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“ENDLESS GOV” #GreenNewCon

by on February 14, 2019

“ENDLESS GOV” #GreenNewCon

(music by Diana Ross & Lionel Richie)

A ‘Degenerate Duet’*:x lovestruckby Regressives; A. hOle. C.🤮and Bernie Bernout😡


My gov…

There’s no more fossil fuels in our life👍

Renewables, the only thing that’s right 🌈


My first gov (1st wacko policy proposal)…

For every breath that we take (green & clean)🤢

For every carbon tax we make 🤑

& we….

We want to share (impose),

All our gov, on you…

No pipelines will do 😒👎

And no fly.. (no fly no fly)🛩👎

High speed rail will get you there! 🚄👍

Ooooh yes!…😉

You no auto… need 🚙👎

Our, Endless Gov……..

Too hard (& lazy)🤤

Too hard, deadbeat, (work) no fun😒

Their life subsidized by everyone…

Forever (cradle to grave)…

We’ll hold (control) you close in my arms (dependence)…

You can’t resist our charms *:x lovestruck (Berner phone – formerly ObamaPhone, and AhOleC food stamps redeemable at all Mexican restaurants)

Our Gov!… oh yeah
We’ll pay for school (free college tuition), for you!…
We’re sure…
(AhOleC): Tax payers don’t mind…
(Bernout): Whooooa.. we know evil rich don’t mind!*>:) devil

Build new!…
Buildings, the world, all green! (remake every building in the country)*:)) laughing
Oh, just know… just know…
Just know, its good.. for you *;) winking
Our, Endless Gov….

Economy dump dump… dump dump dump dump… dump…..

Our Gov!… more gov..
We’ll pay for school, for you!…
We’re sure…
Tax payers (slaves) won’t mind…
Whooooa.. damn right suckers won’t mind!*:::^^::: hot

& meds!…
(single-payer system)
It’ll be the only one!….
‘Cause!.. insurance.. can’t deny!…
But!… long waiting times!…
Poor care give!… it all for you!… (like in Cuba)*:-& sick

Our Gov!.. more gov! more gov!*:) happy

Image result for AOC Bernie

Our, Endless Gov………..
Image result for new green deal farting cows

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