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“GONE FROM THE U.S.A.” #HomeSweetHome

by on November 17, 2020

“GONE FROM THE U.S.A.” #HomeSweetHome
(music by Bruce Snowflake Springsteen❄️😩 & Tommy Motley-Fool Lee🤤)

(don’t let a little thing like a fraudulent/stolen election keep you from leaving!)


INTRO by Motley Fool Tommy Buttercup-Tokin’ Lee🥴

You know I’m a weiner🤤..

& my brain is froze (on drugs & stupidity)..

Now I have to run away & hide😖..

‘Cause I wouldn’t drop ‘Quid Pro Joe’😥….

Goin’ down to an Australian town…

The first plane I took was when ‘Sleepy’ hit the ground 😴👎…

(got tucked in early)💤💤

Fell just like the dog (that he is) that Trump kicked too much👊🏻😵…

‘Cause he’s spent (over) half his life (47+yrs) just a coverin’ (his corruption) up😒… now


Gone.. from the USA!…

I am,

Gone.. from the USA!…

Gone from the USA!…

I’m a goof whinin’ commie, left the USA!…

We’re on our way…

We’re on our way!…

Home, Sweet Home!

‘Down under’ tonight😢🤤

We’re on our way…

From Trump we’re free! (but we’ll still whine like little bitches)😱😭…

Home, Sweet (Sydney) Home🦘🦘

(SEE YA, Suckas!)🇺🇸👍😉

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