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“NOT VERY GOOD PEOPLE” #10-15%Deplorable

by on June 5, 2020

“NOT VERY GOOD PEOPLE” #10-15%Deplorable
(music by Sly & the Family Stone)

Most times not right🤤 50 years I been wrong (& damn proud of that record)😊

I don’t believe, I snore all night long (but Jill does & keeps me in basement)🛌😴💤💤

The Republican, the Conservative, the Trump supporter, (anyone in a red hat) all them..

Makes no difference, that’s the group they’re in😝

They! (10-15%)…..

Not very good people😣👎 yeah yeah..

(at least Creepy Joe is more numerically specific than the other Deplorable)

They! (Leftist race-baiters and Marxists)…..
Not very good peopleEmojiEmoji


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