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“YESTERDAY” (‘Clinton Machine’ IS NO ‘Mystery Machine’)

by on April 15, 2015

“YESTERDAY” (‘Clinton Machine’ IS NO ‘Mystery Machine’)
(music by The Beatles)

MARCO RUBIO PRESIDENTIAL ANNOUNCEMENT SPEECH: “Now just YESTERDAY… A leader from, YESTERDAY… began a campaign for president by promising to take us, back to YESTERDAY….. YESTERDAY IS OVER!!!

50 cent the game how we do traduction

young Hillary Clinton had moved to Arkansas with her husband, future ...


‘Clinton bubble’ seemed to hold much sway…
Now it stoops so low and stale and gray…
Ooh, don’t believe in yesterday…..

Our foreign policy ain’t half of what it used to be…
Benghazi shadow hangin’ over Hillary…
Ooh, embassy fell suddenly 😦 …..

Why, the, ‘Video’?.. yes she knows.. truth she wouldn’t say…..

She, did, everything wrong.. ‘what difference did she make’ today?…..

‘Crony-Gov’ was such an easy game to play…
Now she needs a server to hide emails away… 😦
Ooh, don’t believe her yesterday…..

Why, to, Iowa she has to go?.. we all know.. it’s not for Chipotle…..

As, ‘Daphne’, she’s all wrong.. how I long for ‘Hill’ to go away!…..

‘Intern love’ was such an easy game for Bill to play… 🙂
Now he needs an ‘orgy-island’ hide-away… 🙂
Ooh, Bill believes in ‘better days’! 🙂

Mmm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mmm…..

Old Hillary Clinton by Durer

Monica Samille Lewinsky nació en San Francisco el 23 de julio de 1973 ...

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