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by on October 24, 2016

(music by Roy Orbison)

(TRUMP @ 3rd Debate): “SUCH A NASTY WOMAN” 😦



Pretty Woman.. we’d like to delete 😦
Pretty Woman.. the kind Trump has to beat!..
Pretty Woman…
No one believes you, you don’t tell the truth..
No one ever running for prez is corrupt as you!…. (not even Obama)

Mercy!… (FBI/DOJ)

Pretty Woman.. Trump won’t pardon thee..
Pretty Woman.. in WikiLeaks, we couldn’t help but see..
Pretty Woman…
That you look guilty.. as can be..
No one should be LockedUp! more than Hillary!…..

Rooorrr!… (Huma)

Nasty Woman, hide a while…
Nasty Woman, did they talk awhile?… (Bill & Loretta on tarmac)
Nasty Woman, did you ever give a smile to your secret-service security? 😦 (see Ron Kessler)
Nasty Woman, yell, yell, yell…
Nasty Woman, Comey looked away…
Nasty Woman, say you’ll repay the money….
‘Cause foreign dictators need you, you’ll treat them right…
Quid pro quo baby, cold cash in sight! 🙂 …….

Pretty Woman.. don’t pass coal miners by..
Pretty Woman.. don’t make Bernie cry 😦
Nasty Woman.. don’t walk away from press, hey, okay..
If that’s the way it must be, okay.. (no tough questions, we’ll just attack Trump)
I guess you should go on home, and wait (sleep zzz..zzz)
There’ll be election night, but wait!..
What do we see?….
Is she stumbling back, quick Huma squeeze!…
Yeah, she’s falling back, doctor please!… 😦

Oooohh… ooohh…..


(TRUMP SCALE OF 1 TO 10): -5.. maybe -4 if she loses the toga..

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