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“PROP HIM UP” #&Don’tAskHimAbout:

by on June 26, 2020

“PROP HIM UP” #&Don’tAskHimAbout:

(music by KISS)

Prop him up🤤, and don’t ask him🤫 about: his pandemic response, race relations record, foreign policy, Ukraine, Burisma, China, Logan Act😳


Yeah! yeah!…

(BACROCK HUSSEIN OBAMAGATE😒 to his corrupt media):

Don’t want to wait (mail-in vote today!) ‘til they (voters) know him better (putrid 40 plus yr political record)🤮…

His team’s just glad, no campaign-trail time together😁 (the honking geese are ok with the basement gaffes)🦆👍

All his life such a creep, all those times he tried to taste it (sniffed women’s hair)😛😘

There ain’t a reason on earth, my endorsement wasted😒

(“Joe, you don’t have to do this”)😴

It’s such a crime🤫 Hunter good to himself!🤑

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

Don’t!.. press!.. Joe!🤐

(He’s so gaffe prone now)🥴

Wake him up!😴

Wake him up!😴

Slee!…py!… Joe!💤💤💤
oo yeaah

Cover up!🤫

Cover up!🤫

Quid!… Pro!… Joe!🤑…

(“fire that prosecutor! come on! come on!)😠

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

(what state is he in?)🤔

He!… don’t!… know!😧…

He’d rather wait for an invitation (to come up out of the basement)🥺…

He’s gotta live like he’s on stay-cation (hunkered down)🤗

There’s something deep (stupidity)🤤 you can’t fix with money…

(fuck it up! he’ll fuck it up!)😠

“120 million have already died from covid”😵

“you ain’t Black!”🤤

Keep in deep freeze🥶 best believe me honey…

It’d be a crime to let him speak for himself!😱

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

Don’t!… press!… Joe!🤐…

(he thinks Jill’s his sister now)🥰

Set Flynn up!😒

Set Flynn up!😒

Strzok!… note!… shows!😉… oo yeaah

Felt her up!😘

Felt her up!😛

Ta!…ra!… groped!🤗😱

(c’mon👅 c’mon💋)

Prop him up!🤤

Prop him up!🤤

(what state is he in?)🤔

He!… don’t!… know!😧…

C’mon! (let’s go home Joe)…

He’s not alright now…Emoji

He’s never right now…Emoji

Ooo yeah.. ooo yeah…

Yeah yeah!…



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