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by on May 9, 2012

Ryan Lizza, a Washington correspondent for ‘The New Yorker,’ tweeted out a statement from a SENIOR Obama advisor today:

Sr. BO adviser to me re: BO endorsing gay marriage: BO “may get around to it before this election but he certainly will after the election.”

If true, I guess we’re once again learning what Obama has in mind after the election when he has more “flexibility.”

From → Homobama

  1. . “We are one nation, all of us proud, all of us ptoritas. There are ptoritas who supported this war in Iraq and ptoritas who opposed it; ptoritas who believe in Democratic policies and those who believe in Republican policies. The men and women who serve in our battlefields may be Democrats and Republicans and Independents, but they have fought together and bled together and some died together under the same proud flag. They have not served a Red America or a Blue America they have served the United States of America.”Christopher Buckley had it right. Whatever you think of Obama’s politics, he has a first-rate intellect. He is scary smart.

  2. He’s history in Jan. He can go on Oprah and endorse all the perverted behavior he wants once he’s back on the block in Chicago.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    America does not care what he thinks about the gay issues. America is fed up with the left and elections of 2012 will be landslides for conservatives.We all know what happened last night and we are just getting warmed up .what we have to watch out for is voter fraud instigated by odummer and his friends like savage , they are pathetic.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    That arrogant piece of.shit thinks hes the KING of America and he thinks hes unbeatable!
    I hope he gets his ass stomped in November!

    Unless we organize and ensure there isn’t massive …and I mean massive…voter fraud which is certain to occur, yes there is a chance Obomination will be re-relected!

    • TamYou know what? The lowest petorl (gas) price here (PRUK) is 129.9 a litre. That’s around 5.90 a gallon (they changed it to litres so we wouldn’t have CVA’s at the pumps). That equates to around $9.28 a gallon – and guess what? We’re still driving, and SUVs and sports cars are as popular as ever. The argument of pricing people out of their cars is stupid, the depreciation and insurance on a car is enough to make petorl prices annoying but not decisive (especially when you have to drive to work).As to the actual point, we have three identically idiotic and self-serving parties here (the leaders of which make me wonder if there’s a lab producing party leader clones). I’d vote UKIP but then I’d be harangued for ‘letting Labour/Conservatives/Liberals back in’ not that I can tell the difference. At least there are minor variations in your politicians.If you don’t want him, can we have the ‘invisible man’ for Prime Minister please. I’d say Lady Thatcher was needed but we’ll never be lucky enough to see her like in power again 😦

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