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“GONE FROM THE U.S.A.” #HomeSweetHome

by on November 17, 2020

“GONE FROM THE U.S.A.” #HomeSweetHome
(music by Bruce Snowflake Springsteen & Tommy Motley-Fool Lee)

(don’t let a little thing like a fraudulent/stolen election keep you from leaving!)


INTRO by Motley Fool Tommy Buttercup-Tokin’ Lee

You know I’m a weiner..

& my brain is froze (on drugs & stupidity)..

Now I have to run away & hide..

‘Cause I wouldn’t drop ‘Quid Pro Joe’….

Goin’ down to an Australian town…

The first plane I took was when ‘Sleepy’ hit the ground …

(got tucked in early)

Fell just like the dog (that he is) that Trump kicked too much…

‘Cause he’s spent (over) half his life (47+yrs) just a coverin’ (his corruption) up… now


Gone.. from the USA!…

I am,

Gone.. from the USA!…

Gone from the USA!…

I’m a goof whinin’ commie, left the USA!…

We’re on our way…

We’re on our way!…

Home, Sweet Home!

‘Down under’ tonight

We’re on our way…

From Trump we’re free! (but we’ll still whine like little bitches)…

Home, Sweet (Sydney) Home

(SEE YA, Suckas!)

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