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Battle Over ‘Sanctuary Campuses’

by on January 23, 2017

A step in the right direction. Thank you Rep Harris-

Breitbart Texas reported on January 3rd that Representative Andy Harris (R-MD) introduced the “Federal Immigration Law Compliance Act of 2016” (FILCA). He did so along with co-sponsors “from California to New York, to Florida,” according to his website.

Harris’ bill prohibits any entity from receiving federal funding that “does not comply with a lawful request for information or detainment of an alien made by an officer or employee of the Federal government who is charged with enforcement of the immigration laws from receiving additional funding.” If passed, the law would apply to any entity, including institutions of higher learning. These institutions would be forced to comply with all lawful requests made by ICE or forego federal funding.

“Congress has the responsibility to protect the rule of law in our country and provide for the safety of our citizens. We need to focus on protecting American citizens and those who are in this country legally, instead of providing shelter for those who have violated our immigration law and entered this country illegally,” Rep. Harris said in a statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. According to the Congressman, his bill would explicitly authorize “federal immigration authorities to make requests for information regarding illegal immigrants of any institution or entity receiving federal funds.”

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Representatives in the U.S. Congress are fighting back, and state governments are gearing up for fights.

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