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“30 YEARS IN 30 SECONDS” #CrookedHillaryLifeOfSlimeGrime&Crime

by on October 24, 2016

(TRUMP): “What the hell has she done in 30 years!”



-Political radical, Saul Alinsky disciple out of college..
-Kicked off the ‘Watergate Committee”..
-Hooked up with sexual predator, Bill ‘SlickWillie’ Clinton..
-Targeted, threatened & smeared women he sexually assaulted..
-Continual & numerous scandals to enrich themselves..
-‘HillaryCare’ (single-payer) fiasco..
-Carpet Bagged to New York as ‘do nothing’ Senator and began running for president..
-’08 smeared & lost to fellow Alinsky Marxist radical, Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm)..
-Struck deal to become Secretary of State with no experience or accomplishment.. (except failure)
-‘Led From Behind’ and made extreme mess of foreign policy: continual & numerous failures..
-Allowed American death in Benghazi, then lied over coffins to cover up, blamed a video & jailed the video-maker..
-Set up the quid pro quo ‘Clinton Crime Family Foundation’ to enrich themselves..
-Flew around the world (at taxpayer expense), selling her office & country out to foreign dictators..
-Set up an illegal server & deleted classified emails to cover-up crimes..
-Began again running for president..
-Colluded with media & DNC to smear opponents.. (Bernie & Trump)
-Use of media to overwhelm & distract voting public from her corruption..
-Rig debates to further target, smear, and distract..
-Ignore own emails through WikiLeaks, and focus/blame hackers..
-Make up personal character attacks and parade phony accusers through media..

-Collude with pollsters to show phony advantage, suppress & depress vote..


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