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by on September 21, 2016

(music by MC Hammer & Nicki Minaj)


(INTRO Spoken):

Oh my god…
Billy, look at those bucks! $$$$$$$$$$ 🙂
Stack so BIG!….
It’s from one of our tyrant “donor” friends…
We have an ‘understanding’ with those bad guys…
They only talk to me because I’m like a total Secretary of State prostitute…
I make Big Bucks… 🙂
My position so rigged…
I just spread quid pro quo favor around…
Put ‘open for business’ sign out there…
I mean, amount I gross 🙂
Look, I’m just a political hack….

I like BIG BUCKS and I cannot lie (but I do) 🙂
You other grubbers can’t deny..
That when a ‘foreign donor’ for an itty bitty embrace,
Puts some prime bling in my face 🙂
Favor get flung..

Wanna look so tough 😦

Can’t let you notice my bucks are stuffed..
Deep in the pantsuits I’m wearin’..
I’m booked and I can’t stop secret sharin’..
Oh, shadys (human rights violators) I wanna get with ya’s,
& be your ‘fixer’..
My homegirls (Huma, Mills) cover & swarm me,
‘Cause those bucks you got..
Make Bill so horney 🙂
Ooh, put ‘in the game skin’..
Russians say they wanna uranium win..
Well, use me use me cuz Saudis are my average groupies..
I’m seen with them dancin’..
To hell with “basket-of-deplorables” romancin’..
FBI don’t make me sweat,
Pass I get 🙂
Got it bleachin’ like a turbo vette..
I’m tired of ‘vast right-wing machine’..

Sayin’ my Big Bucks are a crooked thing..
Take the average Low-Info and ask them that..
‘Hills’ got their sad-sack backs..
So tyrants (yeah!) tyrants (yeah!) 🙂
All my bad friends with the bucks (hell yeah!)
Well ‘donate’, ‘donate’!, ‘donate’, ‘donate’!, ‘donate healthy sum of bucks 🙂
HillBilly got bucks! 🙂


Yeah, Bill loves this fat stash.. hahahahahaha!
Yeah! this one is from my “donors”, who are badass dictatin’ schlubs..
I said, got my fat stash Big Donors in the ‘Foundation’ club.. 🙂
Fuck them skimpy donors! fuck no skimpy donors in our club!..
I wanna see all the big fat stash donors (human rights violators) in my muthafuckin’ Foundation Club!
Fuck you if you a skimpy donor, what! delate you! hahaaaa….
I got my BIG FAT STASH! 🙂 (stash.. stash. stash….)
‘Pay-for-play’ on!….

Image result for hillary cash big butt

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