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“STEAL’S IN THE NUMBERS” #MetroOvervoteSpikes

by on February 16, 2021

“STEAL’S IN THE NUMBERS” #MetroOvervoteSpikes

(music by Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band)


Intro Drew Abbott GUITAR…

Investing genius behind "The Big Short" calls foul play on ...


I mail my vote,

(postmarked before even sent to me, backdated, unsigned & no creases)

No won’t stand in line..

(cause there’s covid!)

To make lead up,

(Trump ahead by 100’K election night)

I work overtime..

(pulling suitcases out from hidden under tables, multi scanning, after observers kicked out cause water main broke)

Yes sir, ballots keep floodin’ in the mail…

(by the truckload from NY to PA)

Georgia Election Workers Sealed Ballots Before Observers ...

I work this stack, til it’s scanned big gains,

(multi scan fake ballots to 100’sK faux joe spikes)

The observers can’t even review my name..

(no signature, kicked out etc)

It shows up late, and back-dated, (“best fraud operation in history”) it’ll never fail…

I steal like all the others..

(other metro Dem machines)

We’re spokes in this great big wheel..

(Dem mail-in scam)

Just a phony ballot stash,

In the great swing-state steal!…

Ooh oh.. yeah!

Trump exposes massive vote dump hours after polls closed ...

To elections (free & fair), I’m just like a strike from a drone

To this sell (out), I’m just Chinese owned..

I’m just another Globalist on the creep..

To teachers, I’m just another propagandized child..
(“go home junior and tell your trump deplorable parents how to vote”)

To USPS I’m another for mail pile…
(of no creased, down-ballot or signed ballot)

I’m just another consensus on these ‘big swing-state county’ streets…

(we all agree Biden won 100% to zero)

SNL Celebrates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' Win, Alec ...

Gonna throw (Republican observers) out of these cities..

Lock down (ballots & machines), not let see..

Gonna shout out through my (propaganda media) ocean..

Joe’s in lead!…
(ignore the count stoppage and infusion of massive fraud over-vote spikes)

Fact checking misinformation on rigged election claims

& the steal’s in the numbers…

The steal’s in the (bogus) numbers…

Steal not a danger…
(Venezuela not so bad)

A danger to this (free-market) land!…
(“what are you, a Liberty junkie? c’mon man!”)

Don’t audit the numbers!..

(can’t let)
Audit these numbers…

Bogus Dem numbers…

Damn it, it’ll expose scam…

I said, audit ban!

Democrat Election Fraud: "Who will count the votes, and how."

Oooww.. oooww.. oooww.. oooww..


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