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“NOVEMBER DRAIN” #ThenWipeWithLikeACloth

by on November 22, 2016

“NOVEMBER DRAIN” #Then WipeWithLikeACloth
(music by Guns-N-Roses)

ORCHESTRA ‘Circling-The-Bowl’ INTRO……

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When voters looked into your eyes..

They could see gov unrestrained…
But darlin’, in debates Trump told you..
“Don’t you know most don’t feel the same”…
Corruptin’ can’t last forever,
& we all know polls can change…
And it’s hard to hide all your scandals,
& not go down the old November Drain….. 😦

We’ve put up with your bullshit such a long long time,
The lyin’, the killin’, the shame… ooo yeah 😦
But good gov will now be comin’ 🙂
& bad gov will now be goin’ 🙂
& Trump is really sure who he’s lettin’ go today (OBAMA YOU’RE FIRED!)…

(Weiner’s still wankin’ away)…
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Comey took some extra time,
And he laid it on the line,
He couldn’t rest his head,
Just knowin’ that you were slime…
Pure slime 😦 …
So if Trump wants to prosecute thee,
Then darlin’, ‘LOCK HER UP!’ is our refrain… 🙂
And you’ll just end up washin’..
Down the old November Drain….

Do you need some time, on your own??…
Voters said you need some time, all alone… 🙂
Demorats need some time, on their own…
Don’t you know Republicans this time, will govern all alone 🙂 ….

I know it’s hard to keep an open email account…
When Russian friends seemed out to hack you…
‘Cause WikiLeaks revealed what you broke apart…
President Trump will come out, and charge you… 🙂


This time was to be ‘MY TIME’, control my own… 😦
This time was to be my time, power I own… 😦
Everybody said it was my time, media I owned… 😦
Don’t you know this was my time, now even Huma’s left me all alone! 😦 …..

Image result for huma hillary pics


And as ‘snowflake’ fears intensify..
& your shadow & stain remain.. 😦 oh yeah…
They know now that you never loved Bernie..
With many on the Left to blame.. (Brazile, Podesta, Wasserman-Schultz)..
But never mind your darkness..
Prez Trump will clear the way 🙂 ..
‘Cause corruptin’ don’t last forever..
Flushed you down November drain! 🙂 …..

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