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by on February 2, 2017


TRAVELIN’ BAN – music by Creedence Clearwater Revival
REFUGEES – music by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
SANCTUARY CITY – music by Guns-N-Roses
ILLEGAL ALIEN – music by Genesis


737 comin’ outta mid-east sky..
Won’t let ’em loose in Memphis,
Will make sure not radicalized!
Won’t let ’em move..
Placin’ on a Travelin’ Ban.. yeah!
No more flyin’ to our land..
Extreme vetting is the plan..
Placin’ on a Travelin’ Ban 🙂 …

Said it on talk-radio..
Walk it back – HELL NO!
Demorats got excitied,
Appalled is the Lib-Media-Militia..
Won’t let ’em move..
Placin’ on a Travelin’ Ban.. yeah!
No more flyin’ to our land..
Screw Obama’s Australia plan 😦
Placin’ on a Travelin’ Ban! 🙂

We got problem, we all know it,
Politicians don’t talk too much about it…
Yeah, it ain’t no real big secret,
All campaign I said, “we gonna stop it”…
Listen –
Security really matters to me, country..
‘FakeTears Schumer’ believes his cryin’ will deceive!..
You see,

We don’t!.. have!.. to take in all refugees…
(don’t have to take all these undocumented refugees.. send them to Australia & to Obama’s new house)

Shut ’em down, all those Sanctuary Cities..
No more ‘catch-n-release’,
No more PC pity..
Send!.. them!.. home!
yeah.. yeah..

Been illegal, livin’ out on your streets 🙂
I’m a, ‘race case’ but now Trump’s tough to beat 😦
I’m Dems ‘charity base’, but now with no food-stamps I can’t eat 😦
I voted for Hillary 100 times….
But now in one-way border EXIT line! 😦

Rags to riches was the ‘Obama way’..
But now, Trump keeps pushin’ no amnesty stay 😦 ..
We know it’s now such a gamble ’cause it’s not a rigged game..
Trump treats it like a capital crime….
I be doin’ Mexican prison hard time! 😦

Shut ’em down, all those Sanctuary Cities..
Where the mayors are PC sleaze,
& the law takes pity..
Send!.. them!.. home!
yeah.. yeah 🙂

Got out of bed, now not feelin’ too good 😦
No more fat wallet (Obama stash), no passport, now I’ll need border crossin’ shoes..
No more binge buyin’, at the local WalMart..
No more free bottles of tequila, & new packs of cigarettes… 😦
Can’t bring my cousins, can’t sneak in gang friends..
No thoughts that Dem rants, against this man gonna help…
No more subsidized apartment, just one-way border wall exit door..
Trump gonna kick out, we won’t get to stay… 😦

Now can’t tell ev’rybody, your ‘dirty jobs’ is all i wanna do…
If local cops find out, Ii know that ICE will come and shoo…

It’s, no fun, bein’ an Illegal Alien 😦 …

Now it’s, no fun 😦 bein’ an Illegal Alien…. 😦

Image result for chuck schumer crying pics

“It’s my Dem Party.. and I’ll cry if i want to..
Cry if i want to.. cry if i want to…
You would cry too, if Trump was mean to you” 😦

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