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“MY CORONA” #TrumpVirus

by on February 28, 2020

“MY CORONA” #TrumpVirus
(music by The Knack)

INTRO “Deplorable Dems”:

NYTimes – “If you’re feeling awful, you know who to blame.. Let’s call it Trumpvirus”

Cryin’ Chuck & Nervous Nancy – “Trump Admin is showing towering and dangerous incompetence”

Mayor Doomberg & Quid Pro Joe🤤🤤 – “Trump’s cut CDC funding!”

Ooh, my little icky one.. my deadly one..

When you gonna get here, in time! Corona! (meantime racist travel ban)👍

Ooh, you make the markets plunge.. the markets plunge😳

Got my poll numbers in decline! Corona!…

Dems never gonna stop, play it up (“never let a crisis go to waste”),
Such despicable minds,Emoji

Always wash ’em up (hands), do not touch! (every hand rail!),
I’m the ‘germ-a-phobe’ kind…

My, my, my, aye.. woo!…

mm, mm, mm, My! Corona!Emoji

“the only way we beat Trump, is for his virus to spread!”…


From → Guitargod

  1. lol this from ‘thatguy’ with his head up his ass, nice view huh
    good luck in Nov! triggered 🙂

  2. not sure how I found this… but this is the most backward fucking logic I have heard on this virus. I feel sorry for you trump supporters. You can tell not a single one of you has had a critical thought in your life.

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