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“The WOKESTER” 🤪 #akaEntitledFascist

by on August 5, 2021

“The WOKESTER”🤪 #akaEntitledFascist

(music by Steve Miller Band)

Some people call me a fake cowboy🤠 (just because i was born a cowgirl)…


Some call me the ‘gangster of gov’… (Brownshirt Leftist Dem foot soldier)

To some people I call (scream), NO POLICE!😠

‘Cause I seek, all the pompatus (& lawlessness) of blue state gov (& CHOP Zone ‘summer of love’)😍

Parents talkin’ ’bout me teachin’ their babies👧🏻👦🏻 (Critical Racist Theory)😱

Say I’m doin’ them wrong, doin’ them wrong (instilling division & hate)…

Well don’t you worry, racists, don’t worry…

‘Cause the ‘White Privilege’ is right there, right there, right there, right there at home…..

I like to bicker… (get up in MAGA faces & threaten those deplorables!)👊🏻😠

I’m a winner… (even though we cheated & stole the election)🤫😏

I’m a tree hugger… (greenie weenie)🤮

& I’m a (propaganda) spinner🤤…

I wear a mask at home for fun🏠😷…

I’m a Wokester🤪…

I’m a choker… (i censor speech i don’t like)😜

I’m a witch hunt hoaxer🤥(just ask Trump)

I give Illegals lovin’, border over-run😉… (cartels, covid & crackheads love me too)🥰

Ooh..whoo… ooh..whoo…

Greta Thunberg - Tavo Montañez | Graphic, Illustration, Greta

You’re the cutest “thing” that I ever did see…

I really love your pronouns, wanna set you free (from reality)…

Lovey govey, lovey govey, lovey govey all the time (everything’s free!)

Ooh wee baby! Planned Parenthood’ll sure show you a good time (late term abortion & infanticide)

I like to bicker (riot & assault too)😤…

I’m a winner (stealing is winning if you can get away with it kiddos)😉…

I’m a tree hugger (& climate change champion)💪🤢

& I’m a (Fake News)🤤 spinner…

I wear my mask at home for fun🏠😷😷

(in the shower & on the toilet too)👍

I’m The Wokester🤪…

I’m a choker… (i censor all that “misinformation”)🤫

I’m a ‘False Flag’ hoaxer (see my Jan. 6 prank)😏…

I sure don’t want to hurt no one😇… (only if they agree with me, otherwise i cancel their ass!)

Ooh..wee! c’mon world, communism’ll show you a good time…..

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