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“FINAL COUNTDOWN” #America’sAudit

by on April 27, 2021

“FINAL COUNTDOWN” #America’sAudit
(music by Europe)


We’re counting together…
(Arizona Republicans & Independents)

Butthead (Biden) it’s farewell…
(sure.. Faux got 81 million votes)EmojiEmoji

& maybe Trump’ll come back…
(before 2024!)

(massive Dem election fraud)

(2020 Election) really smells!…EmojiEmoji

No guess, there is one party to blame…

Their house-of-cards on the ground… (Sleepy back underground!)Emoji

Will elections ever be the same again?!…..

It’s the Final Countdown!…
(actually the first of five.. now let’s put GA, MI, PA, WI under the UV microscope)

Faux’s final beatdown!…
(definitive forensic audit evidence)

We’re headed for cleanness… (cleanness)
(clear voter roles, legal ballots, machine scans)

& still Dems stop all…
(obstruct at all costs)

‘Cause maybe they’ve schemed us…
(ya think?! JoeBlow – “we’ve got the most extensive voter fraud operation in history folks”)

Don’t welcome our call… yeah

So many UV light (ballot forensic) scans to go…
(2.1 million AZ, millions in other swing-state targeted counties)

& things to be found… (will be found!)
(every vote fraud/election corruption trick known)

I’m sure that they’ll all shit-the-bed soEmojiEmoji

It’s the Final Countdown!…
(before other swing-counties)

The Final Countdown!…

Schmoe’s final smackdown… (final smackdown)
(R.I.P. – rest in prison)

Nooooo… Fauuuuuuuxx!…..


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