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The growing Medicare problem

by on February 17, 2012

As you can see, Medicare accounts for more of our spending than all the armed services combined. As you know, the thumb rule is 50% of a person’s lifetime medical costs occur in the last six months of a person’s life. The baby boomers are just turning 65 now. Medicare is going to be an atomic debt bomb in 12-20 years. Medicare has to be reformed and people have to realize that the government will have to ration health care in order to contain costs. Best to start working on a private sector solutions and allow interstate competition to decrease costs and increase quality of service.


  1. Anonymous permalink

    true that!

  2. guitargod permalink

    gotta get a Repub majority in hand – put the Paul Ryans on these biggies – the Conserv young guns are the only ones w/ the brains & balls to fix this mess!

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