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“Russians Hack WhiteHouse Computer System”

by on April 8, 2015

Ways Putin is Playing 3D Chess While Obama is Figuring Out Checkers

Vlad gains full access to Barry’s daily itinerary:

8AM – sleep in.. skip Daily Intell Briefing..

9AM – breakfast in bed served.. TV ‘MSNBC Morning shows’.. (use daily briefing notes as place-mat)

11AM – oval office ‘planning mtg’ w/ advisors: media/press slurs towards Christians and Republicans.. use office putting green throughout mtg..

12NOON – Lunch w/ Moochelle: WH garden veggies & fresh squeezed radish juice..
(12:30PM) – ‘real lunch’: Barry to local steakhouse, beer, shoot pool, smoke.. Moochie: McDonald’s drive-thru incognito..

2PM – Golf Course..

6PM – Dinner, CNN/ABC nightly news (no longer NBC without Brian Williams), video games..

8PM – Bill O’Reilly’s ‘The Factor’..

9PM – mtg w/ advisors: debrief and plan on continued media/press slurs towards Christians and Republicans..

10PM – listen to missed messages from Bibi and other world allies..

10:30 – bedtime reading: positive media/print about himself..

11:30PM – Late-night show channel flipping..

Midnight – last cigarette.. lights out 🙂

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