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“CLEANIN’ OUT THE HOUSE!” #Drainin’TheSwamp!

by on November 22, 2016

“CLEANIN’ OUT THE HOUSE!” #Drainin’TheSwamp!
(music by Talking Heads)


Watch out.. this mess he’ll clean up after..
Fool Barry.. strange and such a danger 😦
TRUMP, ex-tro-din-ar-y guy 🙂
Cleanin’ Out The House!…

Get right.. don’t wait til Obama’s over..
Set right.. ‘legacy’ in for nasty weather..
Great-ag-ain-will-be-our-way 🙂
Cleanin’ Out The House!…

One way ticket, pack their bag, time for throwin’ overboard..
Transformation is here! 🙂
Had enough, send them real far,
Out of cred is where the are..
Sayin’, “YOU’RE FIRED!”, it’s dire…

He’ll vet.. hey you might get a demote..
Breakdown.. schemes running in broad daylight..
Cleanin’ Out The House!…

It was once a corrupt place, all times they listen to themselves..
‘Special interest’ in 1st place.. 😦
Unions on the way they work.. Barry, what did you expect..
‘T’ gonna burst their rigged game…


Our House.. back to extraordinary..
U.S. Might.. don’t want to hurt nobody.. (‘peace thru strength’)
Great-things (Constitution) sure-can-bring-a-bout-great-feats..
Cleanin’ Out The House!…

(Political Parasites with) no visible means of support,
& you will see him flushin’ them..
‘Establishment’ stuck together 😦 ..
They should know what to expect, ‘APPRENTICE’ was on their TV sets..
Sayin’, “YOU’RE FIRED!”, then new hires! 🙂 …..

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