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“RUMBLIN’ MIGHT” #ThisIsWhatLeadingFromTheFrontLooksLike

by on April 24, 2017

“RUMBLIN’ MIGHT” #ThisIsWhatLeadingFromTheFrontLooksLike

(music by The Rolling Stones)


Mmmm… yeah…


Enemies think we’re panzies..
They always tryin’ to waste us..
Obama burned our stature right down… 😦
But country!.. country!…

I’m gonna put jewels back in our crown…. 🙂

‘Cause all you globalists,
Are low down bumblers..
Iran cheatin’ like North Korea sure knows how… 😦
But country!.. I say, country!…
Winning fever’s in the White House now! 🙂 ….

Dems slow down bitchin’,
Got my Cab Sec’s a itchin’..
Know they got my agenda dialed…
Country!.. We can’t fade!..
We got to roll…. out..
& call on our Rumblin’ Might!…..

Image result for us navy pics

Now we got to hurry,

We better start to worry..
Won’t wait to see our strength flashin’ by….
Country!.. budget, money!..
I got fixes and buildup in mind 🙂 …

Thank you country, voted rank outsider..
You can be my partner, clean up crime.. (inner & sanctuary cities)
But country!.. We can’t forsake.. (our Constitution)
We got to roll…. with..
& call on our Rumblin’ Might!..
Roll…. out.. and call on our Rumblin Might……

Image result for law enforcement police pics


Say bye, bye, bye..
To Barock the lone crap tooter (erasable red-lines & leading from ass end) 😦
I’m playin’ the field ev’ry night…
But country!.. we can’t waive…
We got to roll… out..
& call on our Rumblin’ Might….
yeah.. yeah.. (call on our rumblin’ might)
Got to roll with…
Got to roll with…
Got to roll with…
Got to roll with… yeah
Got to roll with… (keep on rollin’)
Got to roll with… (keep on rollin’)


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