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“ALL BACKFIRES” #SeeDefinitionOfInsanity

by on April 6, 2020

“ALL BACKFIRES” #SeeDefinitionOfInsanity

(music by Bruce Snowflake😫❄️Springsteen)


Hey fake-news worms in your press room home,

Did Trump go and leave your bias exposed😲…

‘I gotcha’ questions desire🤔??…

Oh.. oh.. oh..🤭

They backfire🤫…

Tell me now Biden, was travel-ban good to fight flu (covid)??

Did Trump do for us things that you wouldn’t do.. (hypocrite do-nothing)🥴

He can make you tired😴 (you can’t keep up old fart)

Oh.. oh.. oh..🤭

It backfired…😮🤣

All the time,
It’s like Dems’ll take a gripe, bogus & dumb🤤,

& run a sound-bite volley, then have it all turn out null…😣

At night Schiff wakes up😳 with impeach ‘dreaming wet’😝,

Another fake game runnin’ during the middle of this dread…
All fools,
Pelosi fuels his desire😠

(a partisan virus oversight committee to undermine Trump)🤤

Oh.. oh.. oh.. it’ll backfire😤

Oh.. oh.. oh.. more backfireEmojiEmoji

Oh.. oh.. oh.. all backfires😫

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