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Hey Hillary: Is Barack a Muslim or a Communist?

by on March 13, 2015



From → Obama-Files

  1. ps – those Libs never did secure our borders as they promised huh.. never did cut those taxes either.. now we have Barry, whose opened the gates and pays for illegals w/ your tax$$$ – haha brilliant! you jackass

  2. WalkieTalkie you truly are a moron huh.. Reagan was by far our greatest modern day president and a real leader.. (unlike your Obamacon) as CA Gov he initially raised taxes.. as Prez he granted amnesty.. why? because he was ‘leading’ and dealing w/ DemoRats and trying to move the ball forward and better the country.. he was of course stabbed in the back by Libs who think as you do.. overall however, he eventually got his agenda thru and he was an extremely effective Constitutional Conservative, (he didn’t embrace communism – he defeated it!) and laid the blueprint for what we desperately need now.. my money is on Cruz or Walker.. the backlash will be great to Obamacon and expect another Carter ushering in of ReaganRevolution..

    you keep spouting your nonsense though, and go to polls & vote for your Lib decay.. maybe you can get a room at ClubGitmo come 2017! lmao

  3. Walkie Wawtmire aka Ronald L. Hoopa-doooz-its permalink

    Was Ronald “Amnesty” Reagan a traitor?

    Rotgut Reagan was our greatest traitor
    Of us he was our greatest hater

    John Gotti was the Teflon Don
    Ronnie was Teflon POTUS
    and the second (political) monster-thon**
    The first was Lyndon Butcher Johnson

    Ronald Wilson Regan was Satanic–666
    LBJ was the Anti- Christ–sailing on the River Styxx

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