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That Won’t Happen! (really??)

by on February 17, 2012
another gem delivered by mittens right up there w/ his “not worth getting so angry about” healthcare comeback and the “not worried about the very poor” – now this latest is the same type of arrogance displayed by obamacon, as is mitt’s “attack others at allcosts” and distort records including his own, Preferred campaign methods. he is proving to be quite the chameleon as well – another obama characteristic.

  1. guitargod permalink

    yeah he’s good at “staying above the fray” and packaging himself as a people’s warrior while his super pac does all his dirtywork… yet another romneycon / obamacon interchange – hell they could just run on the same damn ticket this fall!

  2. Elkton Elvis permalink

    The article seems pretty clear that Romney focused attacks on Obama and not Santorum which is a good play. Also, the college student got it right when he said we need a businessman, nit a politician. Mitt is saying all the right things and he’s got a resume to orove he’s done the right things. Claims about Mitt losing Michigan seem to be media driven anti-Romney hype!

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