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“DEAD or ALIVE” #IsHe??🤔 (verse 2)

by on July 6, 2021

“DEAD or ALIVE” #IsHe??Emoji (verse 2)
(music by Bon Jovi)

(whispered): “psss…hey…listen..I don’t know..whaattt the F i’m”


Most times I’m asleep💤💤

Most times it’s during my busy days.. (G7, zooms w/ The Squad)

The tyrants I meet👹(Globalist douchebags & dictators)

Always go after they get their way (laughing their asses off)🤣

Sometimes I make a play🤗..

On random woman (or girls) that I creep😱..

This country I disown🤮 (America Last)

All it does is shrink👍

I’m a con & ploy…

On a steal vote contrived😏

They (circle-supporters)🤤 voted.. (cheated)..

Dead or alive (multiple times)😉👍

Yeah they voted.. (cheated!)..

Dead or alive (breathing & not breathing)🤤🤤

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