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by on March 28, 2023

“THE UNKNOWN TELEPROMPTER”🖥🤤(music from The Fall Guy tv series)

Well, I’m not the kind to scroll & tell,

But I’ve been set on slow mo🤤…

I’ve never been with any such mess,

Can’t read lines😑, or signs!😖

I’ve gotten fired, by Donald Trump (he don’t need me)😉,

Gone fast with a fool named BO (heavy on the ‘Hope & Stain’💩),

But somehow with who I end up, has no mind🤯…

It’s a new depth of lyin’ life I lead🤥,

I get blank glances😵‍💫…

This guy’s barely livin’, a zombie movie, late night tv😴💤

But the hardest thing I ever do, is get watched by that VP lady🫣,
Spit some other lines from a word-salad🤮, that’s not on me!🤪…

I might stall from all his gaffes buildin’ (auto ‘dumbass’ safety shutoff)🤤👍

I might roll malarkey card💩…

‘Cause I’m the unknown teleprompter that made Pete Buttihead such a greenie-weenie star🌞🌬🧝🏻…

I forever spent much time (below ground level) with ‘Drool’🤤,
& we zoomed nappies plenty💤💤
It’s true he tired, with my body on ‘auto-play’… ‘sleep-mode’ engaged!🛌
I’ve gotten blamed by Karine Jean-Pi-Error🤪,
Loaded up for foreign wealth (various dictator talking points)🤑🇨🇳🇺🇦…
But when I windup to prompt “hey”, it’s always delayed😧… “c’mon man say!”🤐

I might pump some racist privilege,
Or excuse Hunter’s crimes🤫…
‘Cause I’m the unknown teleprompter, that trips up Brandon all the time😖🖥😉

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