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“NO SLEEP ‘TIL MOSCOW” #TargetIndividual1

by on December 17, 2018

“NO SLEEP ‘TIL MOSCOW” #TargetIndividual1
(music by Beastie Boys)


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Bill Clinton | Scared Monkeys

MOSCOW!…… 🇷🇺😉

Foot on the pedal,

Never ever fair settle!..

Witch hunt burnin’ hotter,

Trump boil in kettle 🔥🧙‍♂️

My job, a hit job,

It’s a damn good crime..

TrumpTower to Kremlin,
I’m runnin’ this slime 🤮

Documentation, (bogus dossier)

Tainted investigation, (biased witch hunt hoax)

Biased Boys plea intimidation.. (17 Angry Dems)😠

Sketchy trigger lingers, (bogus dossier)
Not a stable FISA fable!..🤥
I do what I do best, (witch hunts)🧙‍♀️
Because I’m willing & able!.. (Unlimited/Undefined Rosenstein mandate) 🙂
Lots ‘o fakin’,
His money Vlad takin’,🤑
Goin’ year to year,
Just watch all his cronies quakin’..😳
We’re all on the job, spyin’ all the time,👀
My Biased Boys no way pardon,
Trump frickin’ won’t survive!.. 😵

NO! SLEEP! ‘TIL!.. 😳

The Tragedy of the U.S. Deep State - Counter Information

Another claim,
Another frame,
Another throttle turn of blame.. (election stolen)
Another girl, (hookers)💋
Another sight, (peeing)
Another Deep State strike!.. (dirty dossier)💩
Our President’s crazy,🤪
He always obstructs us..
He’s got his own room (in Moscow hotel),
Where the hookers all gush! 😍
Builds around the world,
He rocks (w/ Oligarchs) around the clock!..⏰
Vlad to hotel (personal penthouse),😏
Trumps on his (BLEEP!)🤭
We’re trashing Trump deals,
Like it’s goin’ out of style..
Gettin’ aides along the way,😪
‘Cause there’s no collusion to file!.. 😦
Flynn cops to more,
Comey trap was core..🐀
Manafort’s on his back,
Because solitary’s a bore!..
We got a slam & a dunk,
Hush money in a stack..💵
With hype (fake news) out in front,🤮
& SDNY (Southern District of New York) on attack! 👍


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