, to cheat endlessly… (one party rule)

Trump says, my bests (border control & election fraud warning/Dem desperate/blatant fraud), they will always bring out into open (highlight & expose)😉

Country, let ‘Sleepy’ rest his weary head😴 & fail spectacularly…

‘Cause I will always seek replace, more (Big League) winning by a lot💪🇺🇸

We’ll sure need (by 2022 & 2024), a lotta folks & (RECORD 75+ MILLION REAL VOTERS), MAGA Victory!🇺🇸👍 ….

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