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“LIVE LIKE YOU WERE” #CommieSympathizin’

by on December 18, 2018

“LIVE LIKE YOU WERE” #CommieSympathizin’
(music by Tim McGraw)


“Man what the F you doin’??”

Tim says,

I went south, flyin’.. (of Miami)

I went, Totalitarian idolizin’.. (on tour)

I went, Memorial Day Weekend trekkin’..
(“Walk in the footsteps of Hemingway and Obama in Old Havana”)

With a ghoul named Prez Raul..

& I loved, (Che Guevara) deeper.. *:x lovestruck

& I spoke, (of Communism) sweeter..

& I gave forgiveness, while Cuban citizens were dyin’..

& like Fidel said, some day I hope you’ll take a stance (like Comrade Obama did),

To Live Like You Were Commie sympathiiiiiizin’… *:x lovestruck

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