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“KISS YOU ALL OVER” #CuomosexualLockdown😘 #IBelieve🤔#MeToo🤫

by on March 20, 2021

“KISS YOU ALL OVER” #CuomosexualLockdown😘 #IBelieve🤔 #MeToo🤫
(music by Exile)

When I get to the office, babe, gonna light my fire..
All day I’ve been thinkin’ about you,
Babe, this Gov you desire😍..
Gonna flaunt my power over you..
& pull you close to me.. (smile for the camera news-girl while rub your back)
Oh babe, you want to taste my lips😘
I want you to fill my fantasy (“i’m gonna mount her like a dog”), yeah🥰

You better not say a thing🤫..

Just let me dominate you much..

Above you… (who’s your boss)💋

Lead you… (who’s your daddy)👅

Ooh babe…

I wanna kiss you all over 😘…

& over again (mount you too)👅

I wanna kiss you all over 😘…

Till impeachment closes in… 😳

Till impeachment closes in…..


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