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“I WANT YOU BABE” #I’llSupportAnyCelebrityWithGreatHairForPresident

by on May 17, 2016

“I WANT YOU BABE” #I’llSupportAnyCelebrityWithGreatHairForPresident
(music by Sonny & Cher)

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They say you’re dumb, and world will blow..
They will find out, with you we’ll grow…. 🙂
Well, I don’t know if actually all that’s true?..
But you got me, ’cause Donny only celeb’s – I do 🙂 …..

I want you Babe…
I support you babe…

They say your gov, will raise dissent..
Mexico spurned, their money for The Wall’s all been spent….
I guess trade’s so, we don’t get back a lot..
But at least I’m sure, with you China rip-off stops…..

I want you babe…
I’ll vote for you babe…

You sure tower…
Over those weaklings…
I know you…
Will have us again makin’ things…
& when they say you’re bad!…
& you’re a clown…
Well they’re just scared… 😦
You’ll bring their DC bubble down….

Don’t let them say, your hair spray’s too strong..
‘Cause with your fine hair, your comb never goes wrong….
Then put your ‘little hands’ in mine,..
There ain’t no ‘Hill’ or celebrity, we can’t out shine….. 🙂

I want you babe…
I support you babe…..

I want you, to join my band..
I want you, to give me some of your fans!..
I want you, to walk the ‘red carpet’ with me..
I want you, to talk cabinet position for me!..
I want you, to fix things right!..
I want Melania as 1st-Lady 🙂 ’cause Bill ain’t right! 😦
I want you, to the White House to go!..
‘Cause I know you love America so! 🙂 ….

Dennis Rodman wants you babe…

Charlie Sheen wants you babe…

Pete Rose wants you babe…

Gary Busey wants you babe…

Hulk Hogan wants you babe…

Wayne Newton wants you babe…

Tom Brady wants you babe…

Scott Baio wants you babe…

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