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“THE DONALD WENT DOWN TO DC” #WithRealHope&ChangeNotObamaCope&Blame

by on December 20, 2016

“THE DONALD WENT DOWN TO DC” #WithRealHope&ChangeNotObamaCope&Blame
(music by Charlie Daniels Band)

INTRO FIDDLE (no more around the edges!) 🙂 ….

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The Donald went down to DC,
He was lookin’ for a nation’s soul to heal..
We was in a bind, ’cause Obama led from behind,
& he knew nothin’ ’bout the ‘Art Of The Deal’ 😦

When ‘D’ came upon this crooked woman,
Sellin’ out her office, & makin’ a lot.. $$$$$$..
& The Donald jumped got on his twitter stump,
& tweeted, “Hillary let me tell ya what”….

I guess you didn’t know it,
But I can play a politician too..
& if you’d care to take a dare,
I’ll have some debates with you..

Now you’ve played a pretty poor leader, girl,
So give the Donald his due..
I’ll bet my company of gold,
Against your corrupt soul..
‘Cause I think I’d be a better President than you….

The phony said, my name’s Queen Hillary,
& it’s my turn to win.. (“don’t you want to see a woman president?”)
So I’ll take your bet, and you’re gonna regret,
‘Cause ‘my machines’ the best in rigged elections there’s ever been 🙂 ….

Hill’ry, rosin up quid-pro-quos,
& play your ‘woman card’..
‘Cause a fresh smells broke loose in DC,
& The Donald’s campaignin’ hard..
And if you win, you’ll get your shady Foundation filled with gold..
But if you lose,
Your snowflake’s heads will explode! 😦 ….

The Donald opened up his (MAGA) briefcase,
& he said, “I’ll start this show”.. (& the ratings will be HUUUGE)
And commonsense blew from his fiery lips,
As he described how we would grow..

Then he proclaimed big growth & again makin’ things,
& Socialists made an evil hiss 😦 ..
& then a band of protestors joined in.. (Occupiers, BLM, Bernie bernouts, Hillary buttercups, etc)
& ‘recount’ went somethin’ like this….


When the cry babies finished,
Donny said, “well you’re pretty pathetic Low-Info ones..
Now sit down & don’t throw that chair at Podesta there (on election night),
& let me show you how the electoral college is won 🙂 ….

He say,
Coal from the mountains, oil pipeline run!..
The regs, I’m gonna douse, get some production.. 🙂
Frackin’ in our mid-lands, makin’ lotsa dough.. $$$$$
Company, no more jobs flight, grow here grow!….


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The phony bowed her head,
Because she knew that she’d been beat.. (even Jill Ein-Stein knew) 😦
& she laid that Russian hacked server,
On the ground where Wiki Leaked..

Donny said, “Crooked, just go relax,
your donors don’t ever want to pay (throw money away) again.. 😦

He say,
Coal from the mountains, oil pipeline run!…
The regs, I’m gonna douse, get some product done 🙂 …
Frackin’ in our great land, makin’ lotsa dough 🙂 …
Company, no more job flights, grow here grow!…..

Image result for trump goes to DC pics

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