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“WALK THIS WAY” #Democrat’ZombieShuffle’ToSenate

by on January 17, 2020

“WALK THIS WAY” #Democrat’ZombieShuffle’ToSenate
(music by Aerosmith)


Backdoor lovers (Shifty Schiff & 2nd/3rd-hand whistlebowers),
Always hidin’, seekin’ cover (holding hearings in Capitol basement),
Then he talk to his mommy (SanFran Nan), she say..

She said, they ain’t seein’ nothin’!
Til’ we done witness stuffin’,
& The Turtle’s sure to be a changin’ Senate ways…

They got a cheerleader (MadMax “IMPEACH 45! IMPEACH 45!),
Is a real bottom-feeder,
All the time (3 yrs) she impeach insist..

Now the last thing they shovin’,
Is more witness and ‘Lev’ (Parnas) lovin’Emoji
& it’s startin’ with a little fist (bump),


Image result for pelosi signing pens


WALK THIS WAY!… (to Senate)Emoji

WALK THIS WAY!… (solemnly)Emoji

WALK THIS WAY!… (prayerful funeral procession like)Emoji

WALK THIS WAY!… (resist urge to skip & bound like the Trump deranged lunatics we are)Emoji

(sorry, no tag-alongs Maxine)Emoji

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