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“DON’T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME” #AttentionSeekingCheapShotDirtyCopPerjuryMemoBookTour

by on April 12, 2018



(music by Simple Minds)

Image result for james comey under oath

Leak! leak! leak! leak!….



Won’t you, come fawn over me,

I’m not alone, book signin’, you know it baby…

Wrote down, my troubles & doubts,

Leakin’ out everything, from inside White House (to get a Special Counsel)… and
A..rranged, Hill’s deal in the dark,
Stink from the ‘”matter” thing, that we were covering-up on…
Email chain, exonerate her from start, (grossly negligent changed to extremely careless)
New spotlight, my book tour embark! baby… 🙂

Don’t you (swamp groupies)… forget about me…
don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t…

Hope you (Inspector General)… forget about me…

Will you buy books from me?..
Overlook my (corrupt) ways, or never love me? (Hillary Dems & Trump Repubs all hate him)
FAME keeps callin’, (new CNN host) 🙂
Blame keeps fallin’, (on me)
down.. down.. down 😦

Will you lionize me?..
Or curse my name, and book not buy?..
Blame keeps fallin’, (on me) 😦
FAME keeps callin’, (my own CNN show) 🙂
now.. now.. now.. now….

Image result for comey book tourImage result for mueller and comey and obama

Leak! leak! leak! leak!….



Don’t you, try and defend, (firing me on Rosenstein recommendation)
It hurt my feelings 😦 but, Swamp wins in the end 🙂 I will,
Harm you (prosecute & impeach),
Make up your offenses, insanity, criminality… ah ha
Don’t you, forget about me… (Deep-State has six ways from Sunday to get back at you)
I’m not alone (Mueller’s hit squad), advancin’, you know it Donny..
Goin’ to, take you apart,
I’ll put Establishment back together fresh start! 🙂 baby

Don’t you… forget about me…

don’t don’t don’t don’t!
Don’t you… forget about me… (you won’t – I’ll be on all the fake/clown news networks!)

Won’t you my book buy?..
Will you praise my name?..
As you hear my lies…
Please don’t curse my name…

Make Trump go away…..

Ah why won’t Trump go away?….. 😦

Won’t let Witch Hunt die…..

Come on Stephanopoulos, let’s Trump blame….

Will you, curse Trump name….. (’cause he’s like a MOB BOSS!)

I say,

Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie
Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie lie…
Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie,
(Repeat Lies)

Image result for liar comey
(Don’t worry James, the new Special Prosecutor won’t forget about you)

“Ooh LORDY” 😦

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