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Obama’s debt legacy

by on February 17, 2012

  1. guitargod permalink

    yeah & i want Sarah P. in the oval office and Meesh workin’ the drivethru at McyD’s – im w/ya EE but we gotta drain the swamp between hairyReids ears 1st!

  2. Elkton Elvis permalink

    I want a balanced budget and debt reduction!

  3. guitargod permalink

    just a piece of the purposeful collapse puzzle – we all gotta contact & pressure your local & federal reps to boldly start getting in obamamania medias face and calling him out tit for tat & labeling him as the radical Statist he is AND how polar opposite his actions & policy is to the USA!!! turn the whole system from our Reps on down to local citizenry into one big rockin’ TeaParty! This is the type of radical response “Conservative style” needed to match this current Alinsky style quest that is taking place & will accelerate this campaign yr. -keep on rockin in the free world Patriots!

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