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Democrat Delaney attacked for donation to Republican Andy Harris – Maryland Politics – The Washington Post

by on February 16, 2012

Ha! Maybe Delaney didn’t want Democrat zombies to infect his money with the liberalism disorder? We kicked Kratovil to the curb in ’10 and looking to clean more House in ’12!

State Sen. Rob Garagiola and financier John Delaney — Democratic candidates for the seat currently held by Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R) — have been squabbling for weeks about both policy and personal issues. The latest front is campaign donations, as Garagiola attacked Delaney for having contributed $2,400 to current Republican Rep. Andrew P. Harris in October 2010, just days before Harris succeeded in oustingRep. Frank M. Kratovil Jr. from the Eastern Shore-based 1st district.

“A financial contribution to Republican Andy Harris is an act against our Democratic Party, and it’s a sign that Delaney isn’t a real Democrat. This is something Mitt Romney would do,” Garagiola said in a press release.

  1. Elections have consequencesThe truth is that for at least the next two years the Democrats could pass hevteawr bills they want without a single Republican vote. They could even afford to lose quite a few Blue Dog, DINO, votes, and still win every vote.What Republicans think and say right now is completely irrelevant except insofar as they can convince a lot of Democrats in Congress to vote their way. I think that what the President was saying to those Republican lawmakers in referring to Limbaugh, is that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and somebody who regularly refers to Democrats as socialists and traitors, however much you folks may believe these things to be true, is not likely to be expressing ideas that will help Republicans in Congress get many Democrats to vote their way.Nor does the Limbaugh line seem likely to attract a majority of voters at the next election. This majority voted for someone that Limbaugh calls a socialist and traitor. Is Limbaugh calling these voters socialists and traitors, or is he saying that they’re just dupes? Neither seems likely to endear the voters to Limbaugh, or to the party that still treats him as some sort of great thinker.

    • G$money permalink

      I’d say the people who voted for Obama are just dumb asses. No need to credit them for being socialists or traitors. 9/10 blacks voted for Obama. Can you prove that’s not racist? People who blindly vote for skin color or idealogy ought to have to apply for a permit (and show citizenship) to vote. Hopefully just the idea of applying for a permit will keep the losers out of the election processes.

  2. “Conservatives take heart in the consistent rluests of the highly regarded Battleground Poll…”L1m…uh, highly regarded, by WHO? “A majority of Americans consider themselves conservative. If only John McCain knew.…”Irrelevant, because McCain was the “conservative” candidate this time around, and the most “conservative” candidate running…”conservative” enough for Sarah Palin to back him up…Odd that an estimated nine million so-called conservative “patriots” failed to vote for McCain, and foisted the Barkster on America out of frustrated revenge…Now, THAT’S sensible, LOL!What’s your definition of “conservative”, then? Does it exclude guys like Joe Scarborough and Pat Buchanan, then? If you’re willing to write off forty percent of Republicans to push a bizarre neocon agenda that doesn’t even serve Americans first, I certainly won’t cry bitter tears over your stupidity…How come the best future candidates you can see for yourselves are both tokens, Steele and Jindal? Why is it that you’ll reject suitable, qualified Republican candidates because you differ with them on a few minor issues?That’s always been a leftist fault, to have blood purges over trivialities, but look at your own emulation of them. I assure you, I did not quit the Dems, over trivial differences with Barky!The “American Stinker” is a POS blog, please get your facts straight next time…

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