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by on May 23, 2020


(music by Bruce ‘Snowflake’ Springsteen & the E Street Band)

JANUARY 20, 2017-

(‘BUGGIN’ BARRY’👀 to Benghazi-Video-Babe Susan Rice):

Well Susan go online now, it’s gettin’ late.. (they’re swearing him in!)😠

Everything we say, document everything now.. (CMA memo to self “BY THE BOOK!” aaahh.. a bunch of times)

I’ll be leavin’ in the mornin’, from “Obamagate”..

We wouldn’t change this thing (“insurance policy”) even if we could somehow.. (Comey pushing ‘not by the book’ to a Special Counsel)😉

‘Cause the darkness (corruption) of this house (WH past 8 yrs), we got the best for us.. (Moochelle wants to return to in 2024),

There’s a darkness, in this swamp that got us through.. (DemocRat & Fake News Media)

But Flynn can’t touch me now, (fired)👍

& Sessions can’t touch me now, (recused)👍

Trump ain’t gonna do to me, what I’ve watched them (Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, Yates, Powers, Strzok & Page😘😘) do to his crew.. (Carter Page, Papadopoulos, Trump family etc)

So say (email memorialize) good lies, it’s Inauguration Day…

It’s his Inauguration Day😣

Special Counsel down the line😁…

Just say (email to self) good lies, it’s Inauguration Day..

It’s his Inauguration Day, ‘slime time’😉 (this incoming crew)…

Now we all know, what it always was with us..

He tweets his words (“Obama tapped my wires!”), & yeah I bugged his lines👀..

There was just no way this White House, could hold the two of us (no way smooth supportive transition of power),

I guess that we were just, too much of a different kind (Socialist vs Capitalist)…

Well say good lies (in the ‘CMA’ email) on Inauguration Day..

His Inauguration Day, all ploys must flush him away…

(Impeach 45! Impeach 45!)

So say good lies, it’s Inauguration Day…

This man must not have his way, (‘Resist!’) on Inauguration Day… (email self 15 minutes after sworn in)😏

‘Slick Willie’ WITCH-HUNT SAX…

JANUARY 20, 2021-


Now the basement bedroom isn’t empty, down at Sleepy’s joint (Creepy Joe still hunkered down)😴💤💤

& the info-highway (his zoom blooper sessions) is deserted, WiFi down, no talking points🤤 (except for honking geese in the background)🦆🤦🏻‍♂️

There’s a lot of swamp people leavin’ DC town now,

Leavin’ their lobbyin’ friends & their upscale suburb homes.. (Dems voted out)

At night they walk their former district highways, all alone😞… (shamed & shunned by constituents)

Well Susan, what you wrote is read now (unclassified), it’s sealin’ my fate😖

Nothin’ we can say (more lame excuses & lies) can change anything now (our blatant abuse of power)..

Because there’s just different people comin’ down here now (Republican majorities), and they see things in different ways (Pro-America)..

& soon everything we’ve sewn (legacy of Statism) will just be swept away (100%)😫

So say goodbye, it’s his 2nd Inauguration Day..

Susan now you know the things I wanted, that you emailed to self that day (& sounded so phony)🤤

But now we best say goodbye, it’s his 2nd Inauguration Day😫…

I swear I never thought, things would turn out this way😖 (our targeting corruption & power abuse fully exposed & documented!)😣


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