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by on September 28, 2016


Lester, I believe Americans want us to stay focused on and keep talking about taxes, regulations, energy, and of course our trade policy differences and how this will affect job creation and growth.

But since you and Secretary Clinton feel the need to divert to my tax returns, let me just say that throughout my career I’ve of course always paid my taxes in accordance with the tax laws of our country and as prescribed by good sound business sense. To answer your question Hillary – I’m hiding nothing. Let me ask though, what is she hiding?… in respect to – her position as Secretary of State illegally setting up a private server and deleting thousands of high level and some ‘classified’ emails (putting nation at risk), in respect to – her Foundation donations from human rights violators, quid pro quo’s, speech fees and speech transcripts. What Secretary of State ‘conflict of interest’ are you hiding?…

Also Lester, since you raise the President’s birth certificate issue, let me say that for me it has nothing to do with race. But it does have everything to do with Secretary Clinton making it an issue in ’08, and Obama refusing to provide it. I ended this – period. For Hillary to tie it to, and accuse me of racist motives is troubling, and speaks to her ‘deplorable’ character and inclinations. So I must ask – were you playing the race card in ’08?… Why do you propose and support policies that continue the Democrat tradition of hurting the African American community as evidenced by ‘deplorable’ statistics and results?.. I’ve employed many thousands of African Americans, fought the Palm Beach city planning board for their entry and acceptance into my Florida resort club, as one of many examples… Go listen to the praise Jesse Jackson gave me in the late 90’s… I’m no racist…

Just as I’m no sexist. I’ve employed and elevated women to top positions in my company and in a male dominated industry for decades. What have you done for (to) women?… Oh yeah, you targeted and slandered the women your husband Bill abused and raped. Didn’t you once say that women who allege abuse should be heard/believed… Instead of hearing and helping them though, you smeared and threatened them.

So you see Secretary Clinton, you’re about as “prepared” (and trustworthy) to be president as Barack Obama was 😦

Now what say you, we get back to discussing economic and security/law & order issues like the vacuum you created in Iraq for ISIS, your 550% increase in middle eastern refugees, your lax vetting process, your open border mentality etc.. and maybe if we have time at the end – your Benghazi negligence and purposeful ‘video lie’ to the parents of the victims (our heroes) over their coffins.


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