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by on July 6, 2020


(music by The Beatles)

(Mayor Lightfoot a lightweight on law & order)Emoji



I tried to please somebody (not law abiding citizens)😖


Not just anybody (the anarchists)👺👍


& now I need someone (President Trump)😉


I never needed (or wanted) anybody’s help in any way (I’m a know-it-all Lib Dem)🤤

But now these days are gone, I’m not so self-assured (aka self-righteous hypocritical schmuck)🤤

Now I find, thugs (‘peaceful protesters’) commit more crime👹

After I opened up (‘anarchy zone’) the door😳 (no shit Sherlock)🙄


Help you, yes I can, you’re falling down (ruining our great cities!)😠

& you best appreciate, police bein’ ‘round (increase funding!)🤑

Help you, get your streets back (LAW & ORDER)💪 and abandoned ground (police precincts & city blocks)

Just say please.. please😲


(“just say pretty please with sugar on top”)

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