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“CHINA JOE” #BuildBeijingBetter

by on July 23, 2020

“CHINA JOE” #BuildBeijingBetter
(music by The Doobie Brothers)

“I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks.. but guess what, they’re not, they’re not competition for us”😴

More Joe Biden Memes! - thefunnyconservative

INTRO Emoji….

When the sun comes up on this sleepy little clown🤡💤

Down in-ground, cellar home..

& this joke is risin’ for another day 🛌 (after 40+yrs of💩)..

Round about his home (podcast teleprompter jibberish)🤤..

By the people (CCP) of the town (Beijing), he’s praised👍..

& he’s proud of his nickname (“Beijing Biden”)🤪….

Well, they’re talkin’ ‘bout that China Joe..
(‘talkin’ ’bout that china joe)..

wo ho ho!..

wo! schmoe!..

China Joe!😷

How Should Biden Handle China? - The Atlantic

Well, this creeper😒 and his teacher (Barry O),

Lord, no trade caution..

They are the toast (massive deficit) of the town (Beijing)👍

When the business gets to flyin’ (bye bye US manufacturing)..

& (no jobs) they ain’t lyin’ (“those manufacturing jobs aren’t coming back folks”)..

When our stocks go fallin’ down😞..

They say that his father orders beef chow mein (been livin’ on it in the basement)😋..

& dear mister Hunter’s yuan gain🤑👍….

Well, they talkin’ ‘bout that China Joe..
(talkin’ ’bout that china joe)

Quid Pro Quo!🤑

wo! ho!..

China Joe!😷

democrats are busy attacking Trump to distract you from Joe ...


& yesterday there’s our new virus comin’🦠..

1st wave from our oriental brew (wet market labs)🔬🦇..

Your President and his buddies, with their travel-ban sword..

You could really hear Joe’s anger at this slight😠…. (“that’s xenophobic, folks”)🤤

Ya know he played a part in our communist state.. (gave us ‘favored trade status’, built our economy through pro-China policies)

Xi Jinping knows he cares (Joe’s a very useful idiot)😉

Joe (& Hunter) just keeps on lookin’ up to the East🥰👍….


Hey Sleepy, WHERE’S HUNTER??

JUST IN]: Joe Biden BOMBSHELL – China Scandal Explodes | State ...

Talkin’ ’bout that China Joe
(talkin’ ’bout that china joe)

wo ho ho!..

wo! schmoe!🤤

China Joe!😷



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