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NFL Star Urges Blacks Not to Vote for Obama

by on September 6, 2012

‘I went out there, I worked for it, I built it’

Burgess Owens talks to WND

Retired National Football League star Burgess Owens, a Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders, has urged African-Americans not to vote for Barack Obama simply on the basis of race.

In his newly published e-book, “It’s All About Team: Exposing the Black Talented Tenth,” Owens recounts how he grew up as a liberal Democrat and supported Jimmy Carter.  Owens told WND in an exclusive interview last week in Tampa, during the Republican National Convention, that his faith in God has inspired his life.

Owens said social welfare programs promoted by the Democratic Party have created a government dependency within black communities to the detriment of the family and economic progress.

The progressive policies of the Democratic Party, he said, have created a culture of “defeat, breakdown, failure and collapse” in the African-American community, where abortion has taken the lives of 13 million black babies since 1973, an average of 325,000 deaths each year.

Owens has rejected “War on Poverty” government dependency in favor of the principles of our Founding Fathers.

“It is no accident that this country has been blessed with its abundance and its history as the freest and most productive in the world,” he writes in his book. “As its citizens humbly recommit to an acceptance of guidance from the God of our fathers, our nation will once again see the miraculous resurrection of the proud, responsible, visionary black father. And with him, his family and community will be lifted.”

Owens identifies with the themes of private enterprise and individual initiative.

“It’s heartwarming to hear from just normal Americans the same thing over and over again, ‘I went out there and I worked it, and I built it,’” he told WND. “That ‘I built it’ is the American way, and it comes back down to how are we’re going to change the black community.”

For Owens, that formula begins with belief in God, the restoration of the black family and the encouragement of black children to get an education to prepare them to compete economically.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I’m so happy Owens is willing to say all of this for the public. He’s not a politician, hollywood person, and is talking not only to Blacks, but all Americans in general, really.

    Common sense needs to prevail in this country and The People need to do right. I just hope its enough. I am concerned that an election is not going to be enough, given the dirty tricks the Obama admin., and Obama would resort to. I don’t think they would accept defeat.

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