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“HEAD IS BURNING” #GlobalWarmingMoneyShot

by on February 15, 2019

“HEAD IS BURNING” #GlobalWarmingMoneyShot

(music by Midnight Oil)


The time has come…

To say I care…

To pay earth rent…

To pay world’s share… (greedy American capitalist polluters)

The time has come…

The facts I lack…

Say so long to them…

Let’s climate tax!

How to advance, keep our bullshit churning… *:puke! puke

How can I speak, while my head is (freezing😬) I mean, burning!😡

How to advance, keep our bullshit churning *8-| rolling eyes

How can I speak, when my head is (freezing *'+_+ cold) I mean, burning!*:::^^::: hot

Image result for amy klobuchar in snowstorm

My campaign desert lives and breathes,

In sub-zero degrees*'+_+ cold*=)) rolling on the floor

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